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  1. r1jakecfd

    44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    Thought it was tightened but clearly not! Over an inch of slack in it! I guess I’ll be ordering the idler pulley. I’ll try to get some pics of the gearbox sprocket to get everyones opinion on it’s condition.
  2. r1jakecfd

    44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    Great idea! I don’t know why they used those blocks as chain tensioners. Thanks for sending👍
  3. r1jakecfd

    44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    I think you’re spot on with the chain tension. I had installed a newer block this year but the old chain had a few frozen links which I thought would free up with some oil and running it. Didn’t happen! I put a newer chain that was in good condition on but the old one has really chewed into the block. I left it a bit loose too. I bet that’s the problem. I actually make my own wear blocks from hardwood with a jigsaw. Idler pulley sounds like a great idea. I’ll update soon. Expecting 8-12” tomorrow! Where’s Spring??? Thanks Guys!
  4. Hi guys, i have a 44” 2 stage snowblower on my 520h. I was wondering if anyone has had an issue of it feeling like it’s jumping or skipping in heavy snow? I can’t figure out if it’s the auger gear or the drive chain skipping. Obviously I’m on it when this happens so it’s tough to diagnose. Thanks Guys!
  5. r1jakecfd

    Good Quality LED Lightbar for 520 Snow Cab

    Ouch, those are expensive but perfectly suited for snow removal. I’m a Firefighter and all the new LED’s are really overwhelming. When we pull up at a scene behind another truck it’s really blinding. I’m going to try out the cheapo worklights and go from there. If they’re too bright I’ll just drive by feel!🤣
  6. r1jakecfd

    Good Quality LED Lightbar for 520 Snow Cab

    I’m sure it is bright! It’s like using high beams in the car during a blizzard. I think the other problem is the color they throw. They have gotten better but are not a “warm” light at all. I just ordered these to replace the 4 halogen worklights on my cab. LED Light Bar, Northpole Light [2 Pack] 18W CREE Flood LED Pods LED Work Lights Driving Fog Lights for Off-road, Truck, Car, ATV, SUV, Jeep https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EJWB62U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_YtFzAb95KW0K8 I’m hoping they work out but if not, they are only $13
  7. Hi Guys, I’m looking for a good quality LED lightbar lightbar to put on the snowcab on my 520. I’m just wondering which ones are good for their price and which ones to stay away from? Thanks, John
  8. r1jakecfd

    Added Light Bar to my 520H

    What brand/model of light bar is that? Your 520 is setup with cab like mine but definitely much prettier👌 I run a 44” 2 Stage blower.
  9. r1jakecfd

    Thinking about 520H Repower

    Well guys, gasket installed, ran it to warm it up and retorqued. It sounds great and pretty quiet too! I have a bad voltage regulator so haven’t fully reinstalled yet. I need to add a fuse block as the last person didn’t see the need for fuses🤣. I mean, I’ve never heard of anything shorting out on our beloved horses!😂 I’m going to buy some LED bar lights and an amber led Lightbar for snow duty too.🌬❄️
  10. That was silly! I tested each lead to ground! Will check both but I assume the stator’s fine. I know I have a bad ac leg in the voltage regulator.
  11. Hi Guys, I know my voltage regulator is bad on my Onan P220 and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on a replacement, OEM or aftermarket? Also, I checked my stator leads for AC Voltage and got about 25 volts at 3600 rpm on each. Is this OK? I know it says in the 40’s. Thanks guys
  12. r1jakecfd

    Thinking about 520H Repower

    Heads look good. I didn’t take the R head off. It has 90+ psi. I retorqued those bolts and reinstalled a new gasket on the L side. Will keep you updated on the test run.
  13. r1jakecfd

    Thinking about 520H Repower

    Lynnmor, I think the gaskets are the graphoil which I’ve never used. I’ve never had to retorque the heads with the OEM gaskets. The head looks to be pretty flat but having said that, it’s a pretty thin aluminum head with 9 bolts holding it. I’m sure it would have been fine if yours truly had retorqued when warm😁
  14. r1jakecfd

    Thinking about 520H Repower

    Thanks for all the advice Onan! You hit the nail on the head. I bought the cheap graphoil set which I had never used before. I’ve always used the OEM aluminized gaskets and never worried about re-torquing. New gaskets coming are OEM! I’ll still re-torque after a short run. When I checked the bolts when removing the head the Middle ones were obviously loose. Lesson learned. I’ll be happy to get it back together for more snow duty! Who knows after that... Turbocharger, supercharger, Nitrous (for snowbanks)?!? 👍 Cheers
  15. r1jakecfd

    Thinking about 520H Repower

    Thanks, the Vanguard will definitely be my next move. The strange thing that I can’t figure out is that the vanguard costs more as a bare engine but the converted WH Repower is $400 less than a Honda. The Vanguard is just over $1700 from Small Engine Warehouse and I was just quoted $2080 for the Honda GX630 conversion from Repower Specialists. At Northern Tool, the bare Honda is $1200 vs $1450 for a Vanguard. Who knows???