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  1. rick

    Talk to me about tillers

    I have a 36" WH tiller I bought complete with all mounting pieces for $300. Since 1975 (Way before I bought my first Wheel Horse) I have owned a Troy Bilt "Horse", which I am still using. The WH tiller does a good job, but is not as easy to mount as anything else in the selection of attachments I own, save maybe a snow blower with which i have no need of here in South Central VA. My WH tiller does not till as deeply as my TB tiller, maybe because the tines are half worn out. Check the price and you will see why I haven"t replaced them. Tines wear out on a TB tiller as well, but they not close to costing what the WH tines do. Tine wear shows up as sharp ends on tines, when they are sharp enough to draw blood, they are well past worn out. When you replace them, you realize what you have been missing! Long story short, check the tines on any tiller that you are interested in buying. BTW, 100' x 100' can be easily worked with a TB Horse. I don't use the WH tiller, it's easier to pull the rope on my 7 HP Kohler TB Horse. The downside is no seat time, LOL. Crap, too late I realized that this was an old thread!!!
  2. Go with it, just keep a little grease on the axle to keep corrosion at bay.
  3. rick

    spark plugs for a 416-H

    Champion # RS17YX is the proper plug, copied and pasted from WildHorses post above
  4. Sorry for the late answer, life got in the way, as usual. 48" is what I got, the chute adds almost a foot.
  5. Mine is buried in the back of the shed, later today I will dig it out.
  6. rick

    k301 points help

    Very good explanation, 953 nut! I have been preaching this for a long time, I cringe when some one posts-"Just set 'em at .020 and you will be good." I learned this when I set the points at .020 on the K161 on my Troy- Bilt Horse tiller. It wouldn't run well at all. The pdf you referenced is good material for .020 crowd to read, and the method is explained in the Kohler manual.
  7. rick

    100 LL

    I have used 100 LL in my small engine equipment with no problems. Stihl, Echo, Briggs, Kohler and Onan. I was getting the daily test check fuel from the Town Airport, they can't put it back in the bulk tank so it ended up in 55 gallon drums, which were a hazard at the town shop. My free gas ended when I recommended my buddy there for a better job. The only minus, and it is a small one, it may cause some extra deposits in the combustion chamber. I wish Trump would end the ethanol blend fuel, it's not good for anyone but the ag industry. I'm back to Shell 89 )octane now, except the two stroke which gets 93 Octane. Adding the mixing oil to fuel drops the octane rating right of the bat, so I start with as high octane as I can. i sure wish I could use 100 LL in my Subaru with the 10.7 to 1 compression ratio 3.0 six cylinder engine!
  8. rick

    Jacking Point

    To do tire/wheel work on the rear I jack from the differential, and use some 2'X4" doorstop shaped chunks at the front axle where it goes into the frame axle support to level the tractor. From the front I jack under the mule drive. I normally don't use stands unless I am going underneath the tractor. I don't need to hear any safety lessons from anyone, either. I am fully aware of the risks.
  9. rick

    Wheelhorse 314-8 Year Make Questions

    I bought one like that!
  10. Just a BTW, the "open barrel" connectors shown take a particular type of crimping tool to do the best job. They are available from many sources, just check your search engine for open barrel crimpers. We use the simple crimpers available from NAPA (found in the electrical catalog) at work. They work satisfactorily, since they are not used daily. A Word About Crimping Open Barrel Terminals.htm
  11. 6 sided belt, or V belt, it is one of the best cutting decks in the WH inventory!
  12. rick

    Onan engine problams

    Or install an electric fuel pump! Even after sitting awhile, some of the below the seat fuel tank models can grind on and on until the fuel gets to the carb. my 416H and 314-8 both have electric fuel pumps.Pull out choke, turn key on, wait until pump noise changes then start!
  13. rick

    Onan Intake Seal Replacement Instructions

    Seeing the French language newspaper in the background of one of the pics, I am guessing English was not his native tongue. It is said that English is one of the hardest languages to learn.
  14. rick

    Windows 10

    I have yet to change to Windows 10, in fact I may go to Apple. I know when I upgrade to a smartphone it will be an I phone.
  15. rick

    Onan Engine Unit Production Orders