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  1. kudzu3

    raider switch

  2. kudzu3

    Ignition switch

    Need switch for '70 raider 10 Tecumseh.
  3. kudzu3

    Place for "stuff" (?)

    I've been considering the ammo can thing. Trying to figure out a way to install it without putting any holes in the tractor.
  4. kudzu3

    Place for "stuff" (?)

    Yea Eric, trailer works, "almost". A little inconvenient and makes too much sense . My little dog won't ride in the trailer, he likes sitting beside me, or in my lap. I'm making an attempt to be creative, we'll see where it goes.
  5. I don't use my '69 charger for anything but transportation, I have removed everything that is in my way. I ride it around my place, visit neighbors and cruise around the local vineyard. Sometime it is a little awkward trying to carry necessary "stuff" in my hands while riding, so I have some ideas to install a container or two for "stuff". Before I do, I just wanted to see if anybody else has done something like this. I like to get other folks' ideas before I start a project like this. I have said too many times, "I wish I'd thought of that". Also, I'd like to install a little platform for my little dog jack to ride beside me. Any ideas? Pictures would be good.
  6. kudzu3

    Brake adjustment

    OK, thanks.
  7. kudzu3

    Brake adjustment

    No, I did not. Didn't know that. I will change fluid again, and raise the front as you said.. Can the trans be flushed with something after draining? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to do it right. Thanks.
  8. kudzu3

    Brake adjustment

    I changed the fluid and filter a couple of weeks ago, draining it through a kitchen strainer. There was no sign of anything in the fluid, it was very clean. Am I correct in assuming that the metal particles remain inside the trans? Is there an internal filter? Is there instructions or video instructing how to do the cleaning out and pawl replacement? Your good info is very appreciated.
  9. kudzu3

    Brake adjustment

    Yes, it will roll, with clicking sound.
  10. kudzu3

    Brake adjustment

    Not sure, I'll check tomorrow. THANKS!
  11. kudzu3

    Brake adjustment

    It does creep some, can that be adjusted?
  12. kudzu3

    Brake adjustment

    Thanks all. Good info! I thought the foot brake should hold it. The parking brake doesn't hold well either, but looks like I just may have to live with that. Maybe I will move from the hills of North GA to some place flat, and then won't need a parking brake.
  13. Small problem with '69 charger. It is hydro and as far as I can tell, all original, with engine upgrade to kohler 12 HP. The problem is when the foot brake is applied, it brings the trans to neutral and stops the tractor as it should, but the foot brake will not keep the tractor from rolling on a grade. Is it possible to adjust the brake? Thanks.
  14. kudzu3

    Ignition switch

    You fine folks gave me the part # in the electrical section, but I can't find one anywhere. Part #8362. I was hoping someone would have a good used one that I could buy. Thanks
  15. kudzu3

    Ignition switch

    Need ignition switch for 1970 raider 10, Tecumseh. 5 prong switch. Thanks