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  1. Hi Kelly,

    i have a c-125 year 83 and it has a platic fender and i want to change it to a metal one... you once wrote here that any fender from year 78 up with a gas tank in the back fits...are you sure and you know soebody who has such a metal fender for me?



  2. in need of some 854 parts I need a  belt guard clutch rod and tie rods any help would be appreciated

  3. Hi Kelly

     I just read your discription between the two kohler 16 hp blocks. I have both engines. I have lined them both side by side. The after market starter will not bolt up tight to the block on the newer block. How ever I am wondering if the after market starter was welded wrong to fit the newer styler block.

    everything interchanged when restoring new block except the starter.

    do I purchase the original starter? Or what's the other option.

    Thank you



  4. sorry it has been a time since i got to you, Kelly. wondering if you may still have the rear discharge deck for the the WH. if so please let me know.looking to get over that way to visit family members in lansing around april


  5. Kelly:

    I have posted some new stuff in the classified section.  Extremely nice attachments for my old Electro, which I would never use.

    You were a great help in getting my Horse up and working a few years back, so if you are interested in any of the stuff, let me know.  I would gladly cut you a deal.  



    1. Kelly


      What do you have? and prices ? 

    2. Scrounger


      Beautiful NOS dozer blade $300

      almost new Brinly plow $250

      Rear wheel weights, cast iron, original paint, NOS $180

      tire chains NOS $50

      Already sold new snow blower and a disk.







  6. Hi. I just bought an Electro 12--1968 model and the center drive pulley on the 42" deck is cracked. The spindle tower is steel with the tube leading away to the grease zerk, The pulley [the double drive center pulley] is cast iron and has the elliptical doubleD center. I at least need the pulley, but would consider getting the entire spindle. I am told that almost all the spindles from the sixties to 1988 will fit the deck holes and will work ,but you are the expert


     The tractor is a model [electro 12]  #1-7235 and the engine is a K301-S. I also am thinking my magneto is fried as it makes no spark , but that has yet to be confirmed.

     If it is not too much trouble, price the parts  delivered to Arcanum oH 45304.


    My daughter attends UM  Go Blue!

  7. do you have any 5xi stuff?


    looking for 20hp Kawasaki muffler, and grill for 520lxi


  8. Hi, I am looking for a deck spindle housing, Wheelhorse # 105074, used on the 36" 3 blade decks.  Let me know if you have one.





  9. Yes sir. I am in need of some 48" side discharge deck parts for my old hweel horse. The tractor is a 1972 raider 10 and there is no name plate on the mower deck but from what i have seen i think it is a 5-1483. I need two spindle housing which here again i think the are double d part number# 102775. There is three 3/4 OD spindles which two are around 6" long and one is around 6-1/4" long with large brg at the top and smaller needle brg on the bottom and i need the longer one for a replacement. 


    Thank you



  10. Kelly

    704 Fuel Tank

    I think I have one message me for more info
  11. THANK YOU, to all that voted, I will let you know on the 16th of the out come, but I think we may have came up a little short, but crossed fingers we will see
  12. Kelly

    Please take a look

    Only 2 hours left to vote, please do, every one counts, he is on the bubble, we need your vote, Thank you
  13. Last day get your votes in !!!
  14. Last day to vote, Thank you
  15. Kelly

    Please take a look

    LAST DAY TO VOTE, Please take a min and do. Thank you