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  1. I have a c160 with a hand crank petters diesel in it unfortunately it is taken apart right now so I can't get pics. What I can say is it ran great and was a blast to drive. The downsides are that mine is a hand crank which can bust your knuckles. Also the compression release and air cleaner are on top of the engine. I drilled a whole in the hood for the air cleaner which looks good when closed however I now have to lift the hood off to start the tractor in order to engage the compression release. Big pain. Runs great just don't turn it off until your down for the day or else you have to repeat the process to restart which takes a few minutes
  2. Agage1

    953 vs C-120 8 spd gearing ratio's

    No the grill shell if the 953 is pretty heavy it's cast. But I did fill the rear tires.
  3. Agage1

    953 vs C-120 8 spd gearing ratio's

    I have one of each. My 953 out pulls both.
  4. Agage1

    953 vs C-120 8 spd gearing ratio's

    My 953 and 1054 out pull my c160 with ease. They weigh more. My 1054 has filled again tires and it will pull a single bottom plow through anything. For pulling I'd take the 953 overthe c120
  5. Agage1

    My daughter's first tractor

    Heres one of her older brothers. He's probably put more hours on his horse than most of us. He's truly got an addiction. I guess I'm lucky that he's addicted to tractors and not video games!
  6. Was at my desk working on some work stuff when my youngest wandered in. Snapped some cool photos. Apparently she loves red. She's a real garage rat. She loves to hang out in my carpentry shop. Thia is the first time she was in my " hobby" shop, she was into everything. Needless to say I got a lot of cleaning to do putting everything back in order
  7. Here's a few more pics, been busy with work but I got the engine internals put together and painted and dry fitted the tins. We are expected to get some snow tomorrow so if we do I'm gonna test fire it then on to prepping and painting the frame!
  8. The alternator on my k241 I'm working o. Has some broken windings and most of the coating on the wires is worn off. My question is this. I have several alternators off k 341 that are in good shape. Could I swap the old k241 alternator with a k341 one and just swap the regulator/rectifier or do I have to change flywheels as well?
  9. Stripped, polished, and cleared a few more parts. Kinds liking the cleared bare metal look
  10. Never started a restoration thread after joining some years back so decided it to try it out. It's gonna be slow going cause I'm pretty busy at work but hopefully everyone will be patient with me and I'll try to post a lot of pics. This is the motor from my 310-8 we got in the 80's when I was growing up. It's been down for over ten years but it is still in good shape. I pulled the motor several years ago and sent it to the machine shop. It's been bored.010 over and has had some mild valve porting. I pulled the motor out of storage this weekend and did a through cleaning followed with paint. My plan is to clean and polish all the accessories for the motor then spray with clear to dress it up. These are some pics of the block with the breather cover polished and sprayed with clear.
  11. Agage1


    What are y'all s thoughts on the Kubota b5200. I just got a great deal on one. 4wd, loader, bush hog, and only 600 hrs! Never had a Kubota, anything I should look out for? So far I've heard all good things
  12. Agage1

    Predator engines

    The problem is these days that I think a lot of the name brand stuff is now made in China but still carries the same price tag. So why not buy from someone like harbor freight? I just bought a brand new rolair compressor with a honda on it and the motor is identical to a harbor freight 301cc that goes for under $150. I've looked inside both and they are pretty much carbon copies of each other. Don't know if it's true or not but a friend told me Honda is subbing a lot of stuff out to China now. Maybe I got a lemon but as of right now I'd take my predator over my new Honda. My old Hondas are a different story, clearly better machines hands down. I still run a hand me down honda generator from the late 70's
  13. Agage1

    Predator engines

    I'm pretty much unoffendable. I am just passing on my personal experience with the predators. I thought I'd be the last one to jump on the predator bandwagon. I have 3 pieces of equipment I've put these things on and they've really performed well. Not that much time has passed so hopefully not putting my foot in my mouth by defending the predators.
  14. Agage1

    Predator engines

    I originally bought the predator as disposable too. Just saying I was pleasantly surprised at how good of an investment it was considering the abuse we have put it through. I buy parts from the gokart catalogs too. I bought a washable filter for like $15.
  15. Agage1

    Predator engines

    I don't think the predators are disposable anymore. I run only Hondas on my compressor s at work(5 guns) and we work em hard. Last year I replaced a worn out honda on one of my compressors with a hf predator 212. All I can say is that thing always starts first pull and has given me no problems. Rain, shine, whatever. I just did the swap cause I had a hf coupon for the motor and I was bored. It's nowbecome our workhorse.