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  1. Looks like a wider door is in the future. Or is there another entrance? Thought often 'bout a 60" deck but would need a wider entrance. Oh well, the 48's are fine. I did power wash a deck today, blew it off with the compressor, greased all the zerks. Now this weekend I'll invite the boys over for lunch ().
  2. Great restoration, certainly a keeper.
  3. Nice Horse Bill! Great picture except for the cold white junque! Great Stallion!
  4. Had a pair of brake drums, concrete filled. Take a tape measure to the scrap yard and get a pair of drums to fit your rims.
  5. Try Xtreme. The ends are tapped 1/2-13 for bolts to keep your weights on. "The plate bolts to your rim and puts the weight to the ground, not on your axle bearings. Holds your weights off of the rim so that you do not scratch them. Plate comes with a 1" or 2" shaft so weight lifting weights work great and are readily available. Must specify shaft size and shaft length on checkout." http://xtrememotorworks.com/Parts Catalog/Wheel-Weights-Cub-Cadet.html
  6. Tankman

    deck weight

    I use 48" SD decks but often thought, "A 60" SD deck would be nice." My '90 520-8 has the swept axle and the 20 hp Onan could handle the larger deck. Still as ericj notes, bouncing, frame damage. I dismiss the thought (dreamin' on) due to weight. And, "Honest Hon, I'll clean my chow call mess soon as I'm done mowing "your" lawns."
  7. Tankman

    snow plow ?? whats it fit

    Which Horse might you be thinking of mounting the blade to?
  8. Tankman

    My first horse! C-100

    Welcome Nat! Great Horse and priced correctly! Where from in OK? Lived in Tulsa for a year. Was steel worker; Oral Roberts, OKU Norman, Arkansas. Learned to shotgun, ate a lot of doves 'n rabbits.
  9. Tankman

    Stack Install!!!

    Looks great! Grandson loves stacks!
  10. Tankman

    Tractor saw mill

    Take a peek-a-boo at Rough and Tumble Engineers. Years ago I was a member. My Amish friends ran saw mills off their tractors. Belt drive, not PTO as shown here. I purchased my first tractor from the Amish. a 1932 Farmall. Hand crank start. FYI. 1932 was the 1st year for rubber tires. http://www.roughandtumble.org/
  11. Sure does, 48" SD deck. Weld. Add a piece of flatbar as noted and, get rollers on the deck. What's the duck tape doin'? Tack (stitch) weld a piece of 16 ga galvanized CRS over the hole (?). Paint. Not shown in the picture, I then added a piece of the CRS on the discharge chute.
  12. I like tubes. Easy. In my opinion, best if using fluid filled tires.
  13. Take measurements. Existing engine as well as the Honda. You may find measurements on Honda's website.
  14. Tankman


    Toy? That Horse is a worker! Of course, we know that!
  15. Tankman

    59 with patina local sale

    Pricy, OUCH! However, a nice Horse.