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  1. prondzy

    Happy Birthday Stevebo

    Happy Birthday
  2. prondzy

    HF motorcycle lift table mods

    Plan on leaving them on for now, gotta do some bike work soon so i will see how it goes Not yet, i plan on using a set of ramps i have for now.
  3. prondzy

    HF motorcycle lift table mods

    I had the same thought for catching trans oil on the tractors
  4. prondzy

    HF motorcycle lift table mods

    Its a plate to drop out the back tire on the old HD Jim
  5. I posted the other day in the xmas gifts thread that i got a lift table. I knew it needed modifications to hold a tractor and i couldn't just put a slab of plywood on it because i still need to use it for my motorcycle. I had a plan figured out but was going to need sheet metal bent to make rails for the tires to go onto while leaving the center open for my motorcycle when needed. I went to the scrap metal yard with @Shynon to pick up metal for the rail supports, while digging through the rack i found aluminum bleacher seats! Score! They were 15ft long and 10 in wide this is perfect, best part is the bleachers were already RED! So we took some bleachers home and started cutting, i have been fabricating all day and this is as far as i got today, had to extend the pedals too. I still need to make a steel lip for the ends of the rails so they dont get wrecked when mower decks hit the edge, and make a front tire vise for my motorcycle.
  6. prondzy

    Rp.wh Birthday

    Happy birthday Ryan!
  7. I guess you could count this as a "gift", got a nice xmas bonus from work bought myself a lift table
  8. I got this awesome hooded sweatshirt from Mr. and Mrs @Shynon i guess theres a special thanks to @wheelhorseman too.
  9. prondzy

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  10. prondzy

    Thank God for Kids—and grandkids too!

    A while ago, i suggested that my oldest (5 years old) should probably get her haircut i thought it was pretty long, she told me she was growing it out to so she could donate it to Locks of Love. For those who dont know this charity makes hair wigs for children with cancer and you need to donate a minimum of 10 inches in a pony tail for them to make a wig. This gesture of kindness in my 5 year old makes me glow on the inside, and she is getting pretty close to her goal.
  11. Prayers Lowell, if you need anything just shoot a text!
  12. prondzy

    Happy Birthday Lowell

    Happy Birthday Lowell!
  13. prondzy

    What year is this?

    Thanks guys !
  14. prondzy

    What year is this?

    Helping my wifes Uncle with this nice 500hr 520h wondering he is what year it is, i have never been one to understand decoding these model numbers. Thanks
  15. prondzy


    Steve, you still in the basement?