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  1. redhorse100

    Just a friendly hello!

    if you stay green i can help you by coming over and picking up your red horse. nice looking wheel horse welcome to the square
  2. redhorse100

    B 111 clutch

    do you have a light or just a plate that is white with red trim with elbem wh in middle
  3. redhorse100

    B 111 clutch

    the front plate of the light is good on mine only has a small mark or line in the clear part of the lens but would like to keep the whole unit for a spare for my c-100 or install it on my raider 8. they are on ebay brand new all the time for 25.00-30.00 for a new one. did not forget about pictures. i am disable and waiting for my son to come over to take some pictures on the underside. of the b-111. i have a new spare one i got off ebay that i paid 28.00 for. are you able to loook at ebay thanks joe w redhorse100 my email is badss@ptd.net
  4. redhorse100

    B 111 clutch

    send me a pm or send your address to mail you some pictures. i can take some pictures of the underside. and can send them to you on a photo disc to load on your computer or reg pictures i can mail you. the mower deck is off right now. the b-111 i have runs right now but dont want to put a lot of money into it . if you need parts i will part out. have 4 others i would like to keep running. all 300 series. would need a few days to get pictures thanks joe w redhorse
  5. redhorse100

    Got a new horse this weekend

    karen good luck with your latest wheel horse. cant turn down a good deal on a wheel horse
  6. redhorse100

    B 111 clutch

    i have a 78 b-111 what kind of pictures do you need thanks joe
  7. redhorse100

    Introduction and Manual Request

    hi looks like you have a 42 inch deck. if you have only one black roller in the middle up front it is a 36 inch but it looks like you have more than one roller in front it is a 42 inch deck
  8. redhorse100

    mower deck wheels

    i did not like the tsc wheels at all cheap plastic and would not even put on a push mower. i went with the stock wheel horse deck wheels. thanks joe w
  9. redhorse100

    mower deck wheels

    hi they look like the the ones from tractor supply i guess the white wheels came on some decks. will check out tractor supply thanks for info joe w
  10. redhorse100

    mower deck wheels

    i think they are the wrong ones also. ordered two stens with bolts on ebay for 38.00 free shipping thanks for the info joe w
  11. redhorse100

    312-8 deck belt

    thanks for the info just got wheel horse yesterday. thats why the toro lists only one belt number thanks i will look at mower deck tomorrow when it stops raining thanks joe w
  12. redhorse100

    312-8 deck belt

    hi just picked up a 89 312-8 yesterday with a 37 inch mower deck and on the toro site which has changed a bit. i can not find the belt number for the deck . it lists the mule drive belt but not the deck. does anybody know the belt number or size of the belt thanks joe w
  13. redhorse100

    mower deck wheels

    hi i got a raider 8 a few weeks back with a 36 inch rear discharge deck. it has white deck wheels on it and i never saw white ons on a deck. they look like push mower wheels but are about the same size as the red ones. in the sales catalog i have from 1972 they are all red. does anybody know if these wheels the white ones are the right ones or does it need the red ones thanks joe w
  14. redhorse100

    in need of a head light insert for a c-161

    i got that one on ebay. or it might be the one i paid 26.00 for it from a guy in long island. they are on ebay all the time.
  15. if you dont use this deck. and you want to sell it you can contact redhorse100 i will buy it thanks joe w