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  1. richmondred01

    110147 deck pulley

    One is on flebay right now for 35.00 plus 11.15 to ship.
  2. richmondred01

    Kohler Breakerless ignition coil and trigger

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. richmondred01

    1989 520h with deck, plow, tiller and disc

    Ignition module?
  4. richmondred01

    K341 crankshaft

    PM sent
  5. richmondred01

    Deck Pulleys Mandrels And Spindles

    Deck Pulleys, Mandrels And Spindles. double center pulley and two outer single pullies. No cracks or chips, bearings are good and they turn free. 50.00 per outside spindle, mandel and pulley. 80.00 for center double pulley, mandel and pulley. 150.00 for all three plus flat rate shipping.
  6. Hey what wheelhorse model does the deck fit you have for sale. I think mine is a 1964 700.



  7. richmondred01

    C Series Parts

    I will send you a PM
  8. richmondred01

    Hydraulic lift cylinder assembly

    Changed Status to Pending
  9. richmondred01

    K301 long block

    Rebuilt Kohler k301 (12 hp) cast iron engine. Bored .010 over, crankshaft turned .010 under, valve seat ground, valves surfaced, head surfaced. New piston, rings, rod, seals and gaskets. Basic rebuilt long block prices, with rebuildable core exchange, start at 625.00 Your choice of what you want. I can sell you the Long block including head and pan or the complete engine with a rebuilt carb ready to install, or any combination of parts and sheet metal, starter, coil etc you want. I also have two k321’s. PM me for details.
  10. richmondred01

    Electric PTO

    Electric PTO. Tested and the work fine. They have the original pigtail connections as well as the wire bracket. I always kept a spare electric pto on the shelf. 125.00 per unit, plus flat rate shipping.
  11. richmondred01

    No Name/C-160 Split Seat Wanted

    I’ve got this one. its in good shape
  12. richmondred01

    Split Seat

    Still available
  13. richmondred01

    Tires and Wheels

    35.00 for rears per pair 30.00 for fronts per pair no shipping. PM for details
  14. richmondred01

    Sundstrand Transmissions

    Functional, no leaks, axle bearings good. Hubs are included. Located in Richmond, VA i wish I had one of these before I parted my 160. 150.00 per transmission. PM me for details.