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  1. welderman85

    k301 points help

    hi all I just picked up a new to me project horse. it hasa 14hp kohler on it. I was told it ran goo but ha carb issues. I put a new carb on it but while I was at work my fatherinlaw thought he would help. He pulled the points off wich isn't a big deal I was going to replace them anyway but I have no clue on how to set the new ones up and set the motor timing. please help. thank you
  2. Hello all I'm getting ready for a big snow storm so I figured I would change the fluid in my 314 h what I drained out is red so I figured it's ATF but I think it needs 10w-30 what's my next move. Thanks
  3. welderman85

    211-5 clutch issues

    Hello all I just replaced the motor on my 211-5 and now the clutch won't work. I put the belt back the same but when you push in the pedal now happens it still moves you can't shift gears. The pulley still moves the same when you push the clutch pedal.i don't get it. Thanks sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot
  4. welderman85

    211-5 PTO switch bypass

    Hello all I just picked up a 211-5 and would like to try and get it running. The wiring is a mess and all the safety switchs are gone. The clutch,seat and PTO switches are gone. How can I bypass this mess to just get it running and see what I dealing with. I decide whether to redo or part out. Thank you
  5. welderman85

    GT 1142 and 48" deck

    How well could the 11 horse Briggs turn a 48" deck. I have 5 48" decks and would like to use one on this tractor if I ever get it done. Thanks
  6. welderman85

    Governor issue's

    I have a 314 h that I just put a deck on fro the first time and I don't think the governor is working. It starts and runs good but when you kick the deck on its a 48" deck it put the drag on the motor but the governor dosnt kick in. I have to change it with the throttle. Or if I get in to tall grass I have to throttle up. Thank you for any help and sorry for all the questions
  7. welderman85

    Points help

    Hello all I'm trying to do a good tune up on my c-145 and ran in to a snag. I tried to search first and found a some info on setting the points but I'm having trouble figuring if I'm doing it correctly. I installed a new set of Kohler points. And roll over the motor untill they open the farthest , but it seems like they stay in the position for a little bit so I can't figure out if this is accurate or not. Is the a mark on the fly wheel I can line up? It's not currently running but soon I hope. Thank you
  8. welderman85

    Back pressure

    I built it the way you described with the exhaust going through the packing. Not to sound stupid but why is it a bad thing. Thank you
  9. welderman85

    Back pressure

    Hello all. I made a couple of stack mufflers for my horses a while back but there were pretty loud and my little son didn't like the noise a whole lot so I cut them apart and installed a baffle and some motorcycle muffler packing. It's nice and quiet now but could this cause to much back pressure? And what would ok t harm. TR Hank you
  10. welderman85

    K321 running issues

    Ok thank you. I have a new condenser,points and carb heading my way I hope this gets it straightened out
  11. welderman85

    Coil swap

    Will the coil from a 12hp kokler work on a 14? Thank you
  12. welderman85

    K321 running issues

    I have recently pick up a c-145 that was supposed to run great. Well not so much.So far I have pulled the head cleaned the tons of carbon buildup. And cleaned the carb. Now it starts alittle better but it won't run with out the choke on. It will start and idle but once you go to turn the choke off it will shoot a flame out of the exhaust and die.
  13. welderman85

    Carbon buildup

    What causes carbon buildup like that?
  14. welderman85

    K321 c-145 help

    Sooty and had white deposit s on it So after pulling the plug I decided to dig deeper so i pulled the head off and this is it. Whats the best way to clean this up and whats my next move from here. Thank you Also where's a good place to get a head gasket and carb rebuild kit. The bottom pic dosnt show it to well but the carbon is around 1/4 to 3/8 high around the edges
  15. welderman85

    K321 c-145 help

    One other thing once running it dose ok at higher rpm ,but if you give it gas kinda just Rev it up it will puff alittle white smoke. Thank you