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  1. DKR977

    367 mower deck wanted

    Sent you an email about the deck, it looks good, let's see if we can work it out.
  2. DKR977

    367 mower deck wanted

    I'm looking for a rust free mower deck, I only need the shell but will consider a whole deck if someone has a rust free one. Thank you!
  3. I'm looking to obtain either clean almost new parts or buy from someone who has a stash of NOS and no longer needs the following # 3130 (7898) Gear and 3724 Spindle shaft for a 1967 RM 367 mower deck. Thanks
  4. DKR977

    RM367 Mower Deck Grease type?

    Thanks again for the sage advice RedRanger. I was hoping to put this deck to immediate use rather than a tear down (I wanted to restore it this winter after the season was done) but in shipping the deck to me I guess the deck got tweaked on one side and the blade hits the side of left side of the deck, so in order to straighten that I guess a complete tear down will be needed. I was hopping to pound out the metal a bit to get the blade to clear so I could use it now and worry about the restoration this winter. I would have of course checked the gears, spindles and repacked with grease anyway but if I can not get the side pushed out so there is clearance then it looks like the teardown will have to be this summer and not this winter. Any tricks on metal work on the deck it's self?
  5. DKR977

    RM367 Mower Deck Grease type?

    Thank you, RedRanger!
  6. I've just bought a RM 367 mower deck and wanted to know what is the proper grease to use? I have chassis grease but I'm unsure if its the proper type for the gears. Thanks
  7. DKR977

    Went to a auction today

    I went to this shop a few years ago when I was working for FEMA and was delivering supplies to the field office in Sayre, PA near the NY state line. I was able to buy some NOS parts for my RM-425 mower deck. It was a neat old shop. Glad you had a good day at the auction. The signs are a great buy, I bet they look good in your shop.
  8. DKR977

    867 WH Tractor with attachments

    Can you post a photo or two or PM me the photos?
  9. DKR977

    867 WH Tractor with attachments

    I'm interested and I think I messaged you from eBay about the deck as well. Would you consider shipping the deck? I'd be a buyer for the deck at $300.
  10. DKR977

    RM-324 mower deck

    I'm interested in the mower deck, do you still have it?
  11. DKR977

    855 WH Ignition Switch pn# 4988

    Yeah, I did. It looks to be a nice one and I hope it will last too. Let me know how yours works out.
  12. DKR977

    855 WH Ignition Switch pn# 4988

    I've got a 1965 855 WH and I need to replace my ignition switch, pn# 4988. I'm looking for a NOS or good working original or the correct Toro/WH replacement part. PM me if you have something via the forum. Thanks Damon OOPS...never mind I should have searched the forum first, found my alternate part # and found the Cole Hersee replacement, part number 95521-B, on eBay and bought one.
  13. DKR977

    K181 S will fire up with starting fluid then dies

    okay, will do. I hope to get her running properly this Labor Day weekend.
  14. DKR977

    K181 S will fire up with starting fluid then dies

    Okay great to know. I've seen those before on Youtube. I think it's time to buy one it will come in handy for the WH. Great tip.
  15. DKR977

    K181 S will fire up with starting fluid then dies

    It's an Autolite 458. And yes, it's wet. Thanks, I'll tackle the carb rebuild soon, I just got a rebuild kit off ebay thinking this could be part of my problem. I always use Seafoam as a preservative in my fuel so that should rule out issues related to gas and the fuel line is new as well. Sounds like a problem with the ignition switch, If it stops firing when you stop cranking, the switch may be wired wrong, or the ignition contacts bad. I thought of that as well but it was running fine before I sort of tinkered with the governor. The switch is a new one but unless the stuff of ebay is pure crap, and this one looks good to me and did work just fine I'm leaning to carb issues from sitting. I'll put a volt tester on the switch to see what it shows. It's wired just like it was prior to restoration, I took a lot of photos and have the WH manual with the wiring diagram.