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  1. Tankman

    Leaf Management...WH Style...

    Was given a blade, sold it. Wasn't a Horses. Interesting edge the PO made. Or, instead of the tire tread, a wide rake?
  2. Tankman


    Great Horse! Problems seem minor, have more java!
  3. Tankman

    48" deck redo

    Great work! Regal Red is great! Now head on over to Terry's for a decal set. https://www.redoyourhorse.com/1991-48-inch-side-discharge-deck-decal-set/ And, a pair of bumpers too ! https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/parts/102322/
  4. Tankman

    60" deck on C-161???

    Often thought ‘bout 60” deck on my ‘90 520-8 but, agree the 48” deck moves fast. The 20 hp Onan moves, mows fast.
  5. Tankman

    Foot rest pads

    Use coarse skateboard grip tape all the time.
  6. Tankman

    What is this

    Excellent! Go for it!
  7. Power washer during the cutting season, grease spindles almost every mowing. An occasional belt dressing spray. After the season, good cleaning and liberal spray with penetrating oil.
  8. Tankman

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Was always Kohler . Now enjoy my Onan too! Sounds like a Harley too! The '90 520-8 works without any groans. Must've went to Paris Island.
  9. Tankman

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    How right you are. Once a Jarhead, always a Jarhead!
  10. Tankman

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    My USN uncles called me a bellhop. If ever again, I would be a squid! The mess hall was better than C-Rations!
  11. Tankman

    Last Nights Grab, the Elusive 418-C

    Very nice Mr. Squid! How did you mount the squirrel cage? Could you Sir post a few pic's? Sir? I need one too! (Take notice of how polite this Jarhead is when he needs wants something. ) At Camp Lejeune we used rakes. Aboard the USS Guam, stood in chow lines. Last for morning chow call, forget it. You would be 1st for lunch. Thinking, "Greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt!"
  12. Tankman

    Show me your tires! I need some.

    Like the ag's but, don't need 'em much nowadays. Turfs and chains work well when pushing wet white cold junque. Do use ag's on my Allis. Always set up with a mid mount grader. http://www.millertire.com/categories/lawn-garden-tires/
  13. Tankman

    What are these holes for?

    Often wondered. Yes, JA is probably correct.
  14. Tankman

    Reo Snowblower

    Haven't studied the Reo ST-276 too much, or, getting old (71+ ). How does the shield get removed to view the carb? Air cleaner? The owners manual doesn't show a whole lot.