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  1. chesbaycruiser

    What was your first car ?

    I just found these photos a few weeks ago. This is the first car that I ever bought, purchased in 1984. It is an early model 1966 Porsche 912, which was basically a 911 but with a Porsche four cylinder instead of the flat six. It wasn't really a practical car—more than once I had to wait on parts to arrive from Stuttgart, Germany, but I did love that car and how I wish I still had it. Couldn't afford to buy one today, as their collectibility continues to rise. The first car that was mine to drive, but not "officially mine" was our family's 1976 Malibu Classic Wagon...Last of the Great Wagons! (Hit some pretty big milestones in the back of that machine. ) In college, I drove the burgundy 79 'Vette (as in Chevette) parked in the background behind the Porsche in the photo above. And my last sports car was this 1984 Dodge Daytona Turbo that I bought in 1986. Not all that impressive by today's standards, but it sure was in its day. When that turbo spooled up it would pin your head against the seat and you damn well better have a firm grip on the wheel or that front wheel drive would jerk it right out of your hands! Interesting side note about this photo: It was taken when I put this car up for sale. I washed and waxed it and then drove around looking for a good spot to snap a photo. I ended up here, in front of a random building on the University of Richmond campus (where I was not a student nor did I have any connection there). When I found this photo a month or so ago, I realized that 27 years later, this is the very same building, and very same doors I walk through when I meet with the largest (by far) client of my freelance design business. Go figure!
  2. Greetings all. Looking for some feedback. A couple of weeks ago a neighbor gave me a snow blower that was not running. Nice unit...179cc, electric start...cosmetically almost perfect. No major mechanical issues, it got left with gas in it and it gummed up. He's not very mechanical and although I offered to help him out with it he just wanted it gone and was going to post it for free on CL, so I said sure, I'll take it. Anyway, I cleaned it up, ordered a replacement carb/primer/gaskets (cheaper than the rebuild kit), drained and filled it with fresh premium gas, cleaned and gapped the plug and she fired up on the first pull. Only issue is it's really surging. There is a link to a short (>1 Minute) YouTube video below. I have some thoughts, but I would appreciate any ideas or experience anyone has with symptoms like this. Thanks in advance! https://youtu.be/PU0f3JiaJr8 (I sure wish I knew why sometimes when I link to a YouTube video I get a preview image, and other times only the link? I've tried using the Video URL, Embed Code and every combination I can think of but no joy? Weird.)
  3. chesbaycruiser

    Wildlife pics ?

