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  1. Hobby horses

    1984 C195

    Found this one on Craigslist. As you guys know, the 84s with 3 point are getting harder and harder to find. This tractor is certainly not a show tractor, but it should make a good worker. The deck is solid and sounds o.k., but I'm not going to mow with this one. Over the years, I have purchased 5 C195s--one each in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, and Oklahoma. My wife says I have gone far enough, both figuratively and literally!
  2. Hobby horses

    Farm Auction find

    When I saw this tractor on a farm sale bill, I had to take a look. I have always liked the 417A, and this one is clean and has been well taken care of. I talked with the PO at the sale. He purchased it new on August 6th, 1986 and paid $3539.58 . He gave me all the manuals, tractor, mower, motor, parts breakdown, and other sales literature. It starts right up, no smoke, and runs like it looks. The tractor was this clean when I bought it, all I have done is load and bring home.
  3. Hobby horses

    New here and need some info

    This is incredible! What a gift. Enjoy the process. This a great place to gather info.
  4. can U READ.....this? I've  tried to write you english emails for over a month with no response however it shows u are online line several times a week

    1. Hobby horses

      Hobby horses

      If you are asking about the lawn ranger ;- it is sold and I marked it closed on the ad.

  5. is your lawn mower for sale?

  6. Hobby horses

    Lawn Ranger

    Changed Status to Closed

  8. I'm having difficulty knowing how to contact you about tractor, just joined site. I've sent you messages with my email

  9. Is tractor still for sale?

  10. Hobby horses

    Lawn Ranger

    Wheel Horse L,107 Lawn Ranger with correct H60 - 75118F engine. Runs good, has 90 lbs+ compression - no smoke. Metal is straight, deck is in good shape - works. This tractor is solid - could be used as is or is an excellent candidate for restoration.
  11. Hobby horses

    Bronco 14 owners - help with hydraulic lift

    Trouty 56 - Thank you very much - that's what I needed!
  12. I have a Bronco 14 with the hydraulic lift kit in a box. I found online that the long hose coming from the cylinder goes to the back of the hydro. I could not tell from the picture where the short hose connects to the hydro. There are two plugs side by side on the top of the hydro - does the short hose connect to one of these plugs? Thanks for any help.
  13. Hobby horses

    Under a tarp - in a barn.

    AMC - that is the serial # tag - 55209
  14. Hobby horses

    Under a tarp - in a barn.

    Pullstart - the Bronco 14 is still on the trailer. I will post some pictures the first of the week. Jake - Since the decals have been replaced, the tractor has probably been repainted. I do know that the PO always stored the tractor in a garage or barn. I am going to ask him the next time we visit.
  15. Hobby horses

    Under a tarp - in a barn.

    This 551 has been under a tarp in a barn for the last 15 to 20 years. The PO bought the tractor new in 1961 and has had it every since - 54 years. I knew the tractor was there, but I had not seen it for at least 20 years. This past week he called and said it was time. We made the deal on this and a Bronco 14.. The 551 is missing the foot rests, has the wrong decals, and the fluid has worked over the front rims, but it has the correct H55D - 2113 -(serial 55209). The muffler and belt guard are both there and it looks to be in nice shape for tractor 54 years old.