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  1. Jamie Darian Brown

    Kohiler K181 clutch facing.

    Hi. I have a Kohler k181 on a B80. I have a new clutch face to put on it with the brass rivets. My question is how to do rivet on the new facing ? Do u put a punch in a vise as a backstop and then brad Rivets on other side ?
  2. Jamie Darian Brown

    K 181 on B80 solenoid

    I tested it like you said. I don't hear it close or click so I assume its bad. Thank for that tip on testing it. And thanks to all for y'alls help! Gotta get it ready to till the garden
  3. Jamie Darian Brown

    K 181 on B80 solenoid

    so the above pic I have of new one online would be the "three" terminal and would work.... though shaped diff.....
  4. Jamie Darian Brown

    K 181 on B80 solenoid

    Here is pic of one online I found... different... but will it change out and work?
  5. Jamie Darian Brown

    K 181 on B80 solenoid

    Hi, Here is a pic of my solenoid on my B80 that needs replacing. When searching for one online I see ones that show up for a wheelhorse but do not exactly look like this one. Will these "new" ones fit but just look different? Trying to make sure I order right one.
  6. Jamie Darian Brown

    Raider 12 Transmission for project

    One more question... I was thinking of making this one a three seater. See vid of one above. Can the axles handle that much weight? With the heavy engine in front, the front end is plenty heavy enough.. just concerned about axles....
  7. Jamie Darian Brown

    Raider 12 Transmission for project

    Okie Dokie. Thanks guys. Good news. Sounds like its strong enough and will work. I will give it a good inspection and cleaning. I will get to working on it in next couple months and show yall pics of progress.
  8. Hi all, A couple years back I put a fairmont railcar engine on a wheel horse C 141 frame to make a ride for hit miss engine shows. It's an eight speed hi lo So, I got another fairmont engine and am gonna make another ride. So I found a Raider 12 carcass rolling frame stripped down and parted out with an 8 speed trans. As I look online I see that these had a ten pinion no slip set up that people say are weaker? Should I proceed with frame I have? Or do I need to find a stronger trans? The set up is basically a ride for shows that has a double seat for two people heres a link to the first one I built so you can get an idea of what I am building
  9. Jamie Darian Brown

    B80 tiller.

    I took off belll. It's less than 1/4 it's about an 1/8. Rivets are basically level with the material. Surface is rubbery and smooth but not slick. Tiller gives jt a work out more than the deck did. Deck didn't make it slip. My new tiller does.
  10. Jamie Darian Brown

    B80 tiller.

    I have the trunnion adjusted all the way. Still slips. The clutch facing is about a 1/4 inch thick. Is this too wore
  11. Jamie Darian Brown

    B80 tiller.

    With yalls help I got the right pulleys in and got it all together. Only problem is now that the clutch slips. It is adjusted as tight as it will go. It's a 1975 b80. 8hp kohler. It only has rubber ring rivited to engine side of clutch. Outside pulley side is metal. Does it sound like I need a new clutch. ? The 139 belt is tight but works great. Just the clutch slips. Any ideas on how I can fabricate one buy one or am I missing a part or extra ring. Tke rubber ring that's on it (riveted to engine side ) is about the width of less than 1/4 inch.
  12. Jamie Darian Brown

    B80 tiller.

    Thank you to everyone for help. I got the stens pulleys ordered. I keep y'all posted.
  13. Jamie Darian Brown

    B80 tiller.

    Thank you ! The tiller is a 0736TL03 woukd that still be 139? What size v belt and flat belt I need to get for 90 degree bracket ?
  14. Jamie Darian Brown

    B80 tiller.

    Ok. I got a B80 mower. I got a 36 inch tiller with the two pulleys on it. I got the 90 degree bracket for the side of the mower. What size belt do I need to hook it up ? Also I need the two pulleys that go on the 90 degree bracket. What are their sizes. ? Any help is appreciated. Garden needs tilling asap. Trying to get it all together
  15. Jamie Darian Brown

    Wheel Horse B80 PTO clutch facing.

    I need a Clutch disc or facing for a wheel horse B80 PTO it has a Kohler k181 in it Anyone got one they would sell? Or know where to find one or how to make one ? Thanks all