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  1. dells68

    Emory at hospital

    Don’t feel bad Richie. I honestly don’t think I matured past 8 years even though my body is 45😂🤣😂! Lots more fun that way!!!!
  2. dells68

    Emory at hospital

    Just got out of the hospital. Overall Emory’s EEG didn’t show anything unusual, but enough activity was there to show that he had a seizure and the possibility of a future seizure. They are keeping him on his medicine for the near future. Weaning him off or stopping the medicine will be a discussion later on down the road as he grows. Thanks for all of your support and prayers. Redsquare is the best! Thanks so much to our Wheel Horse family!! Back to his goofy self!
  3. dells68

    Emory at hospital

    We’ve made it and Emory is so sleepy that he’s just silly. We did manage to keep him awake though.
  4. dells68

    Emory at hospital

    Emory pulled a push mower out of the weeds at my MIL’s house. We know it hasn’t run in at least 40 years. He wants to get it going for a 4H project. Here’s a shot of him working this morning. Good way to keep him up😃.
  5. dells68

    Out with the new, in with the old!

    Been working a little while we try to keep Emory awake for his test. His engine runs great when it’s on level ground. As soon as you get on a hill and the float bowl empties, the engine dies because the fuel is gravity flow. Checked the cam and it appears to have the lobe for a pump, but won’t run a mechanical pump. So...I decided to try a Briggs pulse pump. I tapped the fuel pump block off plate for a new vacuum fitting. Got it plumbed up. We’ll see if it works after we get it off the table. Kind of looks like it’s got a heart now🤣.
  6. dells68

    Emory at hospital

    Well, Emory and I are up. Time to start the sleep deprivation part of his test. This is going to be hard for both of us. I’ll be glad to get back home this afternoon!
  7. dells68

    Emory at hospital

    Thanks guys! I'm leaving work in a few minutes to go home to get some rest. My wife is going to put Emory to sleep at 10:00 and he and I will get up at 2:00 a.m. I guess we'll play with horses for a few hours to keep him awake and keep his mind off of things. We'll have to leave home around 6:30 in order to stop and get breakfast and check in at the hospital at 9:30. The hard part is going to be keeping him awake for the drive! His test is at 10:00 and his appt. with the neurologist is at 11:45. I'll try my best to update everyone after we get back home and I get a little shut eye. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we make the trip. I'm worried still about the attempt to induce another seizure to monitor his brain waves. I know he has to be scared and that worries me as well. Have a good night!
  8. dells68

    Emory at hospital

    Well, Emory goes to the University of Tennessee for an EEG Wednesday. He can go to bed at 10:00 tomorrow night, but has to get up at 2:00 am and stay awake until 10:00 am for his test. They want him sleep deprived to allow them to try to trigger another seizure to try to determine if he will have another and what causes them. Please keep him in your prayers. 2 1/2 hour drive each way and the possibility of another seizure. Wednesday will be a rough day!
  9. dells68

    Out with the new, in with the old!

    A little more tonight. I did some reassembly on Emory’s tractor. Hood is just sitting on there for now. Emory posed for a friend I ran into tonight. Hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. His wife was a super friend who passed from cancer. Anyway, here are a couple more shots during reassembly after clear. Mods, move this to restorations thread if needed.
  10. dells68

    Can you help ID this wheel horse?

    I’ve had a few original rims and they were definitely an off white. I think the only horses I’ve seen with bright white are the early 80’s Work Horse series tractors.
  11. dells68

    Can you help ID this wheel horse?

    I’ve found that I personally like the Rustoleum Almond. It looks brighter on the wheels when mounted than when you spray it. It is a very pleasing creamy white. Just my $.02.
  12. dells68

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Kev, I hate to say it, but I think that single headlight needs to go! Just seems out of place. I also kind of dig the tri ribs, they give it a big tractor look.
  13. dells68

    Out with the new, in with the old!

    I had a chance to work a little on Emory’s 633. I was wrong about the decal on the belt guard, it says 653. A 653 had an electric start Techumseh, correct? There are no signs of it ever having a key switch or starter button. The holes are still plugged on the dash tower, so I think that was a replacement belt guard. The only metal repair I had to do was weld a nut on the front hood mount and fix two small cracks. Very solid little tractor with only surface rust, no noticeable pitting. It would have been a great resto project, but Emory wants to keep the patina. Emory and I had time to get everything degreased and sanded ready for clear. We also unboxed my new tool chest from Harbor Freight. It’s supposed to be a cart, but I left off the legs and sat it on my bench. I had a coupon for $109 and had a $20 gift card from one of my students. Can’t beat that! Emory posed with it.