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  1. Horse Play

    Plow On

    2014 GT with the 5.0 and six speed manual. Track Pack and Recaro seats are the only options. 3,200 miles and never in the rain.
  2. Horse Play

    Plow On

    Must be the Grabber Blue; it was my wife's only input when I ordered the car.
  3. Horse Play

    Plow On

    I'm ready!
  4. Horse Play

    RJ58 Rattle Can Special

    Here's some pics of the mower deck that came with the tractor. Ever see a deck shell like this?
  5. Here is the deck that came with my RJ58. Has anyone seen a deck shell shaped and enclosed like this before?
  6. Horse Play

    RJ Lift Arm Torsion Spring

    Yes! Looks correct to me; do you have one for sale by chance?
  7. Horse Play

    RJ Lift Arm Torsion Spring

    I had the original spring at first, but I put it in some vinegar with a few other parts... a few days later there were only two small pieces left.
  8. Horse Play

    RJ Lift Arm Torsion Spring

    I am in need of the torsion spring for the lift arm. I have searched hardware stores and tried some through McMaster-Carr with no luck. If anyone can help me out, please let me know. Thanks!
  9. Horse Play

    Front blade mounting on Commando 8

    On my 1967 blade, I cannot use bolts on the center lift arm. Mine has round stock welded on to use hairpins, just like what is shown in the manual above.
  10. Horse Play

    RJ58 Rattle Can Special

    Here is where I currently am with the project. We had our first child three months ago, so the project has really slowed down. So over the summer I did a lot of painting so the paint could harden really well before assembly. - Parts sandblasted - Quick run over everything with a DA with 80 grit. - Cleaned and degreased - Sprayed with etching primer. - Scuffed with a grey 3M scuff pad - Cleaned and degreased - Two light coats of red followed by a third, heavier coat
  11. Horse Play

    RJ58 Rattle Can Special

    A sorta local forum member helped me out with this K91. I bought it without knowing if it ran or not. I dumped in fresh oil and gas - she fired up on five pulls and runs great. Transmission reassembled with new bearing and seals.
  12. Horse Play

    RJ58 Rattle Can Special

    I possibly could sell it, but it is in rough shape.
  13. Nice job on your restoration. I just picked up a old Work Horse 700 and have stripped the tractor completely. Last week I located a 7hp Tecumseh engine that will work with this Tractor. What I need though is the original Wheel Horse motor mount for the HH70 engine. I see your engine is set up with that mount. Where did you find yours or did it come with engine already. Thnaks

    1. Horse Play

      Horse Play

      My original motor and mount were gone when I bought the tractor.  My friend, who was the previous owner, installed a newer Tecumseh HM80 in the 1990's.  He made two stacked aluminum plates for the new motor.  It actually looked decent, so I painted the plates red to match the frame.   I restored the tractor and then sold it back to my friend two years ago.  

    2. Dennis C.

      Dennis C.

      Thanks for the reply.

  14. Horse Play

    RJ58 Rattle Can Special

    First batch of red paint. I scuff the etching primer with a grey scuff pad, degrease, and spray paint out in the driveway. Two light coats then a third, heavier coat of red.
  15. Horse Play

    RJ58 Rattle Can Special

    Rustoleum IH red.