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  1. My thoughts were that anyone who enjoys WH must also like heavy equipment. Unfortunatley my father passed in 1983 when I was 25 and many questions I have about these machines has gone unanswered.He would have been 100 this november. Dad was a member of local 4 in boston.In his early days he started with bulldozers,cranes,front end loaders and then to his favorite the Bucyrus Erie 61-B shovel. He mainly worked in quarries and not out on the road, he did work with the bulldozer in the construction of the runways at Logan airport in Boston. Dad became ill at 53 and worked to the best of his ability, treatments and all and had to retire at 62, spent 1 year in the hospital and passed at 63. Not much of a retirement. I would like to know what engines would have been in these machines as well as the designations of 61-b& 475 A, also roughly the model years.By the looks of the Bay City shovel it appears to be new ? Thank You guy ' s in advance for any info you have, it is much appreciated and enjoy these old pictures. P.S. Enjoy life while your healthy.
  2. JCM

    310-8 and 312-8

    Welcome to red square and congrats on one of the most dependable tractors made.If you go to the picture gallery and click on Wheel horse of the month Feb 2013 you will see my 312-8 that I purchased new in 1989.It has been a great tractor other than gas ,oil,grease 1 clutch interlock switch plenty of soap & water&wax jobs you should not need to do much if it has been maintained.Keep it under cover,use and admire it, you have made a great investment.[according to jackie stewart] My dealer told me that if I took good care of it that it was a forever tractor,and after 30 years I think he was right.
  3. Back on Oct 1 2007 there was a post from thirdroc17 about a hub puller for WH rear hubs, it appeared to be a very nice and simple design.Does anyone know if this member is still with us and or have used this puller. Also any info or comments would be appreciated Thanks.
  4. I bought that subframe with an original cab and weight box in july of 2000 so its not going anywhere,it has your name on it,and if does not happen do not worry about it .Also it has been stored inside all this time. Take care.
  5. Eric, I have a real nice Kwik-way subframe complete with axle brackets that would fit right on your C-160 if you need one someday to build your loader,give you a great deal on it and may even deliver it to Hiram.
  6. Steve, you and I have never met before but always enjoy your posts.You do seem like an Interesting character and it may be worth the 1000 mile round I trip to the BS just to meet you in person. Have two questions,now that you are a moderator will the pictures of you on a stick be avaiable on the RS store and is that really just spring water in that nice stainless steel mug with the WH logo on it ? Congrats and good luck in your new capacity. Jim.
  7. Do any of you RS members have any experience with cover-it/shelter logic type portable garages for storing WH products,and what are the pros/cons on these types of stuctures. My yard has a lot of clay [poor drainage], what type of base would you recommend. Thank you for your input. Also would a quonset style be better than a garage style to shed snow
  8. After coming across a post on page 118 titled My daughters first tractor it gave me an idea to post My daughters first WH ride in the summer of 1990 at 4 months old on my new 1989 312-8. She seemed to enjoy that very much that I thought I would try to find her a tractor of her own.In 2001 at 11 years old she was able to drive the 1993 520-H alone and had a lot of fun doing it .Enjoy the pics.
  9. JCM

    New to wheel horsies

    Welcome to RS you will really enjoy it here. HappyNew Year.
  10. Nice post Ohio farmer, my first honda was a used 1971 SL -70, second was a new 1975 CR-125 M and third was a new 1988 XR-250 R with Suzuki dirt bikes in between. currently riding a Suzuki DR-Z400 S with 8700 miles. nothing like riding back country roads and dirt roads in the state of maine after my Wheelhorse duties are completed.Anyone interested in a nice ride when the weather gets better let me know. Thanks Jim.
  11. I would like to thank RS for the positive experience in selling my kw loader that I posted for sale on October 11 and sold within 1 week.Was nice not to have to post an add on CL and to have met another member who was knowledgeable on WH tractors.I have also mentioned to my significant other (Patti} that if anything should happen to me that all my tractors , parts and accessories is to be first offered to RS members.Happy new year to all and be safe Thank You.
  12. JCM

    2 stage spring

    I used the assist spring part # 4629 on my 79361 blower for 10 years until I asked a set-up mechanic where I buy from and was told I did not need to use it on the hydro models with hydraulic lift, so for the last 10 years I have not with no issues.
  13. JCM

    Mounting thrower on 417

    I also have a 417 but do not use the blower with it. I use the 520-H with a 79361 2 stage. I believe the Toro part # is 9750 for the 79360. I hope this helps you. Jim
  14. JCM

    Wheelhorse C195 restored

    I remember new blackhoods at a local dealership when I was younger,but I have never seen a C-195 until I was on Redsquare lurking before I was a member. This is one beautiful Wheelhorse and I can appreciate all your hard work and determination. GREAT JOB!
  15. JCM

    Vintage Trucks

    This is a 1986 K-20, 8600 GVW, 4 Wheel Drive 4 Speed, LT9 350, 4 Barrel with YE9 Silverado Trim Package that I Factory Ordered in March of 86 and took delivery in June 86. This Truck was only used in 3 New England winters since i purchased it new. The original paint had some issues and I had it redone in 2016. The Interior is original other than the installation of a GM Headliner which was replaced due to separation from the foam in 2000. It now has 104,000 miles on the original drive train, clutch included. This Pickup has been an unbelievable, reliable & fun truck, All this for $14,850.00. They sure knew how to build a truck at the Janesville, Wisconsin plant. Thank You for taking time to check this truck out. Jim