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  1. Don't like it. Grease isn't needed there and could cause issues with the oil getting to the outer bushings. It may not cause a problem but it certainly isn't doing any good. Easy enough to plug.
  2. In 1961. The 401 had the 3 piece and the 551 and 701 had the 2 piece.
  3. Nice find. Are those grease zerks installed on top of the axle tubes?
  4. Racinbob

    Suburban seat covers

    I can vouch for the quality. I picked up one for a square pan at the big show. Much better that what Wheel Horse offered back in the day.
  5. Racinbob

    551 Suburban Transmission Rebuild

    When you check the in/out play make sure the shifter is in 3rd gear. At that point you don't want any play. If there is, measure how much and slip the correct thickness thrust washer on the input shaft before you install it in the case
  6. Racinbob

    Happy Birthday Racinbob

    Not this time Mike. The winds will shift tonight and move it over us but only flurries to an inch is expected. It will happen though. A NNW wind after a front moves through usually nails us. This winter my snow 's are better prepared for it.
  7. Racinbob

    Happy Birthday Racinbob

    Thanks guys. It's been great with a nice dinner with the family to come. Not this time Steve. Sunny here but I can see the lake effect clouds off to the west.
  8. Racinbob

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Probably being redundant as the others have said. Wheel Horse didn't do it on all the tractors. I have a couple that the pin is flush with the front of the frame. I have no concerns about it.
  9. Racinbob

    Guess it’s not cold enough yet!

    Around here the skeeters are gone but even after the 5th or 6th coldest November in history with days never out of the 20's the stink bugs persist. As Hank sang "the stink bugs can survive"
  10. Racinbob


    That looks great!! I agree that fighting the decal over the crease is tricky. I've managed a couple by using a salvaged CB antenna magnet base holding the plate in a vice (ya gotta have 3 hands) and working the decal around the crease using something like a credit card (OK, I save the AARP cards they send when trying to get you to join). I was happy with the results but I like your approach better.
  11. Racinbob

    1267 ate a drive belt. Help with reasons?

    There's something screwy going on but like @pullstart said, the idler arm would have to be in that position to take the slack out of the belt. What's going on with the other side wouldn't matter. I'll be looking for the pictures. I've never swapped a 6-speed for an 8 or vice versa but it shouldn't be difficult to get it right.