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  1. Shynon

    What models are these

    Pointed fenders and 61 steering wheel lead me to a 701
  2. Shynon


    Don't make me come down there!!!!!!!
  3. Shynon

    Happy Birthday Racinbob

    Happy Birthday Bob hope you have a great day
  4. @dclarke also put a seat motor on his, maybe he will chime in.
  5. Shynon

    Onan BF MS engine parts

  6. Shynon


    I used a massey two prong key switch I don't remember if it has 2 terminals or 3 on the back. @WHX21has one on his 702, maybe he could look and confirm 2 terminal or 3. Been awhile, but I bought it off
  7. Shynon


    I could use one of those red wheel horse decals for my original 867 that someone tried to polish it off, no mentioning names here
  8. Looking good Denny Did you bead blast the differential and mushroom gear? look pretty clean
  9. Cleaned carburetors on a couple of surging Onans, seem to be better. Loader got full synthetic oil change.
  10. Shynon

    What happened to my Electro????

    How is the governor response? maybe a weight broke off and got stuck in the gear between the cam and crank. I have seen the plastic governor gears beak. I'm still on the side of pulling the motor and the oil pan and take a look. Most you are out is some time and an oil pan gasket.
  11. Shynon

    What happened to my Electro????

    Seems odd but could it have been a valve stuck in the closed position? It may have been getting tight and just happens when you turned it off it stuck down. Usually the stick open. It took a lot of force to turn the crank and cam to break it loose. Now it is running fine. My thought would be to pull the head and the valve cover and remove the valves see if they are gummed up, tight etc. I would also pull the motor and remove the oil pan and take a look inside before a good engine becomes scrap metal. Check the cam and make sure it is not broken (hairline crack) and remove balance gears if they are in this motor.
  12. Shynon

    engine parts supplier

    bakt4kids on is where I get mine
  13. Shynon


    Found some led lights to put in place of originals, wired them up tonight along with original tail light. Man they are bright.