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  1. GreenMntRanger

    Solenoid questions

    Have a 418C that needs a new solenoid. Can't find a part number on the old one and can't seem to find anything online. Any help tracing one down would be greatly appreciated
  2. GreenMntRanger

    Starter replacement

    Have a 414-8 needing either a new starter or starter solenoid. Since the dont seem to make the KH10187 (OEM Starter part #) who can point me in the direction of a quality replacement?
  3. GreenMntRanger

    2 stage snowblower question

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Up here in northern VT, we get more dry than heavy wet snow. And I have an incomplete blade set up I'm trying to piece together for my 414 as a fall back.
  4. Should a 418C have enough power to run a 2 stage snowblower?
  5. GreenMntRanger

    Wanted: Complete Dozer blade for a 414-8

    Looking for a complete Dozer blade for a 414-8 can pick up within reasonable distance to Milton VT
  6. GreenMntRanger

    dozer blade compatability question

    So these, correct?
  7. Will a 48" dozer blade (Model #: 79252) hook right up to my 414-8?
  8. GreenMntRanger

    Vertical shaft tiller and plow blade

    sorry my friend, just sold them both locally last night. just got a chance to get on line and edit this listing
  9. GreenMntRanger

    Vertical shaft tiller and plow blade

    Lower Price: $100.00 each or trade
  10. Picked these up a year agobut they are. of no use to me, I have a 414-8. Would trade for a mid point grader complete push blade, can deliver to VT, parts of MA, NH, CT, and parts of NY as a function of my job Yes, I do have the lift lever for the push blade
  11. GreenMntRanger

    Vertical shaft tiller and plow blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. GreenMntRanger

    Wanted :Toro 6739 TRUNNION-LIFT

    Lost it in the yard....Anyone have an extra ?
  13. GreenMntRanger

    Picked up a disc harrow

    Bought it sight unseen (just a couple pictures). I'm in VT, harrow is in NJ. Had a buddy pick it up Saturday and I'll run down later this winter to pick it up. Was told it's a WH but I can't seem to find a picture of it. For 150.00 did I do good?
  14. GreenMntRanger

    Another 418C question

    Sarge, I did a search, couldn't find any vendors. Possible you can point me in the right direction?
  15. GreenMntRanger

    Another 418C question

    Here's the carb and here's the number. According to the guide above, it's and original Kohler adjustable carb. Now to find a rebuild kit or an appropriate aftermarket