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  2. Hi Van, I just shipped it this morning. I am closing the ad now. Contact this Red Square member doc2u2004@yahoo.com. He makes them exactly as Wheel Horse did. I traded with him a WH tiller for the one that I just sold. I never installed it and after downsizing, sold my last Wheel Horse. You can tell him that I referred you. Lou Kopp
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  4. I got this new from Doc several years ago and never installed it. I recently got rid of my last Toro-Wheel Horse, a 95, 314H and now have no use for this. Had various Wheel Horses for over 40 years. I'm asking $275. Local pickup would work or $20. shipping to lower 48. The attached photos tell what it was designed for.
  5. louk1

    Fuel pumps for Onan

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  6. louk1

    Fuel pumps for Onan

    As far I know, they are all the same on the Onan for the 520's. You can use my email for pay pal which is folkartst@att.net Louis Kopp
  7. louk1

    Fuel pumps for Onan

    I'm not sure of how much the mail costs are. Would $10. for priority mail be OK? $60. total and Pay Pal would be OK.
  8. louk1

    Fuel pumps for Onan

    Where do you live?
  9. louk1

    Fuel pumps for Onan

    Yes I have them. I would like to get $50. for both of them plus the actual shipping/mailing cost. Lou in Indiana
  10. louk1

    Fuel pumps for Onan

    I have one brand new fuel pump and one used fuel pump in good working order for sale. My 520 HC was having a problem of not enough vacuum when cranking because of the engine's age. I had to replace the original pump with an electric fuel pump. I thought that the problem was the fuel pump so I bought a new one from Jack's only to discover that their was nothing wrong with the old one.
  11. louk1

    516H Surging

    I just finished doing a carb cleaning on my 89 520HC. It surged and eventually simply ran rough over a couple of year period. I just use it with a snowblower and cab so I was in no particular hurry. Got ambitious a few weeks ago and discovered that the two bolts holding the carb on the manifold had loosened, one was several threads loose. Cleaned the carb (which was not gummed), new gaskets and a valve adustment made her run like new. Runs steady at all speeds. I had to remove the muffler and the manifold in order to do it right.