    What a great idea for a thread! I didn't think I'd have much to post until I started looking at photos I had snapped with my phone and I realized I had a fair number of them. (Some are hi-res, some are not.) I've been a "snake guy" since I was a kid. As a boy I lived for Sunday nights and Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! Maybe I wanted to be Marlin Perkins but for whatever the reason, for years I have been the guy people call to come get animals out of their yard, their house, etc. It's usually reptiles, but I've removed owls, squirrels, opossums, birds and all manner of wildlife. And that's where this fellow came from. A couple of years ago the woman who was my childhood next-door neighbor called and asked me to come over...she had found a snake curled up in a bush in her back yard and wanted me to come get it and relocate it before her neighbor came across it, freaked out and killed it. That particular snake ended up starring in this bit of YouTube silliness...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eHXha2UgBM This was another "animal rescue". This little fellow had apparently roosted for the night in a wreath on our front door and when I opened it, he flew straight up, which—once the door was open—was right into the house. At the end of the adventure he was a little shaken but did not appear to be injured. Once outside again, he flew right off. I found both of these guys the same day while cutting a friend's grass. (For the rabbit's sake, I hope their paths didn't cross...at least not for a few months!) On this day the kids pulled me away from an automotive project to alert me to a snake in the middle of the neighborhood street. (I don't think he wasn't particularly happy to see me.) I found this little guy was crawling through the back yard just before I started cutting grass. (Carried him safely down into the woods.) It's not all about snakes though, there are other reptiles as well! This little blue-tailed beauty was in our front bushes... ...and this appropriately named Fence Lizard was on a wooden fence at our place on the river. Speaking of the river, here's a couple more taken there... (Not "wildlife" really, but I love this shot.) And if you are still in the mood for "creepy crawlies"...this little lady was staking out the woodpile... ...and this little girl was guarding the shed door. (Dime for size reference) I found on the side of my neighbor's house... ...and this was taken during the last invasion of 13 year cicadas. (No, not 17 year.) Finally, some fauna. I came across these fungi in the woods behind our house. Their locations were very close, but I found the first one a few months before the second. I'd never found a four leaf clover in my entire life until one day a few years ago I was working in the yard and just glanced down and this jumped out at me. That's right...count 'em up boys...1, 2, 3, 4, 5!!! Lastly, speaking of clover... A year or two after the above photo was taken, as we're about to walk into the house my oldest son says to me "Dad, I bet I can find five four-leaf clovers in under a minute". I just laughed. So he proceeds to bend over and in a spot not five feet from where the photo above was taken he starts plucking and counting out loud "One....two....three..." and gets to five in about 15 seconds. In his hand were the five four-leaf clover! He said "Dad, this is a mutant patch of clover...they're everywhere!" And he was right. I snapped the photo below at a random spot on the ground in said clover patch. I would estimate it covers less than one square foot of ground and I count at least seven. I Photoshopped the image to highlight the four-leafs in red. I don't know what was going on in that clover patch at the time, but within a week or two I couldn't find a four-leaf in it to save my life!
  4. chesbaycruiser

    C120 steering replacement

    I just did this on my B-80 and Kelly is 100% correct. I had the wheels and front axle completely off and everything holding the shaft free and still couldn't get it out...there just wasn't enough clearance at either end because of the gear on one end and tie rod mounting plate at the other. After more time and frustration than was necessary I ended up unbolting the motor anyway. And in my book, bolting the motor back on was a LOT easier than getting the front axle back on and hooked up.
  5. chesbaycruiser

    One Last Snow Pushing Video - B-80 - Timelapse

    Yeah, that's a good song...it some weird way it seemed a good fit for a snowplowing video!
  6. chesbaycruiser

    One Last Snow Pushing Video - B-80 - Timelapse

    You know, I wondered after the fact if I should add a warning that if you have issues with the motion, especially in "first person" shooter games, flight simulators, etc, you might want to proceed with caution!
  7. Oops, I did it again! We got about 6-8 more inches of snow last night so I felt obliged to play around with the video camera once more. (Hey, we don't get much snow...I can't help myself!) In what has become the norm, I cleared all five driveways in our cul-de-sac and then most of the street as well, since once the snow is out of the driveways, I have to find a place to put it! I admit that finding a good place to put the snow while not blocking someone's car, driveway, mailbox or storm drain was challenging, especially since a significant amount of the piles of snow I pushed a week ago are still there! In today's installment—which is the last one this year...I promise—I have the camera mounted on the B-80's hood and I shot the video in time-lapse mode, 1 frame every 1/2 second which roughly equates to 4 minutes of video for an hour of video. BTW, if you don't like Sinatra, you'll probably hate this!
  8. chesbaycruiser

