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  1. dells68


    Sorry, Dino. Riding with the wife right now-better not comment😂🤣😂!
  2. dells68


    How did I miss this? Count me in brother!! Awesome cups!
  3. Well, at 11:34 I just took pics of what my engine looks like with a patina look. What do you think guys? Much better I think!!
  4. That’s what makes this hobby great, we all do it our own way! Didn’t somebody sing about that😉?!
  5. As anal as I am about organization, Dan would be too overwhelmed by my system😂. If I ever clean out, there might be a complete horse hiding in there somewhere!
  6. Just scuffed the original tins, painted the block, and shot the first coat of clear. Bought the cylinder surround piece to put on Emory’s k91 that I robbed these pieces from, just waiting on it to get here. Don’t worry, I’m giving him the white set!
  7. Well, I just pulled the tins from another original k91 I have. Seems even my own family likes the idea of a patina motor too. Going to the garage to clean them up and work on the block. Pics later tonight.
  8. Thanks Kevin. To have had such a hard life, it’s turning out ok. I look forward to taking my first cruise on it! Giving it a second chance at life I suppose.
  9. Ok @71_Bronco, you’ve opened up another can of worms. I kind of like the white on the motor too, but I don’t know what to do with the wheels. I’ve considered painting them white, but then I like the black that @stevebo does too. If I stay with white wheels, I might leave the motor white, but black wheels would need a patina motor. I do have another original patina k91 that I could trade the tins for if I go that route. I would use that motor, but it needs a rebuild first. Also, white wheels, white seat. Black wheels, black seat.
  10. Well, I got a little more time to mess with the rj. I added a little red to the patina and wiped it with lacquer thinner and sanded with fine paper before clearing. I cleaned the engine with a little laquer thinner and the white pops. I tried the schnacke that I got from @Jake Kuhn, and loosely fitted my homemade belt guard, hood, and fenders to see how it will look. So far I’m pretty happy with how it looks and I’m thinking of clearing the engine to preserve that earned patina on the white. What do you guys think? Please ignore the mess in the garage!
  11. Gotta say I don’t think there’s much value in that tractor. Way to rough to restore or even patina. I tell you what, i’ll Take it off of your hands to prevent you from having to spend any more money on it. Promise I’ll give it a good home😂! Seriously, very nice survivor. I’d just clean it up, give it a going over mechanically, and enjoy it! Very nice score!
  12. Mostly for looks. A few might be quieter, but most are louder. A stack just gives our little tractors a bit more of the big tractor look.
  13. dells68

    Carb replacement

    The governor controls the throttle movement when the engine is running and will appear to reduce the travel of the throttle linkage. Your cable should have the same range of motion, running or not, the governor manages the throttle linkage movement.
  14. dells68

    Rj clutch rod

    Ok guys. I'm to the point of making a clutch rod for my rj58. The one that came on it was threaded on both ends with tie rod ends attached. I was wondering if anyone could get me a measurement of the length of a stock one please. It won't be perfect, but I'd like to get rid of those hokey looking tie rod ends. Also, how much bend or deflection should be in the rod from straight to allow it to clear the recoil housing? Thanks for any help!!
  15. Hey, stay away from Lowell and the Mrs. Nasty people! They have the nerve to make stuff we all need and charge reasonable prices for it. Customer service is terrible - for example, that crabby wife of his had the nerve to call me to let me know an order was on the way. When it got here, it wasn't even the wrong stuff! Quality was excellent to boot! So, like I say, stay away if you're not looking for good stuff, fair prices, and great service!😂 Thanks fir everything Lowell!