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  1. Interesting project. You sure did a number on messing up that snow.
  2. Cvans

    Hit and Miss garden tractor Build

    Nice to see the engine facing forward. Love the sound of the old engines.
  3. Cvans

    Hit and Miss garden tractor Build

    Nice to see the engine facing forward. Love the sound of the old engines.
  4. Cvans

    Quality electric motor brands?

    Copper is soft and it is good to check all connections before applying power to the circuit. As soon as you get that motor on line do a voltage and amperage check and make sure the motor is running in specs. A lot of motors have been lost to bad contacts in a contactor and loose lugs. Our standard procedure was to tighten the terminal and then back it off a 1/4 turn and tighten it again.
  5. Cvans

    Quality electric motor brands?

    We ran a lot of open drip proof Lincoln Electric motors in our plant with good results. Quality of bearings and build seemed very good. Ran everything from 5 to 150 HP. with excellent results. Hopefully things haven't changed. Baldor then Dayton would be next. As Squonk stated many motor manufacturers are putting lower quality bearings in their motors to save on cost. After replacing the original bearings these motors would run for years.
  6. Cvans

    D-series Oliver style

    This will probably get me in trouble but I have to agree with Randy.
  7. Cvans

    I'm finally a "Wheelman"

    Nice find and it looks to be in nice shape.
  8. First as someone stated above, pay off the highest interest first. This is the option we have been using for a number of years and it works out well. Buy a program car through a dealer. Someone else pays the first years depreciation and you end up with a nearly new vehicle and a full warranty. If you have money earning 4% and can get a loan at 2.5% take the loan and leave your investment were it is. You will be saving 1.5%. Pay it off in a year if possible. Sometimes they will penalize you for paying it off sooner. If your credit is excellent you can be offered very low interest on a loan. Buy the vehicle when new car sales are slow. Not all dealers will make the effort to find the vehicle you want so find one that will and stick with them if they treat you right. By going with a program car you can end up with a lot more vehicle than you were willing to spend on a lesser vehicle. It has worked this way every time for us. We now call the dealer and let them know what we are looking for and about how many miles we would like on it. May take a month or two to find. He sends us photos and if we say it's a go he purchases the vehicle. We have had 5 of these now and it has worked great. The last one had 8,000 miles on it and belonged to a factory rep. Good luck with your purchase.
  9. Cvans

    How old do you feel ?

    Unfortunately my age is catching up with me and I don't like it at all. I'm starting to feel older more often and haven't finished nearly as many projects this summer as I'd hoped to. I guess that's the way it is when your 68 going on 90.
  10. Cvans

    2018 Le Sueur Pioneer Power

    Wonderful set of photos. Thanks for posting them.
  11. Been burning waste oil in a stove I built. Basically free heat but there is weekly cleaning of the burner involved.
  12. Cvans


    Best of luck to you in your new endeavor. I LOVE RETIREMENT! Staying busy makes retirement just that much more fun.
  13. Cvans

    Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair.

    I take it the little Wheel Horse is yours? Sure looks good!
  14. Cvans

    You want a Hight Quality Zero Turn??

    That's just about the right amount of time to spend mowing. I enjoy being out and mowing.