    Steering Shaft (lower) Question - B-80

    Thanks TT...that would explain it! For what it's worth, I did discover that when I got the old part out that someone had erroneously put one of the spacer washers between the steering shaft and base instead of on the "cotter pin" side. When I reinstalled the old shaft I put the washer (and one more shim) on the correct side and the steering hasn't jumped a single time, including in all the snow pushing I did last week. So, it's still a win!!!
  9. I need some confirmation from some experts please! The quick background is that my 1975 B-80 has had "slop" in the steering for some time, jumping teeth any time you attempted to turn the wheel when stopped or slowly moving. The gear teeth on both the upper and lower shaft were worn, but the lower was worse and when I found one at a good price on eBay I finally decided to do something about it, After a lot of cursing, I finally got the old one out, but when I went to install the new shaft it would not fit. A comparison of the two parts shows the new part to be at least 2" longer. So my question is, am I correct in assuming that the lower steering shafts remained constant for all four years the B-80 was built? I ask because the shaft was sold specifically as a B-80 part. I haven't contacted the seller yet and I have no reason to expect any difficulties returning the part, but before I claim the part was misidentified, I'd like to make sure I know what the heck I'm talking about. Also, while you can't see it very well in the photo, the shaft from my tractor (the shorter one) has three holes below the gear teeth, the new one does not. Can anyone with a B-80 confirm their's does/doesn't have the holes? Any input would be appreciated!
  10. chesbaycruiser

    C195 moving snow

    And here I was all proud of my blade! Now I'm green with bucket-envy! Looks great and like lots of fun!!!
  11. chesbaycruiser

    A Little Snow Pushing Footage

    Ha ha...thanks Gary! No real secret that I know of...I got the blade several years ago and it was, for all practical purposes, NOS, so it's in good shape. I occasionally spray it down with one of those "instant detailer" sprays (Meguiar's, etc), but that's about it. I don't know, but I'm guessing the biggest reason is that it was bitterly cold here for a week before it snowed, and it only got up to the upper teens/low twenties during the storm itself, so the snow on the ground was very "dry" and powdery? I don't recall ever really having a problem with snow buildup though, so who knows...
  12. chesbaycruiser

    A Little Snow Pushing Footage

    Glenn, I used the software that came with the camera. Here's a 90 second promotional video that sums it pretty well. The music is just some royalty-free "stock" music I downloaded from the internet...I think it's called "Born Barnstormers".
  13. chesbaycruiser

    A Little Snow Pushing Footage

    Craig, I used the "Virb Edit" software that came with the camera since it's designed to work with the GPS overlays (not seen in this video...there's riding vids on my YouTube channel that have it). The software is easy to use and gets the job done, but honestly, I've used better. I had a great software package installed on a previous computer that came with a piece of video hardware, but I can't remember the name and have no idea where I put the discs! I've used Microsoft Movie Maker in the past, and it was OK, but as I think about it, I don't know that I've seen it on this Windows 7 machine...
  14. chesbaycruiser

    A Little Snow Pushing Footage

    Thanks Pete...although when I look at tractors today, I don't think there IS such a thing as a "little" Wheel Horse! And yes, your sharp eye did detect a little Wisconsin Chrome peeking out under the cover... Steve, I read your comment and thought "You know, he's right...who'd watch a video of someone cutting grass"! Then I realized I had a clip or two of ME cutting grass on my YouTube channel! You are correct...no chains, just rear wheel-weights. I spun some tires but never had any real issues. I plowed all five driveways in our cul-de-sac (and the cul-de-sac itself) and only had a problem with one of the three that are on hill. Got it done though. The cameras are indeed fun toys. The camera on the tractor is my son's GoPro Hero III (White?), and the camera on the tripod is my Garmin Virb Elite, which has built-in GPS so when I use it on the motorcycle I can overlay data like speed, direction, mileage, etc on the video. I assume you are talking about the car in front of the house? That would not be "the car that saved Chrysler", that would be a different sort of boxy car...by son's 1991 Volvo 740, still running with over a quarter-million miles on the odo!
  15. chesbaycruiser

    A Little Snow Pushing Footage

    I know you folks up north are sick of the stuff, but here in central Virginia we are always the bridesmaid, never the bride, or put more accurately, we're always cold rain or sleet while people 70 miles north or south of us get the fun. I guess I'm not the only one in these parts doing a victory dance! Anyway, I figure we got somewhere between 8 and 10 inches. I plowed once during the night while it was snowing, and then again this morning when I shot this video. I used a GoPro mounted on the tractor and a Garmin Virb on a tripod. Nothing earth-shattering, just happy to be able to push something!