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  1. dells68

    Wanted complete suburban or rj

    Hey guys. Emory was wanting me to redo his work horse for Christmas, but boy is it rough! He’s expressed interest in another suburban or rj. I’d prefer a complete one with k90 or k91. It would be one I would restore or clear if original paint. I live in southwest Va , but don’t mind a drive of up to 5 or 6 hours if you have something solid and reasonably priced. Let me know what you might have. Thanks!
  2. I’ll take that as a complement @stevebo! I loved the look of yours at the show and took a lot of cues from you. The one thing I did keep was the original rear tires. I had even bought a nice set of ags for it, but couldn’t bring myself to change them. The tires are off of the front of Emory’s 400. That was the first horse we bought and I knew I was going to need those tires at some point. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Purrs like a kitten!
  3. Fabbed up a brake rod and mounted the wheels. Emory wanted to gas it up and go on a maiden run. Was a balmy 33 degrees outside. The little k91 fires right up. Drives good in all 3 gears, BUT...sounds a little like a coffee grinder😙. Given the wear on the differential gear, I expected that. I’m hoping it will smooth out a little with some use now that the chipped teeth are repaired and everything is lined back up as it should be with new bushings. Emory even went for a cruise in the dark. Couple of pics, hopefully more by early next week.
  4. dells68

    Electrical Trouble in the Snow

    My c125 did something similar. Tail lights came on when cranking, starter spun but wouldn’t engage. Turned out to be a bad ground between the battery and engine.
  5. Well, I got a little further along over the last few days. I painted the rims black, painted the tires with Miller tire paint, and repaired the seat with pool patches as suggested by @pullstart. I still need to get some good foam for the seat padding. I hope to button most of it up this week and hopefully get to drive it this coming weekend.
  6. dells68

    lawn ranger

    Excellent! I’ve got a 68 and it’s a blast to drive and mow with!
  7. dells68

    Allis D-14 value?

    Talk to @ACman Kev. His family was in the AC business for many years and he would be a good source of information and might even have a few good leads on good deals for you.
  8. dells68

    Running k91 Kohler 4hp

    pm sent
  9. dells68

    New to me 953

    Are you sure Richard? I only see the gear shift, no high/low selector. Super nice looking tractor! I love the rubber on it!
  10. dells68

    Wheel Horse 1054 Fan!

    Exactly! I’ve said it here many times - memories of riding with my Poppy are the very reason I got into these little machines. Wonderful memories with a man I loved dearly and looked up to!
  11. dells68

    Wheel Horse 1054 Fan!

    Now that’s one happy looking little girl! Excellent!
  12. dells68

    Got myself an anniversary present !!

    Come on Craig, @AMC RULES, we know you have something to say!
  13. dells68

    Mrs. Pullstart

    You know, it seems that a lot of us have ties one way or another to our grandfather’s through these machines. My best childhood memories are of pulling my grandfather to the country store around the road with one of his wheel horses while he rode in the dump cart. Great job Kevin! I’d be disrespectful if I also didn’t say miss you Poppy!! Love you!!
  14. Between making molasses with our local tractor club and taking Emory to a movie I found time to clear the seat I bought off of EBay. Look at the thin paint in front of each hole. It’s original paint. I bet they were dipped in white and hung up to dry looking at the paint distribution. Couldn’t bring myself to hide that patina, almost hate to cover it with my cover that came with it. @pullstart I took your advice and ordered some pool patches for the back of the tears in the cover. Gotta run!!!
  15. dells68

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Amen brother! I work in a cramped 1 car garage and Kev, it looks like you’ve got the TajMahal of garages! Loving this build man. Emory wants me to redo his workhorse for Christmas, why don’t you build him a cool creation!!