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  1. mid60's

    Pulley woes

    After two days of soaking and a little heat, a tap with the hammer and pipe it came right off with no damage. I am happy, happy, happy. Thank you oldredrider, Terry M,, Wallfish and Mal Mac. It did not have stacked set screws but I did I go back and check. Never thought of that. Good point though. Thanks again guys. Larry I
  2. mid60's

    Pulley woes

    Thanks guy's I'll give the Kroil a try for a few days. The seal is what I'm after anyway so may give the thing a shot of heat as well. I'm thinking a little heat does not mean red hot. Right?
  3. mid60's

    Pulley woes

    OK guys, I know that this should be a no brainer BUT I cannot seem to get the inside pulley (drive pulley) off the Magnum engine on a 308-8. Any ideas? Two set screws out puller on. It will not budge. Beating head on the wall here.
  4. mid60's


    That'll be a hit. Looking good.
  5. mid60's

    Raider 10 axle and hub problem

    Had that happen to my Commando 8. Probably decades of use and being loose. Tightening only put off the inevitable. Took the complete trans. to the machine shop where they cut a new keyway on the opposite side of the axle and a replacement hub and I was good to go. That was 10 years ago. Still going strong.
  6. mid60's


    BTW.......Larry........where DID you find that tank?....what horse model? If I remember right, it was on a 753. Been a while. I almost threw it away at the time, thinking someone had stuck it in the tank and cut up the tank in the process. So never toss anything. Makes a good display though.
  7. mid60's

    rear axle problem?

    Don't forget to back off the lock nut before tightening. I also use a drop of threadlocker on the setscrew.
  8. mid60's

    Will these work on my 552

    Looks like that is for only one wheel.
  9. mid60's

    Lane Ranger

    Happy B Day Lane. Friend of everyone. Always a smile and a willing hand. Larry
  10. Nice Fleet Cleat. Larry
  11. mid60's

    All Missouri Members

    I'm still at home in Warsaw, MO. Larry
  12. mid60's

    Using the two piece cultivator this year on 1961 -701 !

    I like the cup holder. Thanks for the pictures Lane. Good looking stuff. Is that grader blade new?
  13. Had that same problem with that same engine. New carb. points and anything else I could bolt on. It was the timing.
  14. mid60's

    Wheel Leveler Rod Length

    It looks like one off of one of the old 60's gear drive decks might work. There should be a ton of them out there.
  15. I've never owned a 520 but was wondering. Assuming it is mounted correctly, is it possible to drill another hole and move the deck wheels forward? Just wondering.