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  1. Paul's Boy

    1968 Commando 8

    Not too bad. We lifted the tractor and took the work table out from under it and lowered it to the floor. Easy process that my brother and I accomplished and in about 20 minutes.
  2. Paul's Boy

    1968 Commando 8

    Okay...y'all said ya didn't mind pictures!
  3. Paul's Boy

    1968 Commando 8

    Budding? Heck, I’m in full bloom! 😆
  4. Paul's Boy

    1968 Commando 8

    That’s funny....I’m looking for a round-hood for our next project. 😊
  5. Paul's Boy

    1968 Commando 8

    rjg854, We purchased them from Steve Shannon Tires in Williamsport, PA. I'll get the specifics for you.
  6. My Dad bought this tractor used circa 1969. It’s been in our family since then (with an partial restore in the mid ‘70s) and I fully inherited it when I retired in 2012. My brother and I spent the last year tearing her apart, repainting her parts, getting new parts when needed, and getting new decals for her. It was a labor of love and a tribute to our Dad. I won’t inundate you with the myriad pictures we took: here is the before and after photos. Thanks to this forum for the guidance. Speical thanks to Shynon for the center cap for the steering wheel. Kudos to Ken Bergren, Inc in Williamsport, PA for the help with various parts.
  7. Paul's Boy

    Military Members

    USAF 1980-2012 Dover AFB, RAF Fairford, Griffiss AFB, Charleston AFB, Sheppard AFB, Scott AFB, Bolling AFB, Baghdad Iraq, Charleston AFB, Bolling AFB/Pentagon, Maxwell AFB
  8. Thank you, Shynon! The center cap arrived today. I can't thank you enough!
  9. Ourstanding, Shynon! I’ll PM you to work $$ and shipping if you’re interested in parting with one. Thanks!
  10. Howdy, We’re finishing up a restoration of our Dad’s 1968 Commado 8 and are in need of a steering wheel center-cap. i know that Wheel Horse steering wheels are a hit-or-miss item but I’m wondering if someone could...steer me in the right direction.
  11. Paul's Boy

    Wheel Horse service in Williamsport, PA

    Great off the trailer; my Commando 8!
  12. Paul's Boy

    Wheel Horse service in Williamsport, PA

    My 'Crimson Stallion" should be back from the shop tomorrow. Thanks to all for the intel regarding service. Once I get him off the trailer, I'll get the requested pictures posted!
  13. Paul's Boy

    Wheel Horse service in Williamsport, PA

    Thanks for all the quick advice. Rmaynard; thanks in advance for the help. I'll get pictures soon!