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  1. oe espo

    Onan No Start

    Current status. I think I should adjust the valves (or check them?) button back up and try it before digging into the ign coil. I have to put it back together anyway Thoughts?
  2. oe espo

    Onan No Start

    Update: Appears to be weak spark at 0.040 gap. Wires are original circa 1989. 1,009 hrs on the clock. Compression on one cylinder is 75psi. head not back on the other side yet. I tried coil, condenser, voltage reg from running machine. l typically don't throw parts at the problem but frustrated This is on my old 724Z mower. Power to pumps comes out the front to a an intermediate shaft with U joints. looks like iol have to take jackshaft out and mesh cover off to check the crank trigger
  3. oe espo

    Onan No Start

    So even though I have spark, it could still be the ignition module
  4. oe espo

    Onan No Start

    With the cranking drawing the supposedly good battery, I'm wondering about a valve timing issue, but never dug into an Onan
  5. oe espo

    Onan No Start

    Wife was mowing grass the other day. Said it was running when shut off. Drug it up to the garage. Really didn't want to crank, ran the battery dead several times. took the battery to the store to get a new one, and they said nothing wrong with it. so back on the charger. took a batter out another horse. cranked better but still no start. have spark both cylinders. dumped a little gas in carb, nothing, shot a little ether, nothing wouldnt even try to hit on a cylinder. ended up changing a bunch of parts from the running mower. still nothing. swapped battery, ign. coil, condenser, voltage reg. put new plugs in gapped at 0.025, new fuel filter. seems like it has compression. pulled the intake, exhaust just to get the valves, everything in tack and moving, did not check the clearance yet. when cranking a lot of oil spattering up the right cylinder. ended up pulling the head. and looked fine. im at a total loss. if the crank trigger wasn't working i would't get any spark right at all right? could valve timing be off enough to not start, or some other timing failure issue? any help appreciated. thanks.
  6. oe espo

    Trade 42" SD deck for 42" RD deck

    Looking to trade 42" SD deck for 42" RD deck. I bought a SD deck not knowing it his the tires on my 95' 314H, fits my 312A.
  7. oe espo

    314H with 42" deck

    I have a 314H with Magnum 14 engine. i have a 42" side discharge deck on it. my 312A also has a 42" deck on it. i know the 312A has a little clearance between the rear tires i think 9.5" wide. the 314 has 10.5" wide tires which i think are original but the left rear rubs the deck idler wheel. Is this mower supposed to have a 48"?
  8. oe espo

    Kohler Starter ? K301

    Well armature is toast. After several teardowns wouldnt spin over. Took to starter shop.
  9. oe espo

    Kohler Starter ? K301

    File the brushes down to clean up? Stator? I'll add a drop of oil to the bronze bushing it was sticky before I cleaned it.
  10. So tried firing up my 312A after sitting all winter. Dang mice behind battery! Wouldn't crank over very fast. Fired up the 314 no problem. Battery was older in 312 so I just swapped batteries still wouldn't crank fast. Dropped to 10v under load. Pulled starter and cleaned it. brushes don't look bad but it was howling. the bushings were in fact pretty sticky. looks like bronze or oilite bushings. Do I put a drop of some sort of lube on these bushings when re assembling?? Also bendix sticking really bad i red here that it should have kohler lube but i want to stick back together and try it. so maybe some lithium? What else could cause slow crank? Thanks. Should I clean up the stator and file the brushes or not
  11. oe espo

    HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    In line filter after the fuel pump??
  12. oe espo

    HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    Now I'm loosing my patience. filled it with oil this morning. wouldn't start for nothing! gas pouring out the air cleaner. ripped carb off. small black pieces in bowl. degrading gas line?? put back together. I started but revs to almost 5 grand! any tips on governor setup?
  13. oe espo

    HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    Can I get a magnet oil drain plug? Where? probably help extend the life of a tired engine??
  14. oe espo

    HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    Well I got it back running yesterday. mowed a little grass, to warm the oil up and drained it last night. figured an oil change was in order due to the grinding and reaming of the valve guide. My reamer was a 5/16" straight fluted reamer didn't work so well. was worse than the old one. ended up putting in another one took it to a small mower shop. he had one that was tapered in the beginning. it of course hit the lifter and valve wouldn't go in so with my Reamer we got it done. I looked everywhere for a piloted reamer and couldn't find one, his had a light taper. anyone know where've could get one??? I'll put some fresh oil in it today and see how it goes???
  15. oe espo

    HELP. Kohler K301 12hp self inflicted damage

    What's a block cost Range?