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    - 3533-A Cab, 7-2211 Cart, ST-324 Snow Thrower, 7-2513 36" Sweeper, RMR-32 Deck (RJ), CBR-32 Blade (RJ), AC-6 Cultivator (RJ), LR-24 Roller, 77-10DC01 Cart, 66-42BC01 Blade
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  1. MikesRJ

    Raised Letter Dashboard Restoration Technique

    Very nice. Makes me happy to see my instructional piece is still paying dividends.
  2. @Shed The wire from the switch connects to the points. When the switch is off the points work as intended. When the switch is on it grounds the points causing the plug not to fire.
  3. MikesRJ

    Rest in Peace JimD

    JimD, just heard the sad news at the Big Show this weekend when I asked @stevasaurus about you. You were a friend, a cohort, and a partner in crime to keeping poor @nylyon on his toes. I’ll never forget all the pranks we set up with the other three partners. RIP my friend, till we meet again at the Big Show upstairs. =S=
  4. MikesRJ

    2018 Show Dates?

    Unfortunately, the WHCC decided to create a new website. Though they may have attempted to contact me in advance, I was unaware of the change until after the fact. The old site is for sale, but now redirects to the new site.
  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes. @rmaynard, that's a mighty tough thing to do these days! LOL
  6. Thank you, @dclarke. Always nice to come back around once in a while. First place I'll start on this one, is right here ...
  7. I have two actually, a '71 and '72. There's another under the tent in the background. The one sitting in the picture is actually a parts machine as I need the tranny off it to finish the other one.
  8. Which picture? The dog picture is May/June of this year. The nice tractor is May of 2016 I think, @AMC RULES. The new to me tractor was picked up and photographed today (9/24/2017).
  9. Alive and well, @squonk, thank God. Just been hibernating at dog shows lately, it seems. Thanks for thinking of me. The other addiction ...
  10. Now have two of this model. It'll be the next Restore. Couldn't turn down a free one. Only thing missing is the carb (only have half a dozen carbs laying around), but the deck is trashed. Luckily I have two or three replacement decks here as well. I'll have to make it look like this one.
  11. MikesRJ

    Finally after a year

    One happy little girl! Congratulations, nice job.
  12. MikesRJ

    Rj58 gas tanks

    @Cglisson01, The fronts are 4.00 x 8, the rears are 6 x 12. Here's the link to the owners manual: http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/Tractors/TR_1958_RJ-58.pdf Trans Manual: http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/Transmissions/Transmission_Uni-drive_1958_-_1982.pdf Engine Manual: http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/Engines/Kohler_K90_OM&IPL.pdf http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/Engines/Kohler_K90-K91_ServiceEngines_ENS-924.pdf Minus the filter bowl (missing in this pic), this is what the tank should look like installed. I will have to look around. I may have another correct tank someplace.
  13. MikesRJ

    Rj58 gas tanks

    @Cglisson01, If memory serves, about 12-13" long. Also note the position of the filter/bowl compared to the filler cap. A rather important detail on the RJ. If your tank is longer it is probably one from a later model and from a much higher HP rating.
  14. MikesRJ

    Rj58 gas tanks

    @Cglisson01, Here's the write-up: http://www.mywheelhorse.com/modules.php?name=Docs2&do=show_doc&id=2 And a few pics to get your juices flowing:
  15. MikesRJ


    All better now, up and running once again. Thanks for waiting. '76 Owners Manual - http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/Tractors/1976_B-C_8Speeds_803451R2.pdf '75 C-160 Trans. - http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/Transmissions/Transmission_Sundstrand_Hydrogear_Piston-Piston_1965-1982.pdf