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  1. sadixon49

    1996 Toro/Wheel Horse Starter Removal

    For those who haven't figured it out, he has a 96 314-8 with a Kohler M-14. I sent him here from MTF. MTF is very nice all brand forum but it is, shall I say, a little less active for Wheel Horse than RedSquare. He seems to have found the help he needs here. Thanks to all. steve
  2. sadixon49

    Dealer List

    I have the original bill of sale for my tractor, it didn't go far from home. It was bought at Jim's Avenue Lawn & Garden, 774 Lincolnway East, South Bend, 46616. steve
  3. sadixon49

    Do your neighbors think you weird?

    My neighbor drove over on one of those green and yellow thingies, and asked me if I wanted to buy this; I said not just yes, but H*** yes!! steve
  4. sadixon49

    Pick your top 4!

    From Tankman; " '85 416-8 - Kohler - WH worker for sure however, not impressed with TORO's dash and steering column design. Works but, disappointed in the "newer" horse. I do like the sealed beam headlights though." Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that Toro didn't aquire Wheel Horse until August of 1986. I find it incredible that their engineers had any input into an '85s redesign. I realize that it is very fashionable to blame any change which people didn't like on Toro, but it hardly seems fair to blame them for things that happened before they took over. steve
  5. sadixon49


    Can't say much about who or where the most were sold, but I know mine didn't fall far from the vine. I have the original Bill-of-sale for my 312-8, it was sold in South Bend, bought by a guy who lived in Granger, IN. steve
  6. sadixon49

    who is ready for the winter 2012-2013 ?

    I got the blower on my 312-8, and filled the tires with RV antifreeze yesterday. I have chains to go on but may wait awhile for that. steve
  7. sadixon49

    Parts supplier?

    Thanks alot, when I had my Gilsons TEW was the place to get parts. I guess they're as good as any. steve
  8. sadixon49

    Parts supplier?

    Is there a consensus parts supplier? Perhaps one which supports Red Square. I looked in a search, found a lot of references to E-bay and support your local dealer, but didn't see 1 clear winner for purchasing new items from the net. steve
  9. sadixon49

    How much weight?

    I have a '88 312-8 with an old 37" blower, a 6-0100, original turf tires, nearly bald, and 4 link chains.. I've never had a tractor with a blower before, but I see that I need weight on the rear. My question is how much? I've done a search for weight and wheel weight, and have found lots of posts about adding weight, or making weights, but few, if any, say how much you need, I haven't found it. I weigh #240 if that makes a difference. steve
  10. sadixon49

    the secret to finding tractors

    I've always believed that the secret to finding things you want, is to not be looking for what you want. I've wanted a small to mid size garden tractor for quite awhile. I'd given up looking for one. Then a month ago my neighbor came up to me and asked if I would like to buy his 312-8. $300.00 later here I am. steve
  11. sadixon49

    Wheel Horse Newbie

    Everybody seems to be fixating on the fuel as the problem. That '94 was designed to run on unleaded 10% ethanol gas. I have never had a problem with ethanol in any of my equipment. My snowblower wasn't used last winter, it sat with a full tank of fuel from March of 11 till just last week, when I tried to start it. It didn't have any stabill or sea foam in it , but it started right up on the second pull. I don't know if ethanol is a real problem, or just the wipping boy of small engine repair shops. steve
  12. sadixon49

    Slot Hitch?

    I have a snowblower for my tractor. I intend to use the back blade to reach in and pull snow out of areas I can't reach with the blower. I also thought it would help with providing weight at the back of the tractor steve
  13. sadixon49

    Slot Hitch?

    Is there any difference between slot hitches off of different models? I'm looking to get a slot hitch for my 312-8 to mount a rear blade for snow removal. I've seen several on ebay off of different machines, I think they are all the same, but thought I would ask here first before I do something stupid. Also what would be needed to hook it up? I know it uses a cable assy from the lift arm back to the hitch, anything else needed? steve
  14. I've been looking to buy an extra set of rear wheels for my 312-8. I have seen quite a few wheels from JD, Cub Cadets, and Cases on the net. They all look like they would interchange, but I'm wondering if there is someone who knows. To me I would think any 12x7 or 12x8 5 hole rim should work, but some seem to have too small of a center hole, I have a 3.125" center hole on my rims. thanks steve
  15. sadixon49

    Wheel weights for D-200

    Thanks, that did it steve