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  1. looks great you could of fooled me with it just being a mechanical restoratioin it looks brand new, good job
  2. tgordonjr

    plow for a 1986 wh 211-5 rider?

    I have a 211-5 wh with the briggs 11hp and was told that there were no snowblowers for this model only plow because it is a vertical shaft motor is this correct or are there snowblowers that will work?
  3. I am looking for a trans for my 211-5. I was taking the tractor apart to restore it and along the way I wound up ripping a hole in the transaxle. So I was just going to take the aluminum case apart so I could weld the piece back on from the inside, well I missed a bolt because of dirt and when I went to split the case I put an even bigger hole in it and many bent aluminum pieces leaving it unusable.
  4. tgordonjr

    Snow Thrower Question

    duh ....I said that the 211-5 wasn't a vertical shaft motor I meant to say that it wasn't a horizontal shaft motor
  5. tgordonjr

    Snow Thrower Question

    I to would like to know the answer to this question. I tried looking up the pdf but found nothing. so I dont know if I did somthing wrong, but anyway I have a 211-5 and have heard that I can attach a snowblower to it and have heard that I cant because it is not a vertical shaft motor. OH ya if anyone knows of someone who has an axle for this tractor in the lancaster/reading area let me know since I tore a gaint hole in mine, Thanks. B)
  6. tgordonjr

    busted rear axle

  7. tgordonjr

    busted rear axle

    So I have been in the process of restoring my 211-5 and have finally got it down to frame and motor, so I can sandblast it and paint it. I was trying to get the large pully off of the rear axle by using a dead blow hammer and some man power since i figured after the set screws were out it was just pressed on. well I guessed wrong or used a little to much man power and ripped the pully right off, along with the shaft, gear, and part of the aluminum axle housing. So now there is a nice hole at the top of my axle. Is there another axle that is stronger that will bolt up to the 211-5? I only ask because trying to find parts for the unpopular 211 series is almost impossible. :ychain:
  8. tgordonjr


    sorry for the late response, been busy. As for the manual I see them for the 200 series on ebay every now and then, just have to keep looking. By the way what does the "SB" stand for?
  9. tgordonjr

    Belt Sizes

    Does anyone know what the belt size is for the drive and pto belts for a 211-5. The manual doesnt give this info in it.
  10. tgordonjr


    your right on the money. The manual for my 211-5 shows the fronts to be 15x6.00-6 and the rears 18x9.50-8 :thumbs2:
  11. tgordonjr

    Drive belt tension sping

    well thank you TT I will put your advise to good use hopefully sorry for the late response have been on vacation and busy with the house. Thank you :omg:
  12. tgordonjr

    How to get the wheels off

    thanks for all the replys, sorry for no response been on vacation and had to put in a new pump for the well :omg:
  13. tgordonjr

    How to get the wheels off

    ok so I got the plastic cap off and the washers, so now I do I get the wheel off. It looks like it should just pull off . I was beating on it with a deadblow hammer and notta. :drool:
  14. tgordonjr

    Drive belt tension sping

    ok, sorry for late posts I am working on it right now, I dont know if someone worked on it before because there is only one spring #36 which is where toro says it should be, # 18 and 17 are both connected to # 8 and the tranny brake arm which you highlighted in yellow for me. Sorry to ask so much but this is the first time i have done this and want it right. If # 18 is supposed to go to a frame opening is it the same as # 36. I will take pics of what I end up with and get them up tomorrow(try to anyway) TT I see that you are also in pa is it in the area of reading?? :omg: