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    1977 c-160 8 speed ,wheelhorse 10 cf dump cart ,42"snow/dozer blade ,48"mower.
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  1. rayshorses

    310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    I mow over an acre of smooth flat lawn with the c-160-48" deck. 2nd gear works fine even in thick grass , but 1st gear high range is my favorite gear. I like to watch the clippings flow out of the discharge and the seat time is the only time i get to relax . I usually grin ear to ear the whole time. Over 40 years of memories with my Wheelhorses come back to me every time i drive it.
  2. rayshorses

    Dealer List

    Here are a few dealers in NH that sold Wheelhorse Granz power equipment , Salem NH sold wheelhorse since the sixties . They are still in business and i have bought some parts there. West Side Lawn Mower . Front St , Manchester NH sold wheelhorse early seventies . We bought the last new wheelhorse he sold , a 1973 10-8 speed with snowblower , 36" mower , 42" dozer blade , wheel weights ,chains and the optional light kit. He then sold Ariens and Poulan until he retired and closed the business in the late eighties. The building still looks the same. A to Z power equipment. Intersection of Hanover St and Candia Rd , Manchester NH. They took over the Wheelhorse dealership from West side lawn mower in 1974. We bought our tiller , sweeper and aerator there. They had quite an inventory. I remember looking at the all new D-250 in 1975 or 6. Its been a long time so i don't remember the year.They went out of business around 1977. Mountain View Nursery. Goffstown NH. They were in Business for two years and never had anything on display , but i got the loader you see in my avitar there.
  3. My first name is Ray , and i have wheelhorses...so after a few days of pondering ,i came up with rayshorses.
  4. I have one. It is the one that has the legs on it. It works great. We were able to fit most of the D-200 parts in there. I also got the air drier from them and mounted it at the cabinet with a quick coupler. It takes about 2 hours to assemble it. Make sure you seal all of the seams so no dust escapes while you are using it. There is a port on it for a shop vac that will keep the inside from filling with dust.You want a vacuum just strong enough to suck the dust and not the sandblast media.I started with harbor freight sand @ $35.00 per pail but switched to black beauty medium grit @ $6.00 per bag...works great.
  5. rayshorses

    haban sickle mower

    I have the exact same model. It was originally off of a big simplicity tractor. I was going to mount it on my c-160 , so i got a right angle gear . The angle gear would be mounted to a bracket , welded to the front plate of the mower so one shaft lines up with the PTO and the other shaft would line up with the pulley on the mower...belt tensioning would be achieved by a flat pulley and a spring similar to what we use on a snowblower. That was my first idea. My second idea was to cut off the entire front of the mower off so the shaft would be behind the mid tach. Then weld a bracket to mount the mower to the mid tach. Then mount the right angle drive to the shaft with a lovejoy coupling so the other right angle shaft would be in the same position as a regular mower deck. Then the mule drive from your rotary mower could be mounted to the front tach and tension would be the same as a rotary mower. Just as i was about to fabricate this contraption , i bought a couple of D series machines and realized this mower fits perfectly under them...problem solved with just a little mounting bracket fabrication and there is plenty of room under that tractor . As much as i like to fabricate things , this mower is a tight fit under the C series machines.
  6. I have an outdoor boiler and the wood comes off our jobs during the summer. I load it twice a day...nice. The house stays warm. The shop uses about 7 gallons of kerosene every day...that bites. I am avoiding any outdoor work when the temp goes below 20 degrees. I'm getting behind on my outdoor chores.
  7. My 1976 c-160 8 speed is my favorite because it reminds me of the 1973 10-8 speed my dad bought me when i was 13 years old. I wish i could find that tractor again. I sold it to someone in Fitchburg MA in 1978. Its the one shown in my avitar. I had 12 different attachments for that machine.I often wonder how i could go about finding it ...if it even still exists.
  8. rayshorses

    commando 8 snow blowing

    Nice video. I often wondered how well an 8 horsepower machine could run a snow blower...now i know. It looked effortless. Thanks for sharing.
  9. If the pulley has any wobble or is loose fitting , that will cause it to shear the key. You might want to replace the pulley. It needs to run smooth and true because of the high rate of speed and torque applied , the wobble will cause a vibration that will cause it to fail. Did your belt whip much?...it shouldn't.
  10. rayshorses

