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    Steering tip for Plowing snow!

    I was just trying to think of a way I could get the front to steer better yesterday while i was on a slight offcamber, plow at angle. Im definately going to try this. I have quite a few chains from quads/motorcycles. For some reason everytime i replaced a chain on one of the bikes, I kept the old one. Guess this is one of those reasons Ive been tossing them lately, but im pretty sure i still have at least 5 or 6 chains. Id like to keep a cpl to try this but id be willing to give a cpl away if anyone needs, just cover the shipping from OH.
  2. 66horse

    Plowing Snow

    I finally got to plow for the first time the other day. We got around 6" or so. Was hoping for more but im sure ill see that in the next cpl months. The little 606 really surprised me. I didnt even put the chains on yet and was pushing snow uphill. I have a blower also but probably wont use it unless we get some snow that the 6hp wont push. I couldnt even get the huskee mower from the garage to the shed on flat ground. Had to plow a path w/ the horse and still had a hard time getting it there lol.
  3. 66horse

    Parts Washer Solvent

    i need to clean my parts washer out and get some new solvent in there. I was using super clean pretty much same as purple power mentioned above. It faded the paint on my tank and tears your hands up if you dont wear rubber gloves. I might try kerosene in it next. I was getting purple power for $7 or $8 a gallon at walmart if i remember right
  4. 66horse

    Body work

    Ive heard of the electrolytic process but thought it was alot more complicated. Im gonna have to try this in the near future. This site has too much good info, both my legs are alseep from sitting here reading lol
  5. 66horse

    Cleaning Engine

    ive been debating on pressure washing my new to me 606. How safe is it on these? Not much electrical to worry about on mine lol but just curious as to how well the water stays out of the engine and rear end etc? Obviously im not going to spray directly in engine, down the aircleaner or trans seals and not angle under decals lol . Thats how i take unwanted stickers/graphics off of the fourwheelers. I use superclean and pressure washer on my quads and trucks. I wouldnt leave it sit on painted surface very long though.
  6. 66horse

    Why the backfire

    i have a 16hp twin briggs that does the same thing also. I figured it was unused fuel but now i understand exactly why. Good info. :hide:
  7. 66horse

    new guy w/ 606

    thanks, yep i saw that thread along w/ some other pics in old cl classifieds and the msg boards that led me to the conclusion i have the wrong blade. Mine looks like the one in the right in first pic. Im sure i can make this one work by cutting some new hole and moving it back but id much rather not mod it since its in nice shape. Im sure ill have a long frame sometime in the next season anyway that i can use it with.
  8. 66horse

    new guy w/ 606

    im pretty sure, seems to only go one way, properly anyway. Ive been checking out some pics, im almost 100% sure this is a long frame plow i have. Im going to try and fine a short frame if i can before long if not ill prob. mod this one to fit.
  9. 66horse

    606 attachments

    buzz thank you for posting that info. That will help a ton in my search for more attachments :D
  10. 66horse

    606 attachments

    ya thats what i was thinking, Ill probably hang onto the engine for when i restore it. Most likely going to get a bigger, newer one when i see a decent deal and have the spare cash, but for now im gonna see what the little 6 is made of :hide:
  11. 66horse

    606 attachments

    Just wondering What attachments are available that will fit on the 66' 606 w/ little to no modding? I have a mower deck and snowblower, also have a blade but i beleive its a long frame so im either going to have to mod it or get the correct snowplow. Id like to get a tiller or discs in the near future. Will the 6hp run a tiller ? This is going to be my work horse for now until i get it restored and can afford another one then ill probably get a bigger horse to work w/. Any pictures out there of 606's w/ attachments or just the tractor period? From what ive noticed by searching on here, the 606 doesnt seem to be very popular. Any reason why? Rare? Not practical? :hide:
  12. 66horse

    new guy w/ 606

    Forgot to snap pics today while in the garage but ill get some shortly. I disassembled and started sanding the snowblower today. Going to restore the attachments first then do the tractor. They are going to be used so im not going too crazy w/ detail just clean up and repaint, new bearings/hardware as needed.
  13. 66horse

    Ags vs chains

    This post cleared alot up for me. I heard ppl saying ags were better and ppl told me turfs are the way to go. My tractor came w/ ag's and original turfs along w/ set of chains. The ags are on it now, im going to switch them out for the turfs w/ chains before the snow flies.
  14. 66horse

    new guy w/ 606

    Thank you for the welcomes guys. Ill get pics here today if i can. Im pretty close to the Pa line trumbull county. As for the snow plow mount. My plow frame doesnt have the 2nd set of holes. I should be able to measure and cut a set of new holes w/ no problems though right? Id like to make this blade work if i can, so i dont have to hunt for another one since i have some work to finish in the yard before the snow flies lol.
  15. 66horse

    new guy w/ 606

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Names Rob and im in Ne ohio. I just got my first wheel horse a few days ago. 1966 606 . Its in overall good shape could use carb rebuild and paint soon but im very happy w/ it. Starts right up and runs and shifts good, good sheetmetal , All original other than seat. Ill get some pics up as soon as i can. Ive been searching and reading up the past cpl days. Looks like Lots of good info and people on this site. Which is good to see and im sure will prove to come in handy many times again. I plan on restoring the 606 in the next few years. I got a snow blower, mower and snow blade extra wheels/ag tires, chains etc w/ it so im gonna see how it likes to work before i get around to restore. I was a little leary of the smaller 6hp tec. at first but after riding it around a little today and from what ive seen the father in law do w/ his 7hp I think it will tackle what i need it for. Just pushing some dirt/gravel from time to time, snow blowing etc. Im pretty sure i got a long frame snow blade though. I took the blower off today and tried to hook up the plow to level out some dirt my last tractor left behind when it passed (sears) Anyway i got it lined up where it needs to go for rear mounts and looked up front, the blade was nearly 3' in front of the hood lol. Then i looked at the linkage setup and its about 1 ' away from the lift bar. Might try to cut it and shorten it since it looks to have been modified once already, but if i hunt for another one can anyone tell me which setup i will need to look for? Any short frame will work??