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  1. Paul's Boy

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    USAF 1980-2012 Dover AFB, RAF Fairford, Griffiss AFB, Charleston AFB, Sheppard AFB, Scott AFB, Bolling AFB, Baghdad Iraq, Charleston AFB, Bolling AFB/Pentagon, Maxwell AFB
  2. Thank you, Shynon! The center cap arrived today. I can't thank you enough!
  3. Ourstanding, Shynon! I’ll PM you to work $$ and shipping if you’re interested in parting with one. Thanks!
  4. Howdy, We’re finishing up a restoration of our Dad’s 1968 Commado 8 and are in need of a steering wheel center-cap. i know that Wheel Horse steering wheels are a hit-or-miss item but I’m wondering if someone could...steer me in the right direction.
  5. Paul's Boy

    Wheel Horse service in Williamsport, PA

    Great off the trailer; my Commando 8!
  6. Paul's Boy

    Wheel Horse service in Williamsport, PA

    My 'Crimson Stallion" should be back from the shop tomorrow. Thanks to all for the intel regarding service. Once I get him off the trailer, I'll get the requested pictures posted!
  7. Paul's Boy

    Wheel Horse service in Williamsport, PA

    Thanks for all the quick advice. Rmaynard; thanks in advance for the help. I'll get pictures soon!
  8. Greerings! I have inherited my Dad's Commando 8 and it needs some service. Does anyone have a recommendation for service in or near Williamport, PA? Thanks!