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    Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Wheel Horse D-180's, and tinkering, designing, and building things (as money permits).<br><br>Presently, I have a 1975 D-180 Automatic, 48" snowblower, and a 54" front-mount blade. Looking to add the PTO unit, a

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  1. HarleyMan46929

    D-Series pto rpm/compatable?

    I have been nosing around on the TORO MPV, and the 60" finish mower doesn't use a gearbox, it's just the PTO shaft going back and attaching to the pulley/horizontal drive spindle that drives the three spindles that turn the blades, therefore there wouldn't be any problem with over-speed on a gearbox. The mower was likely built/designed by Woods, since it seems to use only one belt to run all three spindles, which is a Woods-hallmark design; I believe they used to call it "uni-belt" drive, but I'm not certain of that. (Woods mowers are darn good mowers, I know from experience. My dad bought one in 1970, and it was used under 2 different tractors, and I finally got it wore out in 2003! 33 yrs is a good long time to run a mower, and not exactly an easy yard to mow: 7 acres, with tree roots, rocks hidden just below the grass-tops, and a culvert hidden that got hit almost every time we mowed. It had been welded numerous times, but it still mowed almost as good as it did when new!!!) The tiller, on the other hand, had a gearbox/chain case driven by the PTO shaft from the tractor. Unfortunately, the tiller's schematic is not available. Hopefully, some one at TORO will get busy and find a schematic for those that may still exist and will someday need parts. They do list the parts, which I find a bit crazy (why list parts without a schematic to identify them against?), and one of those parts is a "reduction gear", but since there's no schematic, no one can make out just where it's supposed to be in the machine. Smooth move, Ex-lax (Toro)!!! Just thought I'd add the tiny bit of knowledge that I've gained lately! That's all, Folks!!!!
  2. HarleyMan46929

    Assembly Drawings

    I may be wrong, but it won't be the first time that's happened, but I THINK the way to post a link is to go to the place you want to show/take someone via internet, highlight the web-address, right-click on the high-lighted address, a little dialogue box should appear with some choices in it, pick "copy", then go to the section of typing you want to add the link to, right-click, again, only this time when the dialogue box appears, choose "paste". That should do it...I THINK!!!...no guarantees, mind you, but you can try that little system of mine. (I just hope you don't have any lawyers on speed-dial? Just in case I'm full of _ _ it!!!! (lol!!!) I know the members here, as well as on the other forums I'm also on, love pics, but I've not had any really good ones to show, so I haven't really tried that process out...YET!!! I have a few of my C195-D180 3pt hitch conversion I did last fall, but I didn't get any pics of the process, just the results after the fact! I also did a C195-D180 conversion on a 5' C195 mid-mount mower, which was a good bit of work, but also decreased my mowing time by 1/2 an hour...well worth the work for my way of thinking. I'm thinking about re-remanufacturing that one if I can find the parts to convert it to a 3pt hitch mower with PTO shaft-drive. Maybe I'll get lucky enough to get my 12 y.o. daughter's camera for the week, and snap some digital images, which I can then upload to my computer, then post them to wherever I choose to post them, provided I can figure out the sizing and the deranged-sicko's system of using Photobucket just to upload pics here. Happy link & picture posting!!! HarleyMan46929
  3. HarleyMan46929

    Assembly Drawings

  4. HarleyMan46929

    Assembly Drawings

    Go to Toro's Master Parts Viewer, type in your model # (can use "1-0612" for the 1975 D-180, as they're all designed the same). Look on the right side of the page, under "Links", click on "View Assembly Drawings". This will get you to a list of the D-180 assembly drawings that ARE available. *For the PTO drawing: go down to the FIRST "14.040 Rear Power Take-off (fig.14b)". [i tried the 2nd listing, but it's just for the seat and related parts. I'm not sure why this is labeled the same as the first, but it is.] *For the 3pt Hitch drawing: go on down the list to "7.080 3pt Hitch (Fig.7c) Standard on D-200", click on this one, and you should be able to see what you're expecting to see. I hope this helps you get things sorted out. Good Luck!! HarleyMan46929
  5. HarleyMan46929

    Daylight Savings time is on

    Yeah, us "Crazy Indiana People who used to be too good for DST" finally had to be drug kicking and screaming into "modern times". It wasn't all bad though, now we have an extra hour in the evenings to play with our kids and our 'Horses! The hard part: last week we were just getting up to take the kids to school and the sun was shining; now, with the time change, it's dark when we get up, and the sun is just about ready to peek over the horizon after they're at school. Personally, I kinda like the idea of having more daylight at the end of the day than the beginning.....and, besides,who has time to work on anything in the mornings before work (unless you're on 2nd shift, possibly 3rd). I can see where it could make a difference for "first shifters", but if you adjust your bed-time back an hour (i.e.: if it was 10pm, now it needs to be 9pm) so you get the equivalent amount of sleep you got before DST kicked in. At least, the powers-that-be (and, No! it's not GOD!!-He loves us too much to do such a thing to us!!!) that control this DST-thing now have it so it lasts from March to November. I remember listening to my sister down in Tennessee railing about having to switch time when we up here in Indiana didn't have to...yet!, and she claimed she had barely gotten used to one time than it was time to switch back to another again., At least we only get S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) from November thru March. Winter is long enough anyway, so why not let us have more "usable daylight" when most people can actually get a benefit from it: the months with the best weather (I'm not sure March is such a wise choice for a 'better weather month', but they have to start it sometime, so why NOT March??!!! Just be thankful the "powers that be" didn't put DST from November thru March!!! Wouldn't that suck??? (Oops!! Hope I didn't give THEM any ideas???)
  6. HarleyMan46929

