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  1. Killer 2000 Chevy

    charging issue

    I haven't had a chance to get the model number yet Garry. The 212 is still at my friends house in storage. As soon as I get over there to get it I will let you know. Thanks!
  2. Killer 2000 Chevy

    I have a 1980 Flymo and need some help

    I picked up an older Flymo Professional V4 and I am in need of a flywheel for it. I believe its a Tecumseh engine and I don't know the model. This is what she looks like. Side recoil starter.
  3. Killer 2000 Chevy

    charging issue

    I have a 212-5 that is not charging. It has the toro/onan vertical shaft in it. I've looked through the manuals and haven't found a good wiring diagram to show the wire for charge. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Killer 2000 Chevy

    I need a part number for a seal.

    I bought a stens gasket set for my 10 horse kohler. Its a K241 s/g style off of my 1054. The seal for the crank on the bearing plate side is there, but I don't have the seal for the other side. I need a part number for it so I can go to my local machine shop. Thanks for the help.
  5. Killer 2000 Chevy

    Stack style mufflers

    Men and my buddy got ours at Rural King. Both of these stacks are for an IH cub.The one on the Jacobsen has a short bottom pipe.
  6. Killer 2000 Chevy

    Rear Tire/Wheel Options for a GT-14

    I just think they don't look right. I guess they work in a pinch though. The tires are 205/60's and the size looks right on the tractor.
  7. Killer 2000 Chevy

    Rear Tire/Wheel Options for a GT-14

    My 1054 has car tires on it and I hate it. I picked up a set of used ags from a friend and haven't installed them yet. I feel your pain on the prices. The friend I got the tires from put a set of 15" skid steer tires on his C-195 and they look awesome. I just needed something to get me by for a while.
  8. Killer 2000 Chevy

    Back Home With The 2 857s.

    I have been looking for a s/g belt guard for a while.
  9. I took the belt cover off my 1054 to get a new belt for it and down in the center of the shifter compartment I seen this . It's a Barlow, the blades aren't in the best shape. I thought it was a really cool bonus.
  10. Killer 2000 Chevy

    I need a belt length.

    I found the belt length, I used google to find a conversion chart, and it sent me back to on another post.
  11. Killer 2000 Chevy

    I need a belt length.

    My boys tractor threw the belt and it got cut. I need the length for the part number 8911.
  12. Got to plow this weekend, we got 4 inches in the the Terre Haute area. The 855 had no problem with this little amount, and it was a blast!
  13. Killer 2000 Chevy

    Snow Removal Pics?

    We got about four inches Friday evening and 2 yesterday.I got to plow twice yesterday, so I figured what the heck, let's start the thread this year on posting pics.
  14. Killer 2000 Chevy

    857 ,,,,,who owns one?

    I love my 855 , it's the same tractor just 2 years older. It's a little worker, I got it from my brother and he was not shy to work this one. I watched him push off a dirt pile as big as a 15 passenger van to fill in a spot in his yard. Chains on the tires pushing off little at a time. She doesn't work that hard anymore and looks a whole lot better. This is the machine that started me on this CRAZE!
  15. Killer 2000 Chevy

    Picked this cool mower up today.

    I believe so,there is a lever that tilts the engine forward to engage or disengage the blade. I think it may drive disengaged. I will let you guys know when I get it going.