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  1. Fordiesel69

    42" Rear Discharge Pulley nightmare.......

    Still no dice. Nothing is doing it. Are we for sure it does not unscrew?
  2. Fordiesel69

    42" Rear Discharge Pulley nightmare.......

    I will try a mix of ATF and acetone. I have used so far a big hammer, an air chisel, and an oxy acetl torch to turn pulley red hot. No dice. Pulley is 100% destroyed now so I doesn't matter. Im almost ready to switch tips and burn it off the shaft.
  3. Fordiesel69

    42" Rear Discharge Pulley nightmare.......

    anyone.......need to get fixed by tomorrow.
  4. Got a 42" rear discharge deck from about 1997. I do not have the model number but it would be a standard deck that comes with the 1997 314-8 toro / wheel horse. We cannot get the center pulley off so I can rebuild the spindle bearings and repar a stress crack. Does this pulley unscrew off the shaft or somthing? We heated it orange and cannot get it off the shaft. If it unscrews, how do you grip it.?
  5. Fordiesel69

    16 hp engine oil

    1.) If unsure of its past oil type, don;t guess, remove the pan and wash out the pan until it is spotless. If you want do the same with the crankcase. Kerosene and a parts wash brush. New oil will pick up and hold in suspension the metal particles left over from the non-detergent oils. 2.) Non detergent oils are not advancing. Its not an option anymore as the additives in it are near zero. Unless you can find some old stash from the 1990;s when Kendall made the heavy duty SAE30 non detergent. 3.) Shell Rotella or other heavy duty diesel oil that is 5w-40, 15w-40, or SAE 30 is preferred as the diesels have very steep cam lobes, and very heavy valve trains, when they started removing the zinc, they are booting other synthetic antiwear additives to replace it. I personally use 15w-40 as it is a nice middle road oil, and helps for cold starts and holds up well under hard loads.
  6. Fordiesel69

    2005 315-8 Electric Clutch Trouble

    I will further investigate and do some more testing. It has been rock solid now for some time. Always the case with electrical.......
  7. Fordiesel69

    Kohler Command Pro 15 Clutch Retrofit

    I will check the spec # on the engine.
  8. Fordiesel69

    A salute to the good old twin Kohlers

    Greyghost, The 417-As to the best of my knowledge all had the series II. The C-175 for example would have had the bad series one. Others will confirm for sure.
  9. Fordiesel69

    416-8 Skeeter Fogger

    If the 416-8 in question is has the very rare M16 single cylinder engine, I would ****** it up and get it rebuilt. If it has the Onan, I personally would not buy it. Onans are great when maintained, but terrible to own if not. They can be VERY VERY expensive to repair. I would almost say they are the single most expensive mainstream small engine to repair.
  10. Fordiesel69

    Kohler Command Pro 15 Clutch Retrofit

    I have a thread going for clutch diagnosis. If the clutch itself is found to be bad, can a kohler magnum style manual lever clutch be installed? Reason I ask is the command pro engine looks to not have verticle load bearings just from observation. I know a harbor freight engine will fail very fast if this style of clutch is used as the crank just has plain bearings.
  11. Got a 2005 model year 209 hour 315-8 and there seems to be some wierdness with the electrctic PTO clutch. In light grass the clutch seems to be ok, if you mow in heavier grass the clutch does not slip, rather it simply disenguages completely. It will take about 1-2 minutes before it will work again. I probed the wires going to the clutch and they are not loosing the 12v. I have a good battery too. Any further testing I can do to find the issue?
  12. Fordiesel69

    K301 piston clearance

    Do not use the book to bore, the pistons today are NOT in spec at all. Bore with about 0.0045 for the style D Mahle and about 5ish on the heavy side for the regular style A.
  13. Fordiesel69

    GT 1600 Engine

    show us a pic and we can tell you. how does it run?
  14. Fordiesel69

    314-H snapping drive belts

    I am gunna take off the two L backets like on the twins and see what happens. There is shiney metal on them so the belt must be hitting it at times,
  15. Fordiesel69

    314-H snapping drive belts

    Guides on engine are far far away from belt. And frame is good with no cracks. When I bought it there were bolts missing. I fixed that with new bolts.