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  1. Racinbob

    Different Front Axle on this 854

    Got ya. I didn't notice that. Mine has the stop like yours.
  2. Racinbob

    Different Front Axle on this 854

    What's different about it Lane? That's just like the one on my 854.
  3. Racinbob

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Don't let my first picture confuse you. That's an original style and the first revised style together. Both rails have the deeper neutral detents. The 1st/reverse rail has equally spaced detents and the 2nd/3rd rail has unequally spaced detents. I'm with Eric on not trying to grind them deeper. I'd suggest doing what Steve said and see where you're at. It would be nice to replace the rails with the newer style and longer pin since you will have it apart but if everything is right the old style will be fine.
  4. Racinbob

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    You use the same spring. The idea is that the extra 1/16" in the stop pin length requires one of the balls to be in the deeper neutral detent.
  5. Racinbob


    WOW!! That looks great Richie. This is so cool of you to do this. Don't add me to the list since you've already given me one but I just wanted to give you a Folks, if you're user name isn't in red it just takes a minute to make it that way and help support the very best Wheel Horse forum with the very best members on the internet.
  6. Racinbob

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    The problem is almost certainly with the shift rails. The suction issue as Steve said was a problem that Wheel Horse came out with a service bulletin instructing people to use 40wt in hopes to minimize it. Shortly after that they added the flat. Their next step was to make the center neutral detent deeper and use a 3/4" stop pin in lieu of the 11/16". This forced one of the rails to be in the neutral position at all times. The first revised rail was like the one on the left here: Then they made the detents go all the way around like this: That was done for manufacturing purposes as the rails don't rotate at all. You could find a set of newer rails. They all interchange. The spring and balls are the same. Only the stop pin is different. They can be used in any combination with the 11/16" pin but the 3/4" pin requires the newer rails.
  7. Racinbob

    And now...the Back Stories

    Here's a few I found. Our two daughters (now 38 and 40 years old). Heather on the 'B'-160 and Shannon on a 1054 I had just picked up. About 1985. Heather posing with the 1054. A few years earlier Heather and our friends son on a cruise with the B-80 prior to it becoming a 160. Geez! I don't have any gray hair! A few of the family herd at my sisters place. Early 80ish.
  8. Racinbob

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    That doesn't surprise me Jim. That's why I added the disclaimer. This one was all original when I purchased it in the early 80's and it had the 10" rears. I left the 6" fronts and put the 12" from a 76 B-80 on the back. The 73 8 4-speed had 6" and 10" but the 8 8-speed had 8" and 12"...…….... I think
  9. Racinbob

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    Not necessarily so Jim. Here's a 1972 Commando 800 (1-0110). Don't let the rear tires and seat setup throw you. I made those changes when I restored it for our grandson. You can see the regulator mounted like @Lengerich8's. Now that's not saying they all came like that. But....the decals on Len's would say 1973. The decals on this 72 are original.
  10. Racinbob

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    The Commando 800 would be a 72
  11. Racinbob


    Nope, no adjustment. As been mentioned make sure your belt' is correct and in good shape, your pulleys are clean, the idler is good and the spring is correct and good. If you have a damper or strut on it personally I would remove it. Wheel Horses worked fine for decades with just the spring. Some models just used a strut and no spring but it's simply a matter of removing the strut and adding the spring.
  12. Racinbob

    RV Questions for national parks

    We've RV'ed/camped pretty much all our lives and have had everything from >20' to a 38' triple axle/triple slide 5th wheel and a 34' class A motorhome. When we first moved to Florida we had the motorhome and pretty much lived in it. We ended up selling it and buying a 38' 5th wheel and a F-350 to pull it. For living space you can't beat a big 5th wheel. But that's not what you're looking for. It's been years since we've been to national parks and I'm sure some things have changed but in the past they often had restrictions on the size as well as limited hookups. For what you're wanting to do I'd probably go with a smaller tow behind (bunkhouse with the kids?) and make sure it had sizable black/gray and fresh water tanks so you can self sustain longer. Of course they won't be as large as the big boys but some of them can barely last a day without dumping and refilling. Having the ability to self sustain several days could be handy. I'm glad you mentioned the false economy of RV'ing. Ultimately it will cost you more. But you're so right on the experience. I would love to have your plans on our horizon but it's not likely to happen at our age. You're thinking this through well and I'm sure whatever decision you make will create great memories for your family.
  13. Racinbob

    Plow from c-85 question

    Yes, it will work fine. You may or may not need to modify the angle adjust lever but everything else will be the same.
  14. Very cool Jim! It's nice to see our wives get their much deserved appreciation. Shoot, mine was even happy to see me come home from the big show. Oh the power of dill pickle tater chips.