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  1. Whmaverick

    Opportunity to buy a C-175

    Definite dido on what Paul just said! Love mine, I nick named it semper-fi (always faithful)
  2. Whmaverick

    Snow/dozer blade?

    Just got in from plowing snow, and yep did three driveways with the pipe blade. I had pics posted in a thread a few years ago, not sure how to find the thread now, maybe someone more savvy with red square does. As I recall I got a lot of criticism from some dumb nay Sayers back then, but I just spent another afternoon plowing for my neighbors and myself and no grass edges were hurt and no gravel pealed up and dumped along the edges of the yard.
  3. Whmaverick

    Snow/dozer blade?

    I welded a 11/2" heavy-wall pipe to the bottom of one of my blades. This blade works well on gravel without peal up. Also can be used near or on grass without damage. No need for skids that dig in and flip rocks/ gravel up into snow. I tend to use it more than the cutting edge blades, even on solid surfaces.
  4. Whmaverick

    Reorganize Wheel Horse Barn 2015

    Good night! Save some for us. That is a seriously nice collection.
  5. Hey Craig, that's a nice looking "big horse" you got there. I have two series-1 horses, a twin eight and a twin auto, I'm not afraid of them and I work em hard here in SW Pa. Where there's hardly a flat spot around. I think my secret to success with them is I keep them at full throttle all the time, except when starting or stopping the engine of course. I enjoyed the videos guys.
  6. Whmaverick

    Enjoying My New Cab and Tall Chute Blower

    Yep same with plow blade, it's gotta cool off before plowing or the snow will stick instead of rolling off nicely.
  7. That's why my blower goes on the C-160 auto and the blade on the C-175 eight. Although my sons C-175 auto is starting to look more and more like a good candidate for a snow plow tractor, sore shoulders from working the manual lift makes the autos an attractive alternative. :-)
  8. Whmaverick

    Newbie looking at a c195

    84 specialized, that model is affectionately referred to as the "super C", yours is in what looks to be better than average condition. you have fallen into a great buy. Not many were made and were only offered for three years(82-84) I've seen way rougher looking supers cruising the big wheel horse show that's in Pa every year. Yours would be a great show tractor, but you enjoy it how ever you want. Those were designed for a FEL to be mounted on it, and work great for any ground engagement work, if you can find attachments for them. You wont have trouble finding pics and other info about super-Cs with FELs. We welcome you to the square and look forward to future posts from you showing us how you decided to use your new "C".
  9. Whmaverick

    Ever feel guilty about parting one out?

    Use what you can, save what you can, sell what you can!
  10. Whmaverick


    E-tank and elbow grease. Clean with lacquer thinner before priming.
  11. Whmaverick

    Plow Depth Wheel

    Properly adjust the suck. And no gauge wheel is necessary. Lots of instruction on plow adjustment on the Internet.
  12. Whmaverick

    Sunstrand gasket help

    Thanks Paul, you've been super helpful. Gonna try it again, I'll let you know how it goes
  13. Whmaverick

    Sunstrand gasket help

    Not sure what RCPW is, so I looked again at parts tree and I can only get to the parts frame that shows the gasket that goes between the hydro unit and the trans axle. Don't need that one. So as not to confuse anyone, I'm asking for help. Cause when I click on 74' C-160 auto the list of components shows the Section for hydrostatic transmission, so I click on that and it only shows a limited list of parts including the gasket that goes between the hydro unit and the trans axle. Again dont need that one. I don't see anyway to get to a parts list for the hydro unit showing the exploded view that you show, with the two gaskets for the pump housing and the motor housing. I don't know why your dealer can get them but mine can't. But if your more Internet savey and or your local dealer is better than mine then maybe help me get the gaskets I need. And if you can't get them all then I guess I'm back to where I was before all this typing to get you unconfused. I still need to know what material, thickness and sealant if any that works for others that have successfully refurbed their hydro unit? Humbly asking for help, not to confuse anyone with technical what nots. So maybe some one can help me get two of the three gasket for the refurb, but I am still in need of the info I've been asking for so I can make the third gasket that is NLA. Whew, now I'm concussed, LOL
  14. Whmaverick

    Sunstrand gasket help

    Thanks for the reply, I'm not sure of the gasket numbers, bot both the motor housing gasket and the pump housing gasket leaked profusely once pressure built in the system. The gasket between the transaxle and the hydro unit is fine no pressure in that area. So the question is, since the two gaskets that are NLA, according to my local dealer, part tree and others on here, what is the correct gasket material, thickness and what is a safe sealant if any to use? Seems like an important piece of info that is left out of the documentations and discussions on any that I've found. But still the best forum on the net. Thanks for any further help, as this is my wife's favorite tractor and getting it back together would go along way with her and my collection illness, if you know what I mean.
  15. I recently followed the procedures shown on here to refurbish my C-160 auto trans pump and motor. I read many previous posts and downloaded the sunstrand manual. Trying to do a good job, I got it all back together with homemade gaskets from paper gasket material. Not wanting to use a sealant to contaminate the system, I put it together clean and dry. Tried it out and as soon as preasure built in the system oil sprayed past the gaskets. My question to anyone who has successfully done this is, what gasket material did you use and did you seal them with anything. Obviously my attempts at sourcing eom gaskets was not successful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance for good solid advice. I am proud to be a supporting member of red square.