    snowblowing with the c-160

    Thanks for all the kind comments. This is the first post i ever started and also the first video i ever did . I couldn't have done it without my sons help..these teenagers are pretty smart when it comes to this computer stuff.I must say , the long chute throws about twice as far as my short chute one. One of these days i want to make a video of the c-160 with long chute . the GT-14 with a short chute and the D-200 with its big blower all in line like at the airport...but i will need to find more operators .I have never tried the big blower on a D series . My son is refurbishing the D-200 in our shop for his senior project so it probably won't be ready for this winter.
  11. I finally got to take a video of the snow blower in action. The snow was 18 inches deep before the rain came and now its 5 inches of rock hard icey stuff. After the first pass , it dug in pretty good.I hope the link works , it took forever to upload. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaoFbnurLEE
  12. rayshorses

    Did you know?

    Thank you for bringing up this topic. I log on to Red Square every day and i never realized what a supporter was or how to become one. I just went to the "store " and paid for two years. I am happy and proud to support this great site. Keep up the good work.
  13. rayshorses

    Used Tractor vs. Used Parts Business

    I have never replied to a topic before , but i can't resist on this one...here is my two cents. You are 17 and you seem to have very good knowledge of your intended business . You show good common sense by seeking advice from others...so you are already miles ahead of the pack. If your desire is to be in business , you will never be happy doing anything else. You don' need to know all of the details...things work themselves out ...use common sense. A couple years of business school can't hurt ...you have to decide for yourself. In this day and age , you will have to think outside the box . The small engine shops around here are only focused on the products they sell . They won't help you unless the part is in their parts book. What if someone came along and offered a service to not only to repair any machine , but also improve the weak spots. What if someone offered to fit different brand attachments to a brand that didn't offer that attachment. Think outside the box...let the lawyers and accountants handle the liability and financial details. Business is a lifestyle , not a job...Follow your heart. Before i came along ,. no one in my family was in business . I remember, when i was 7 or 8 yrs old , asking my mother where my father went every day. She said he went to work for a man that had lots of trucks. I asked why would my father do that ...why didn't he have lots of trucks. She said that was impossible...only engineers and really smart people can do that. I told her that i would never work for someone...she said i had to or i would end up as a bum. Sooo , at 9 yrs old , i got a big paper route. At 13 yrs old my father helped me buy a brand new 1973 Wheel Horse 10 hp 8 speed and with my paper route money i started buying attachments. Before long i was doing landscape jobs for the local people...i had 12 attachments and a trailer that my father used to take me to the jobs. At 16 , i took an accredited 2 year landscape course to get a better understanding of the business (a home study course , all done by mail , before computers were invented) . Then i got my drivers licence got a bigger motor route. My schedule was get up at 3 am, do the route, get home by 7 am , eat breakfast , get to school by 8 , get out of school by 2 pm , go to one of my landscape jobs and work till dark , go home , do paper work till 9......7 days a week. It took 6 months to burn out . Something had to give , so i quit the paper route job and relied on the landscape work... first lesson learned...priorities. At 17 yrs old i graduated high school in January (accelerated graduation program) . bought a used case 580 backhoe , f 600 dump truck and trailer. My uncles , cousins and even my mom kept asking when i would snap out of this fantasy and get a real job. I had no mentors , no college education lots of advice and criticism on how i would fail. One day i took my uncle to a job i had just finished and showed him the check for the balance of the job. It was about one quarter of his yearly salary , but it only took me two weeks to earn it ... the criticism stopped. By age 26 , i had many machines , employees etc. The business has seen hard times more than once. By thinking outside the box , we are now an erosion control company . I followed my heart...no regrets...life is good!
  14. rayshorses

    NOS K91,

    Hi Dave . That looks like a nice find. Did it come from the dealer in RI that you told me about ? The tall chute snowblower that i picked up from you a couple months ago works great in front of the C-160. Is the D series tractor still parked at the garage near your house? I left a note there to see if they wanted to sell it , but didnt get a reply.