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  1. richmondred01

    Kohler Rebuilding

    PM sent.
  2. richmondred01

    Rebuilt k321 (14 hp)

    Yes I currently have a k301 and a k321 completely rebuild and ready to go.
  3. richmondred01

    Shifter boots needed # 3577

    Oh. Sorry. Didn’t know you wanted free bees. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. richmondred01

    Shifter boots needed # 3577

    No they are on eBay. Paste the aforementioned number into the eBay search bar. Ive dealt with the seller before. No issues. He’s a straight up guy.
  5. richmondred01

    Shifter boots needed # 3577

    Here’s lot of 5. They work out to be 7.80 a piece. Paste this number on flebay. 273422917302 He’s selling (5) for 39.00. That works out to just under 9.00 a piece. They are OEM.
  6. richmondred01

    Blowed spark plug

    Striped plug treads are very common on these engines. A properly intstalled helicoil should give you no more problems.
  7. richmondred01

    Blowed spark plug

    Also check the reed valve assembly. You may have too much pressure build up along with bad plug threads. also make sure the oil drain hole on the cover is facing down.
  8. richmondred01

    Rough B-115

    I’m sorry I don’t have any vertical shaft engines anymore. I just could never sell, or even give them away. I’ve scraped all of them at this point to make room.
  9. richmondred01

    Rough B-115

    My pleasure. All the best.
  10. richmondred01

    Rough B-115

    Ready to go complete rebuild. Crank .010 under, bored .010 over, valve seats ground, new piston, rings, rod, rebuilt carb, all seal seals and gaskets.
  11. richmondred01

    Rough B-115

    I currently have a rebuilt k301 and a k321. i have a k341 and m12 pending rebuild.
  12. Will you possible be going to the WH show in Pa in June. I  interested in swapping a K301 and possible dropping off a k341 

    1. richmondred01


      Will pm you. 

  13. richmondred01

    Kohler Rebuilding

    16 is sold. I have a 14 and 12. Ready to go. PM sent
  14. richmondred01

    NOS and rare parts

    If you parted the tractor with the electric lift make sure you pull the clutch rod. They are made specifically for the electric lift and are impossible to find and very difficult to fabricate without a template or an original. all the best