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  1. Tankman

    Synthetic oil?

    30w unless a long cold spell, then 10w30 always conventional. I'm with TheTool Crib on this subject, "never synthetic". Particularly if you are following a PM (preventative maintenance) schedule. Why spend the extra loot? At Camp Lejeune motor pool we had 30w Texaco, if you preferred we had 30w Texaco, for combat vehicles we used 30w Texaco. On extra night duty we invented Jiffy Lube! We used 30w Texaco! Bring your car and a six pack, oil change, high tech 30w Texaco! With three grandsons, our PM schedule runs double time! Keeps the brats boys busy doing something nice worthwhile. Better than playing Nintendo games, I think.
  2. Tankman

    Removing the Mule Drive

    When a grunt (USMC) was stationed in Millington, TN, mid-sixties, a few months then back to Lejeune. Weekends in Arkansas were great! Catfish tails and French fries, 99 cents.
  3. Tankman

    Removing the Mule Drive

    Amish hard apple cider is healthy too.
  4. And I love conch fritters too. Grew up on Eastern Long Island, love the ocean and, could push sand dunes with any Horse!
  5. Looked at my blades long ago and it appears two additional holes would be OK. Just never got around to drilling. Plow often if a lot of snow is forecast. Push the wet white cold junque well out of the way make room for all snow, and then some. Maybe just move to Key West?
  6. Tankman

    Steel Chains vs Rubber Chains.

    All gravel, steel chains. The rubber chains I might consider if my drives were paved.
  7. Tankman

    Anyone recognize this Work Horse?

    Looks great! My Work Horse is envious! Didn't like the gray either. At least painted the belt guards Regal Red. I see more painting come spring.
  8. Tankman

    Chains vs Brains

    Perhaps add an inch here and there, 8" total.
  9. Tankman

    Chains vs Brains

    Is that horizontal or vertical inches? At 71+ I forget too. My fan belt directory..... Labelled (Magic Marker) and staple gunned to the shop wall.
  10. 48 inch dozer, wheel weights, chains if needed. I always plow wide just in case we get another snowfall. Have enough room to push any additional snow.
  11. I have seen front end skis on a Horse and, in this forum. Someone with a memory might point us in the right direction.
  12. Tankman

    Happy Birthday Elmer Pond.

    Thanks for the post! Great man, Happy B-Day Elmer!
  13. Tankman

    Leaf Management...WH Style...

    Was given a blade, sold it. Wasn't a Horses. Interesting edge the PO made. Or, instead of the tire tread, a wide rake?
  14. Tankman


    Great Horse! Problems seem minor, have more java!
  15. Tankman

    48" deck redo

    Great work! Regal Red is great! Now head on over to Terry's for a decal set. https://www.redoyourhorse.com/1991-48-inch-side-discharge-deck-decal-set/ And, a pair of bumpers too ! https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/parts/102322/