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  1. prondzy

    C160 with loader

    Its only $$$
  2. prondzy

    C160 with loader

    I have a c160 with ark 508 loader this is a wheel horse attachment with a serial tag, aftermarket pump(original cessna available but broken) has hydraulic filter but not hooked up. It didnt have the original pump bracket when i bought it, i made reproduction bracket from manuals and pictures. Transmission was rebuilt, strong running 16hp Kohler, wheel weights not included.
  3. prondzy

    Happy Birthday Jake

    Happy birthday Jake
  4. Trailer has that "classic" look have you considered a wood slat bed like in old trucks? Varinshed would look cool and no burning a bigger hole in the bed of the trailer? Might look pretty cool.
  5. prondzy


    Very nice cup!
  6. prondzy


    Well the automatic compression release on the camshaft stops working after 600 or 800 rpm so less than that.
  7. Woke up to this sunday morning in MN The wife and kids made the best of it witu a couple of snowmen
  8. prondzy


    Fuel pump?
  9. Best movie Best mini series Best TV show
  10. prondzy

    What model am I?

    Isnt that a bent exhaust pipe for a tecky?
  11. prondzy

    Rear end strength questions

    The only difference between the 4 and 8 speeds is the use of low gear, possibly 1 inch vs 1 1/8 inch axles depending on the models each transaxle is out of.
  12. prondzy

    Happy Birthday Lane!!

    Happy Birthday Lane!
  13. prondzy

    Tub wagon

    Tub wagon 70"s model, tires hold air, no holes in wagon has serial tag. $150 Pm, call or text 507 475 01five0 Mike
  14. prondzy

    Lawn ranger hubcaps

    I am looking for a set of 4inch wheel horse hubcaps that fit the front rims on a lawn ranger, Pm me
  15. prondzy

    How do you build battery cables?

    same way i do it