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  1. HokieAg07

    60'' deck blades

    Running Oregons as well, no issues.
  2. HokieAg07

    520H Backfires under load

    The Nikki carbs on these engines are very sensitive to cleanliness, clean it thoroughly. Exhaust comes off prior to intake manifold.
  3. HokieAg07

    520h with 60" deck

    Yes, cant make super tight turns with the deck down as it will push the front end.
  4. HokieAg07

    60" Deck Spindles

    Well, it it time to insert my foot in my mouth. I looked at the belt I took off, and what do you know, it was a Toro belt. I must have put that on a few years ago. I obviously forgot previous problems with generic belts in this specific application. Lesson learned....again. Old belt back on and working fine.
  5. HokieAg07

    60" Deck Spindles

    Mule drive is correct, I have owned this tractor for five years now, I believe. I have always used these Gates belts. I took the deck off for spring maintenance and replaced both the spindle belt and drive belt on the deck as part of the maintenance. So in addition to the deck drive belt being replaced, the actual deck and mule were both off the tractor. I suppose something could be out of alignment now, but things look good. Is it likely that I just need to stay on top of belt tension during break in? This was the first mow with this belt and it is an acre of turf.
  6. HokieAg07

    60" Deck Spindles

    New bearings certainly quieted the deck down. New problem, I put a new PTO belt on as part of this maintenance and the belt is flipping on the deck drive pulley every now and then. Am I correct to assume that this is due to it being a new belt and the fact that I need to check tension more often as I mow with this fresh belt? Using a Napa (Gates) A100 which I have used sucessfully in the past.
  7. HokieAg07

    60" Deck Spindles

    Just for reference, I was able to pull the spindle shafts up and out of the topside of the spindles with ease.
  8. HokieAg07

    60" Deck Spindles

    Now that the start of mowing season has come and gone, I figured it would be a good idea to at least rebuild the one spindle that is growling. Punched the old bearings out easily, they are certainly in need of replacement. Should I have any cause for concern regarding the shaft?
  9. HokieAg07

    60" 520hc Deck Find!

    That piece you are missing on the discharge side is straight, ie, it makes the discharge a rectangle. Apparently it is a weak piece as mine is in need of replacement as I have repaired it several times. These big decks cut low and I catch that piece on roots or other obstacles from time to time and tear the weld. Easy fix though
  10. HokieAg07

    96 and Newer Foot Rest Pads

    Yes indeed, Mark. You have a set laying around? Not ready to pull the trigger on $42 a pop for new ones but it may come to it. Classic Kitchens guy does not carry these.
  11. HokieAg07

    96 and Newer Foot Rest Pads

    Looking for a nice set of foot rest pads for 96 and newer 300, 400, 500 series tractors. These are the pads made of thick material and held to the foot rest with plastic automotive style push pins. Part numbers are 94-3710 and 94-3712 Thanks
  12. HokieAg07

    78360 mower deck

    Welcome to Red Square Are you looking to determine fair asking price for this deck since you are selling one? I see one that was posted on Craigslist today that would seem to fit this description. If that is not the case, call it incredibly coincidental. Price on that deck is on the high end of the spectrum in my opinion. There are a few others available on Craigslist from reputable guys I know.
  13. HokieAg07

    702 Refresh

    Yes, I am confident the casting can be repaired well enough to suit my needs, I appreciate all the insight on the topic, I am going to try brazing the cracks. Im glad the inside of the transaxle is in relatively good shape, just needs seals and new outer axle needle bearings. I dropped the hood, belt guard, frame, and steering wheel and shaft off to a buddy at the fab shop today to have all metal repair work done. I have decided to keep the patina look on the tins. The wheels will be blasted and painted along with engine tins and transmission. I would think painting the frame and front axle would make things look a bit too strange. What say everyone else? Clutch / brake rod - is it supposed to have any slight bends in it? If not, what models / years would share this same rod so I can source a replacement?
  14. HokieAg07

    702 Refresh

    Yes, I am confident the casting can be repaired well enough to suit my needs, I appreciate all the insight on the topic. Im glad the inside of the transaxle is in relatively good shape, just needs seals and new outer axle needle bearings. Nothing exciting for now, just cleaning parts and removing all the grime as the first step to paint prep. The only real metal work this tractor needs is the bottom of the hood and the belt guard. Can anyone share a picture of what the bottom of this hood type is supposed to look like? Is the mounting bracket supposed to be welded or bolted to the hood? As far as the belt guard, there is a small piece broken and missing from the bottom lip and I am wondering if this area is supposed to be flat like the rest of the lip or raised to help stop the belt during clutch disengagement.