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  1. Looking at a 7-1241 tiller with a 3-point hookup, drive shaft, spline, u-joint, all in great shape... will this fit on a D-250? It looks like it won't and is meant for the D-200 / D-180...? Am I right? Thanks! Alan
  2. alan8three73

    How to free a stuck D250 clutch

    I have (2) D-250's. Two weeks ago i found *both* of them had their clutches sticking. They were both working fine the week prior. I figure the humidity must've done something. So I tried every trick in the book to get them free - jamming against a tree, pressing/depressing the clutch pedal, quickly accelerating, braking and gunning the throttle - nothing worked. Then I found a trick that frees the clutch in 10 minutes - with a paint scraper! Underneath the tractor, the oil pan has an inspection window. If i hold the clutch pedal down with my hand (while underneath), I can stick the paint scraper in between the flywheel and clutch plate and free it up. Rotate the motor and repeat in the 3 sections of the clutch that are accessible through the window, and voila! After about 10 minutes I can get it free! It worked like a charm on the one, so I did the same on the 2nd, and now they're both free! Hope this helps folks out in the future who get their clutches stuck!
  3. alan8three73

    D250 or D200

    @weien's wheel horses -- what help do you need with your D250's clutch? I might be able to help.
  4. alan8three73

    520-H Onan PTO Whining/Whistling Noise

    So i replaced the ball bearing, and i still have some whining coming out of the pto. I'm wondering if now its the clutch plate behind the bell housing? Also, i picked up a 2nd 520-H and it's got the same issue, so i can't swap parts... Should i look at the clutch plate next? Maybe replace it? The needle bearings look / feel fine to me. Should i also just replace that to do it? Thanks
  5. Does anyone have the model/part number off of the original hydraulic pump wheel horse used for the 72FL01 front loader to mount to a D250? The one I have is mounted along side the engine (with a hacked up bracket) and doesn't work when I mount it in the front facing the pto like it's supposed to be. It looks like this pump is not original, and the problem is that it's spinning in the wrong direction when it's mounted in the front. The number off of it is.. Cessna 20200-19C 24206 RA0. The"R" indicates it spins to the right. I need an "L" pump... Suspecting the original pump was left rotation. Anyone have the number off the original pump? Or off of one mounted in the front pto? Thanks!
  6. So this means also that this is not the original pump that came with the FEL (07-72FL01) since it's mounted 'backwards' but properly working. Does anyone know what the original pump was that worked with the D-250's? Thanks!
  7. So this is a gear pump? What link did you find this information on? Thanks!
  8. Hi - i have an odd situation. My D250 has a front loader and the cessna pump mounted where the bosch pump for the front hydraulics would have sat. The bosch is removed and replaced with the cessna to drive the FEL only - no other hydraulics. I want to mount this on the front PTO as was originally designed, but if i do that the pump will spin in reverse direction because it will now be facing the opposite direction. So my question is... can i just swap the in/out lines and this should work once its mounted in the front? Or is this not the original pump that wheel horse shipped with the FEL package? Generally, can you swap the in/out lines on these pumps? Thanks!
  9. alan8three73

    520h mule drive

    There's a special mule drive for the 60" deck? I'm using the mule drive that worked with my 48" and it works fine with the 60" :)
  10. alan8three73

    D250 Front End Loader Pump Mounting Coupling

    I think i need a slip clutch for the D-250 front pto to make this work - i see the snowblower comes with one of these but the other end goes to the snow blower and not the pulley for a hydraulic pump. Does anyone know where i can find a spare slip clutch? More importantly, what is the size of the front PTO shaft diameter? It looks like it might be metric? I have a 1 1/8" adapter that fits onto the pto shaft but is very loose - could the shaft be only 1", or 1 1/16", or more likely metric, given that Gutbrod built it in germany? Thanks
  11. alan8three73

    D250 Front End Loader Pump Mounting Coupling

    I went all over today looking for a coupline to make this work. None of the ones i found will fit....they're too big. i think they're 1 3/8" .... anyone know the size of the d250's spline? i want to try to special order something to make this work. Also the cessna pump shaft measures just a bit more than 1/2" in diameter - is it possible this is metric? Complicating this coupling thing that much more!? I want to get this connected with one piece from the pto shaft to the pump if possible. Thanks
  12. I'm looking to build my own front mounting bracket for the hydraulic pump to run my 07-72FL01 front end loader for a D-250. I can probably get that built tomorrow fairly easily but i'm having trouble figuring out how to couple the front PTO to the cessna pump. The manual calls for these two parts... Toro Consumer 230943 Pump Mounting Bracket Toro Consumer 230944 Pump Coupling I can't seem to find the coupling anywhere online and Toro doesn't even sell it. Anyone know where i can find one or how to make one? I have the snowblower coupling and universal joint but i dont want to remove the coupling for the pto and cut it to attach to the pump pulley (it's too long). I'd buy on oneline if its reasonable and it actually exists!? This is a link to a pic of what I need... http://s285.photobucket.com/albums/ll56/arndts/d%20wheelhorse%20loaders/?action=view&current=2b87_3.jpg Thanks in advance!
  13. alan8three73

    250 front loader hydraulic pump

    Hehe @baerpath! I'm actually getting rid of one of the D-250's the front loader came off of! I have 3 of these, and the last one has 4th and 2nd gears missing. My other 2 are in much better shape so i want to see what needs to be done to mount and unmount the loader only when i need it. Aside from being heavy as heck it's not terribly bad of an install. I'm probably gonna keep the frame mount on the quick attach on since i wouldn't use this for mowing ... just either plowing or FEL. That's a great point about the pressure out of the cessna vs. the bosch. I'll do more research and find out. I also think the cessna is meant to mount onto the front PTO as the hydraulic lines are way too long to be mounted next to the motor as it was previously. I see the mounting cracked is all chopped up too - like it was meant to go on the front pto but modified to work next to the motor. I'll look into making it fit against the front pto so it could truly be a quick mount and i wouldn't have to touch the bosch pump at all. thanks!
  14. Hi folks... I have a D-250 with a hydraulic pump and 4-way hookups in the front for a plow. The hydraulics work great for the plow. I also have the Front loader which has it's own hydraulic pump... just with 2 hoses.. hi And low pressure im assuming. My question is can I connect the Front loaders hoses to the pump that's already installed for the plow? I see the top of the plow pump has two plugged outlets... does anyone know If I can use those for hi/lo pressure lines of the loader? Id like to Have the lines installed there to make it easier to use the loader when I need to and not have to swap pumps. Pics attached... installed pump (black one) has 4 way lines for plow hookup .. plow has up/down pressure and left/right. Red pump is the one hooked to the loader. Can I move the loader lines onto the plow pump? Thanks
  15. alan8three73

    520-H Onan PTO Whining/Whistling Noise

    Can i get the bearing out by myself without a press? I have a bottle jack and could probably rig something up to make a press. Would the bearing come out just by hitting it enough times strategically with a hammer?