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    1976 C-120 with 42" SD Rehabbed "COMA" mower,
    1973 8hp 4sp with 36" deck,
    1972 Commando 800 needs TLC,
    WH ?66-67? 1056 or 1057l rough
    1966 L-156 roller with big shoes now,
    (Thanks Jim, specialwheelhorse for engine and a rebuilt 42" SD deck)

    40" grader mid blade (Thanks Jim, specialwheelhorse),
    40" grader mid blade (parts missing),
    50' grader mid blade (need lift link),
    42" disc (DD500),
    36" Tiller (3 extra tine sets)
    36" Tiller (needs draw determined)
    36" Tiller
    42" SD Mower (Thanks specialwheelhorse Jim)
    42" SD Mower (Thanks pacer Bill)
    36" RD?? (spare) semi coma,
    Cultivator? (sim AC-7),coma,
    10" bottom plow B&H (TT500)
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  1. groundhog47

    Bearing Help needed

    If I understand you've resourced local bearing supply houses and drew a blank. I would try the bid auction site, have had very good luck finding bearings there. Does/did it have a snap ring retainer? Also if it has any legible Torrington or other number you can find visible might be of great benefit.
  2. ?? "Also is there a bypass for the pump somewhere so I don't ruen the pump pushing it around not running?" My two cents and opinions are like ..... Eaton transmission if as stated is: Friend Pacer Bill and I picked up an Eaton power WH in Texas, hunted for bypass, never found, drug to trailer, and loaded. On restoration Pacer found it to be undamaged Eaton wise. For free and the goodies it's definetly worth the drag out for certain.
  3. groundhog47

    Wanted: Tiller #79375

    PM sent, location Shreveport , La
  4. groundhog47

    We Lost A Great Member and Friend

    RW, sorrow at your, family, and grandchlds loss. Let ya'll know, Wheel Horse heaven has a place for him!
  5. groundhog47

    Rototiller Identification

    The tine shroud and draw bar seem off two different models. Draw bar on older mods doesn't usually have "nubbies" on draw shaft ends. Newer mods usually went to a edge guard on sides of shroud and lifted from shackle flange on shroud and had and had an assist lift spring. Lift mechanics different from any I've seen, but all sorta mods to make it lift easier have been performed. Not necessarily the one that was purchased with the unit either. Very similar to: Tiller 36in 1973-1974 7-1251 OM IPL SN.pdf Manuals section has a "load" of different units under ground engaging implements, but hope one of us steered ya in direction ya wanted/needed.
  6. groundhog47

    1532 cap needle bearing

    Yes, Steve on that post is does discuss the 1/2" height/length bearing. Funny thing, I pulled bearings outa a reject case from Pacer Bil, he checked and it was 3/4 on both the motor/gasket side which was all that was what he rejected. In brushing off the number came up Torr. M-16121 so something changed on the D-160 tranny case, which is why fig'd they ground down shaft length.. Irrelevant but interesting: It also had the needle inner axel bearing with bushing, during the 1533 transition I presume. I must return Red Faced, the front bearing is the 8049, I mixed them up when sorting. It is Torrington m-16101
  7. groundhog47

    1532 cap needle bearing

    Eddie, I have inquired to a supplier who claims in stock M-16101 Koyo bearing, is in China and online see the Torrington M-16101 for sale in Euros ?? pice that is 29 to 33 Euros. Hope to hear a good price on the Koyo. Know you want the 1532, other than M-16121, but it seems none avail WH or Torrington. Will post ya a message on reply if get one. The Koyo dimensions fit what Paul posted on the 8049 front motor side closed bearing. Last resort option: machine shop grind 1/8" off 4-32 shaft on motor side and minimal radius edges of shaft, unless gear face rides on bearing edge.
  8. groundhog47

    Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Not meant as a joke! May not be apropos but let's give the ole guy credit, and what a great winter project! He died in the LINE OF FIRE DUTY while doin' his masters bid. He's still standing by diligently waitin' for the medics to return life support. Already I can hear the scoldin', but what a comparison to some of the excellent work from our group of restorers! .
  9. groundhog47

    I thought you guys might want to see this

    Ditto the other members, a legacy leaver of values to a son who cared enough to share his fathers passions to/with others. Thanks
  10. groundhog47

    Crusty beyond saveable horse

    You hopefully have found one and if weren't so far off this'd be a good one. It's 70 or so mi's south of me and I'm goin to get it soon as trailer gets fixed. Me and son want to study it. It got killed by fire I'm told. Local restaurant has this'n chained to tree, when asked he says "es antique, no sell!" said that ain't as old as mine!!
  11. groundhog47


    Check in manuals for year model under (top next to BROWSE or close)> Manuals>tractor>(YR) in an applicable IPL/IPB (parts diagrams) and it should include a section wit the front, mid and rear, but not the axel, clevis, or slot hitches. The yr operator manuals should discuss how to operate them. I think they are under Miscellaneous or other. The Attachments list for particular years is prob under miscellaneous also and covers what newer fits or changes to older, if that makes sense. Hope that helps, if not input particular year and model and ya'll get a response. When you pick BROWSE a dropdown menu appears with the pick function containing manuals
  12. groundhog47

    Model #

    71-08K801 1977 B Series Garden Tractor B-80 8-Speed Kohler K181S-30629D 8 (from Wheel Horse all Years Chart in manuals) is what shows, but I see Garry already sent manual info
  13. groundhog47

    New To Me RJ

    Sent ya a PM about Clinton engines and parts. Seems like a joyous project awaits yer attention! Let us know if ya will about the Fastenal experience: I favor the idea they have although here they always have to refer to manager for pricing, ha!
  14. I know Mrs specialwheelhorse would be immensely humbled by all the good sent by our membership. Her name is Dee as is one of his daughters. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the memorial this coming Sat but my thoughts will be with Mrs Dee and the daughter and prob many grand children. I think it will be in Brighton, Tn. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR YOU KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING, AND PRAYERS. He will be missed, his memory will LIVE on! Just spoke with Mrs Dee, memorial is in Rosemark, Tn at Community Baptist Churh if any meber in the area wishes to attend I know you would be Welcomed.
  15. Specialwheelhorse Jimmy Rodgers has gone to a new stable in heaven 07/25/17. One of the TRULY nicest humans on earth. Such a sad happening, but he suffers no longer. Keep his memory alive in your heart and a prayer for his wife and daughters.