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  1. stevasaurus

    Anyone for squash

    Well, the wife brought home a spaghetti squash. shaped like the blue banana, but not the same color. It was excellent. Today, I am watching "Good Eats" on the cooking channel with host Alton Brown. He is doing a whole show on squashes...pretty cool. If you don;'t get the cooking channel, you can find the "Good East" shows on you-tube. Worth a look.
  2. stevasaurus

    C160 just went dead... quick thoughts?

    Check for loose battery cables on both ends...sometimes it is that easy. and you are right about the
  3. Don't forget both of those engines have Auto Compression Release.
  4. stevasaurus

    Happy 12th Anniversary Red Square!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RED SQUARE Awesome mosaic Richard.
  5. stevasaurus

    lawn ranger

    Don...nice horse. here is how I look at it...if you bought a brand new one that you had to walk behind, it would cost you $400 + dollars...buying one you can ride for $200 and it mows. This is not only a good deal...it is a Great Deal. Enjoy your new horse. BTW, you can never put in too much information.
  6. stevasaurus

    Wont turn over

    Welcome to Red Square Not sure what engine you have there...a K241 is a 10 hsp... The 8 hsp Kohler is a K181.
  7. stevasaurus

    953 transmission out again 3rd time lol

    Brandon, excellent talking with you yesterday. After looking at your pictures above, it sure looks like what we were talking about is correct. ie...you have the 11/44 toothed gear from the #5058 bevel gear differential transmission...and a differential from an 8 speed transmission. The 11 teeth from the mushroom gear should mesh with the bull gear no problem. You are going to have to make what you have work because your brake drum attaches on the shaft of the 11/44 gear. The 8 pinion differential transmissions use the cluster gear shaft for the brake drum. They also use a two piece mushroom gear setup. All that being said, the 1st thing to check is that the bearing under the larger part of the mushroom gear is flush with it's retainer in the case. The 2nd thing is to see if the bull gear teeth are hitting correctly on the width of the mushroom gear 11 teeth. A little grinding on the right edge of the bull gear teeth may be in order. The 3rd thing is the bolts holding the differential together. Sounds like yours are the 5/16-18 variety. (some of the 8 speeds used 3/8-16's. Since, your transmission is still a #5058, except for the differential, the bolts should enter the housing from the right side (input shaft side). I know you can get bolts with thinner heads...or grind them down to stop the grinding. Using the old bolts is not a problem, but you do want to use new Nyloc nuts. There should only be about 2 threads showing past the nuts. I would grind or hack saw them to length after tightening. That should take care of everything. Hope!!!
  8. stevasaurus

    My 856 Project

    There will be a ton of brake drums at the big show in June. You should be able to try them all day and switch with the one that works.
  9. stevasaurus

    Barn find 1047

    Those 3 gears...1. reverse idler (4204)...2. 1st/reverse fork gear (5174)...3. 2nd/3rd (5173) are the same gears in the #5060 6 speed and in the #5091 and #103907 8 speeds. If you can find better gears, do it. Also, from what I can see, it looks like the hi/low mechanism is also the same.
  10. stevasaurus

    Prayers for Brrly1

    I'm going to post an update. John and I have gone to a couple of Iowa vs Northwestern games, when they play in Evanston every other year. Well, today...the Hawkeyes and the Wildcats were playing in Iowa. I just had to call him and see if he was watching the game and how he is doing. They are getting him up to walk around...with a walker...and he can do that by the sound of it. He is making progress, but it is very slow. That is good news, but I wish I had better.
  11. stevasaurus


    Duke...just so you know...talked with Brrly1 today....he wants me to tell you Happy Birthday too.
  12. stevasaurus

    Happy Birthday Marines

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE NAVY. You guys and gals are Special.
  13. stevasaurus

    Barn find 1047

    Rod, take a few pictures of the gears please...let's see what they look like.
  14. stevasaurus

    My 856 Project

    You know, and this is pretty Polish (no offense intended)...Maybe a little flux, some heat on the end of the shaft and melt a little solder with the drum on. The solder should not meld with the steel, but it might work to shim it tight and you could still get the drum off. don't heat it too much...not good for the seal.