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    i am 16 years old and i spend my life in the garage working on my 83 ford f100,1963 ford f350, and 1977 ford f100

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  1. 856wheelhorseowner

    wheelhorse b-80 with front mount deck?

    I'm kinda looking for a price range if what they are worth in good condition. I really want to sell it badly but don't want to sell too cheap.
  2. 856wheelhorseowner

    wheelhorse b-80 with front mount deck?

    i know alot about the mower not the setup. it runs and cuts well but i am trying to sell it and idk what its worth. the engine was rebuilt 2yrs ago and i went threw the deck and put all new bearings in it and welded where it was rusted. it comes with a new deck shell. also has new belts.
  3. I have a wheel horse b-80 that has a front deck attachment on it. i know nothing about these and i would like to sell the whole tractor. i was wondering how much its worth and if anyone has ever seen this before because i sure haven't. if you have any info on this please share it with me. thanks
  4. 856wheelhorseowner

    Wheel Horse Paint Recommendations

    I have the original paint code from 1966 idk if its the same but I will have to look for them to see what the code is
  5. 856wheelhorseowner

    Wheel horse b-80 with front mounted deck

    its for sale if any body is interested make me a offer please thanks I also have a extra deck and I am located I am Pataskala Ohio by Columbus the deck is a standard 36" and it can be put under neath it
  6. 856wheelhorseowner

    Wheel horse b-80 with front mounted deck

  7. 856wheelhorseowner

    Wheel horse b-80 with front mounted deck

    I like to know what' it's worth because we are trying to sell it it in really good working order the motor was rebuilt it think a year ago I was just looking for any info I can ge I will post pics Tomrrow but it has all new belts and it also has a new bearing in the deck and new blades I just did all of the deck work about 1 month ago
  8. Wheel horse,b80 b-80 8hp Kohler rare deck
  9. 856wheelhorseowner

    Not Much Luck With WH Lately, So.......

    i bought a jd 400 with a 3 point hitch,60'' deck a tiller a snow blade and a loader for $250 with a blown onan
  10. 856wheelhorseowner

    Cub w/loader

    does any body no where i and get a loader for my wheel horse 855 i mean 856
  11. 856wheelhorseowner

    older wheel horses.

    the 856 is from 1966 and was only mad for 1 year so there for it cant be a 1967