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  1. james

    First Post - New member - RJ 58?

    really nice! I like it. they may be small but you can tow cars with them little guys! lol They are so simple to work on, fix, restore that you could keep this tractor forever as long as it doesn't rot out. I opened my gear box last winter (i have a 61 401) and the gears in the gearbox didn't even have ANY wear marks on them! I'd like to keep mine for my kids, they're way too small to drive them just yet though. You can modify attachments to fit on them very simple and there are lots of neat attachments. they're great because they're small tractors but you can get so much done with them. keep it, fix it and enjoy it. it looks like it's in great shape! also, welcome!
  2. james

    702 Lift Hitch Assembly

    I have a 401 and the cable goes from the top of the hitch through tool box under seat (there's a hole at the bottom of it) to the left side (under the motor fly wheel cover) and to the bottom of the lever on the left side. This is how it works on my tractor although mine isn't hooked up right now lol...i'm going to be making a new cable shortly to test out a brinly plow i just picked up for 40 bucks. also, that attachment that is on the hitch end has a similar one at the front end. perhaps that's why you don't see where it goes? not sure if it runs the same way on yours as it does mine. if not, someone will tell you how it goes and that i'm wrong. if i am, please correct me!
  3. i looked at toro and it seems that 401 and 551 implements work on both. at least 61/62. I'd imagine other years as well. as long as it has the same frame and mounts, it should work. I'm going to make mounts for implements as i find them or see mounts for cheap off other wh tractors.
  4. interesting...I looked at the frame today and there are holes in the sides of the frame for what looks like mounting something giving me the idea there might be something to mount on this. I can make one easily i'm sure other than the shape of the grader blade. there is also a hole in the front of the lift handle bottom tab...what's that for? snow plow maybe? i do have a snow plow for my tractor, it's a sears blade i picked up for a hundred bucks. I also got a front brush guard from god only knows what (maybe an atv) for 10 bucks and i picked up te brinly plow for 40 bucks the other day. how would you mount a front mounted sickle mower for this tractor then? i'm almost positive i've read you could get them for this tractor? am i wrong? thanks for your response
  5. james

    look what I scored for 40 bucks!

    sorry, here's how i got it http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h472/j.../8710jhn_20.jpg
  6. james

    look what I scored for 40 bucks!

    http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h472/j...nt/IMG_0111.jpg http://i1111.photobucket.com/albums/h472/j...nt/IMG_0110.jpg from this to this....not sure if this is going to work
  7. james

    look what I scored for 40 bucks!

    i don't know how to post pics, the only thing i could figure out was adding pics to photobucket then clicking on direct link then putting them on here. is that what i do? can someone explain, i searched for how to post pics and nothing showed up?
  8. james

    look what I scored for 40 bucks!

    it also came with a cast slot hitch. maybe its not a 401, i dunno. i havent seen a hood like it to be honest. the cast slot hitch attaches to the back of the gearbox and then you slide the other hitch into it. from there, the brinly plow mounts onto it.
  9. james

    look what I scored for 40 bucks!

    i imagine some people (collectors or picky folk) might not like what I did to it today. I repainted it black and red lol it looks not bad, better than ford blue. I'm going to try to use it and it only cost me 40 bucks with the hitch so i'm doing good i think, i'm sure i could resell it for more anyway. I was told my tractor was a 401. did i put 402? i dunno anymore lol, too many numbers, i can't remember anything anymore! this us just what someone from the site told me a long time ago but i haven't been on here in forever. i'll try to do the photobucket deal and see if i can figure it out. it does have the coulter wheel and all parts, all original including the brinly 10" plow sticker with lousville, kentucky on it. i don't care that it no longer is blue or has original paint, i'm going to use it on this tractor or another lol.
  10. this is actually a few questions. First off, what tractors are compatible with the 401? 551, 702? i know engines will be different but attachments i'm talking about. second, I know that some attachments required tach a matic systems or whatever they're called. I'm interested in a grader blade and things to mount to the front. what tach a matic system would work on a 401 and comparable models? thanks guys, I know if you guys read this, someone will be able to answer!
  11. so, I happened to check out kijiji local to me and 15-20 minute drive down the road, a guy was selling a very good condition brinly 10" plow for 40 bucks! he had it listed as a ford hoe. I called and told them i was coming to get it as soon as my wife got back (a few hours later) and prayed they didn't sell it to someone else before i got there. it came with the sleeve to clevis hitch also. the main frame is blue (it came off a ford tractor apparently) I've been looking for one cheap for a few years off and on. I have a few questions though My 1961 402 with a 6.5 hp stuffed into it will pull it i heard (i heard someone had a dad who used a 3.5 or 4hp back in the day) doyou guys think that's enough power (i have ag tires on it) and will i need wheel weights? also, it's quite heavy, i'm guessing my non existant steel cable won't lift it will it? and how do i mount a new cable i'm going to make for it? what is the path of the rear lift cable? thanks so much guys! I don't know how to post pics!
  12. james

    hitch dimensions

    you guys ROCK! I'm in canaduh and we don't have swap meets that i've ever seen or heard of for wheel horses here. i've only ever seen 2 others and they were for sale a while back....but i missed out. other than that, i've never seen an old one like mine or found any parts or anything. i'm not bad wiht a welder though...i can make parts like this no problem. thanks everyone, it's VERY much appreciated!
  13. Hey everyone... I'm looking for dimensions so i can weld up a slot to clevis hitch. they seem to be going for a good buck on ebay and i don't want to put out like 80.00 for one (by the time i pay shipping etc, could be more!) so i'm hoping someone on here can tell me what the dimensions are so i can make one. thickness of metal, where the bolt holes go, the measurements of the t-bar etc. i'd love for someone to help me out! thanks in advance guys!
  14. james

    rear hitches interchange?

    for sure it'll need some weight....but we don't have gators here guys....i could use a polar bear?
  15. james

    Battery size

    I checked out tractor batteries at Wal Mart and the 2 battery they had for tractors (not including motor cycle batteries) were a battery had 300 cca and the other had 200 cca. there was about a 10 dollar price difference canadian. the 200 cca battery was 35 bucks canadian leaving the other 45 bucks canadian....so, they'll be cheaper for you guys i'm sure. they also had motorcycle batteries but i think the cheapest one was like 60 bucks or so.