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  1. Hi, do you have a good lift cylinder for the 520?  I think the part number is 119340.





  2. My Wheelhorse decks are rusted out and not repairable. Has anyone adapted a MTD or other brand deck to a Wheelhorse?
  3.  I assume it is a used housing which is fine.  How much?



  4. KohlerJohn

    Wheel horse dump Cart

    Hi J.A., John here. I do have a Wheelhorse 2 wheel dump cart in Mathews where you got the tiller but it is not available until the house sells. I will keep you in mind if and when it does. Hope all is well, John
  5. Hi, I am looking for a deck spindle housing, Wheelhorse # 105074, used on the 36" 3 blade decks.  Let me know if you have one.





  6. KohlerJohn

    Snow Blade Mount Dimension Needed

    Many thanks to daveomann66 and WNYPCRepair for the dimensions. It showed just what I needed! It is great to have the resources right at hand! Thanks again fellows , the problem is solved. John
  7. I am mounting a snow blade on a late model 520 Wheelhorse with hte gear reduction steering and need help fabricating the mid-mount adapter for the frame. I have the rear extension but unfortunately do not have the mid-mount adapter. Any help with the dimensions would be greatly appreciated. I have seen a picture of the adapter but dimensions on the piece would greatly reduce my trial and error efforts. Thanks much, John
  8. KohlerJohn

    2" receiver question

    I will try to take and send a picture. Basically, I made the receiver hitch from a pickup hitch. I then attached the latches for the snowplow/tiller hitch to the arms of the hitch for the receiver. I kept the height from the ground of the tiller latches about the same as if it was on the axle as originally planned. This allowed me to move the attachment point of the tiller to the rear several inches which necessitated a longer belt. The drive and idler from the tractor remained the same. I have no idea why the posting is in such small type and don't know what that will do to an attached picture. Send me your direct email and I will try to send the picture that way. John
  9. KohlerJohn

    2" receiver question

    Why not add another mount for the tiller under the receiver hitch and use a longer belt? With a bit of finesse on the belt run it will work. I did it and left the original mount in place under the axle for the snow plow blade. John
  10. Hi, I sent a message about purchasing one for a 312-8. Just let me know when one is available. Looks great!!!