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  1. B-100 Dan

    Need Some Help.

    Thanks Garry, it is very helpful. Dan
  2. B-100 Dan

    Need Some Help.

    I have a 1976 B-100 8 speed. I need the lift cable that goes to the rear to hook to the slot hitch. Does anyone know the part number of this cable or the correct length of it? I have located a tiller, but won't be much good without a way to lift it. Thanks. Dan
  3. B-100 Dan

    index lever

    I was missing one also, seems when some remove the blade they don't put the lever back on. Well I found one on e-bay for a fair price. If I were you I'd get it before snow plow season, as I'm sure the price will go up at that time of the year. Good Luck. Dan
  4. Quite a few years back, I had a 654 I used for everything. Mowing the grass, snow removal, garden work, moving fire wood with cart. No complaints, it did it all, and only 6HP.
  5. B-100 Dan

    Coil Swap for an Engine Test

    I really don't know the answer to that question, but I'm sure "Save Old Iron" will. I have seen pictures of coils with the tops blown off because they were the wrong ones for the application they were being used for. I would use caution until I found out for sure. Good Luck.
  6. NICE. What else could you say!!!!
  7. B-100 Dan

    C-101 restoration

    Looking real good, great start. Keep the pic's coming Makes me want to get mine started myself. Nice job.
  8. B-100 Dan

    Happy 4th of july everyone !!!

    Same right back to you sir. Enjoy our freedoms.
  9. B-100 Dan

    My first Horse project

    Hell-o and welcome to Red Square. You will find a lot of priceless information on this site. People are super and plenty willing to share knowledge and experiences. Best of luck with your first "Horse", if you can get the little girl off it......
  10. B-100 Dan

    1968 Commando 8 from Finland

    I would take the carb. off, take it apart and clean it real good. Blow all passages out with compressed air especially where the needle jets go. Put it back on and it should fire up when you get gas to it. Watch your fuel filter to see if it's pumping gas. Good Luck, and let us know when it starts.
  11. B-100 Dan

    Dealer List

    Kemp's Wheel Horse, Shinglehouse, Pa. Now Canfield's Lawn and Garden Center, again Shinglehouse, Pa. Still open.
  12. B-100 Dan

    Snow blade on bluestone driveway

    I have heard of guys putting a length of pipe on the bottom of the blade. If I were to do this, I believe I would make another cutting edge and weld the pipe to that, then attach to the blade. That way you have the original one for grading dirt, gravel and stone and such. Good Luck.
  13. B-100 Dan

    A Couple Hillers

    Those are really looking tractors, I have never seen one, thanks for posting the pictures.
  14. B-100 Dan

    Best Wheel Horse model

    I like the 70's B and C series from 8HP to the big 16 HP single Kohler thumpers. Just my 2 cents.
  15. B-100 Dan

    My Wheel Horse Puller

    Nice job. That is a great paint job, love the color. Makes me want to do mine, if I could go that long without using it...