    Power steering

    Ian, I've been reading your power steering entries here on RS, and I'll have to admit, I have been wanting to add power steering on my 1975 D-180 Wheel Horse. I have a 5' mid-mount mower, 48" snowblower, and the 56" snow/dirt/gravel blade for the front. The Snow-blower is heavy, so I am definitely glad I don't have to lift it manually, however steering would sure be a heck of a lot easier....no matter what I'm using it for. If you could give me a ball-park figure of what it cost to add the power steering to your D-200, (even if you use your currency, I can find a conversion website here on the Web), it would give me an idea of what I can possibly expect to spend on putting power steering on my D-180. Also, do you have any way to add pictures of your project, so we may see how the power steering column is supported/braced on a D-series Wheel Horse? I seem to learn better with pictures than printed words. HarleyMan46929
  7. HarleyMan46929

    PTO shaft

    fdchief, the connection is 180-degrees different from the regular 540 RPM where the tractor has the male part of the connection, and the shaft has the female. On the Wheel Horse D-series, the shaft on the implement has to be "male", 1"outside diameter, 15-splined in order to fit inside the 1" inside diameter 15-spline FEMALE coupler on the PTO shaft on the tractor. Good luck!!! You're gonna need a lot of luck...especially on eBay!!!! I hope this helps clear up the confusion. I just wish Wheel Horse had used commonly-attainable parts instead of the specialized PTO parts they used on the D-series tractors (then); It sure would've made things a lot easier to use and find replacement parts for in the future (now).
  8. HarleyMan46929

    Quality time with a Horse

    Back in the 1960's, Volkswagen Beetles used to have a little vase with fake flowers in it, attached to the dash, between the instruments and the glove-box. When Volkswagen came out with the NEW BEETLE, they brought back the little vase with the fake flowers attached to the dash, just to the right of the steering wheel. I said all that to recommend this: Why not add a little vase with fake flowers on the right side of your Wheel Horse tractor? If you get red roses, or carnations, leave them out in the sun long enough they will fade to pink, and you now have the feminine touch added without painting that poor 'horse pink!! This way, you can have your 'lady's touch' without drawing so much ire from the male Wheel Horse public on here and elsewhere. Just a thought!!! HarleyMan46929
  9. HarleyMan46929

    More winter fun in Ohio

    Nice loader-plow setup...I'll bet you can push snow up into higher piles with that loader framing and hydraulics. Nice job plowing, too! Betcha' can't wait for MORE snow, can you??? But where are you going to pile it next time? Looks like you've filled most of the available spots with the snow from this storm, unless you have more room than the pictures show. HarleyMan46929
  10. HarleyMan46929

    is it true

  11. HarleyMan46929

    your favorite model

    My favorite model of Wheel Horse is the D-180, which was made back in the 1973 to the early 1980's era. It is a bigger tractor than the "b", "c", and others. I like it because I'm a fairly large guy, and I don't fit on small machines easily. Being a D-180, it has a 18hp Kohler horizontally-opposed twin-cylinder engine, Hydrostatic trans, and hydraulics to handle the lifting chores: 48" single-stage snowblower, 54" 3-position front blade, and a mower that fits under the middle. I've added the 3pt hitch, and red-necked a 60" mower from a C-195 Wheel Horse to fit underneath. It has plenty of power to handle the 5' mower. I'll also be adding the rear PTO drive-shaft system I bought from Refracman back in December, and am going hunting for the 60" rear mount mower when money and weather allow....mostly the money!!! Everyone on here has their favorites, and I'm sure all the different models have their pros and cons, but the biggest "pros" for me are the size and the power of the D-series tractors.
  12. HarleyMan46929

    Garage Update

    Just wondering....How much did all this remodeling cost? I'd love to do something like this with a section of my barn addition, but I'm a long ways from this kind of renovation, $$$$$-wise. I don't even have heat out in the barn yet, but I would love to have a "relief station" (My term for indoor bathroom) inside the shop. Nice job, I especially like the Red baseboards with Blue window and door trim with the white walls, VERY patriotic!!!! I'd want to move anything that might possibly leak on that Buick's paint-job to the other end of the loft. No sense begging for a new paint-job...especially at today's paint-job prices!!! Enjoy having more room to store stuff! Just remember: The more room you have to store stuff, the more stuff you will gradually acquire You are an inspiration to all men who need a place to escape anything and everything!!!!
  13. HarleyMan46929


    Where did you find these "WARNING" stickers? I need some like those to keep the kids out of my tool chest. My kids aren't so bad, but one of my teenage son's friends seem to have Alzheimer's....they constantly forget where they got 'em, and I find the rusted remains of what were my tools laying outside the tool-chest and the whole blessed barn!!!! Maybe some of these stickers, namely the one that states: Warning: the last guy to borrow a tool is in the bottom drawer" might make a fairly strong impression on one kid in particular.
  14. HarleyMan46929

    my beat up simplicity cab

    This picture reminds me of the line: "If it can't be fixed with DucTape, it's really not salvageable". If it were mine, I'd probably just cover the rest of the top in DucTape, and that would help it last longer, and make it more air- and water-resistant. That's just my 2-cents worth.
  15. HarleyMan46929

    Power steering

    Thanks, Nick! If I took the steering valve/box off the same vehicle the pump comes off of, wouldn't that eliminate the guess-work of making sure the flow and pressure rates were the same between the pump and valve? This valve/ steering gear also has the advantage of having the steering arm attached...all I have to do is figure out how to get the hole in the steering arm to mate up to the drag-link on the D-180's steering linkage. It will likely have to have a heck of a bushing to fit it properly with the Dodge's original steering arm. I'm planning on using the pump and steering valve with arm from my old Dodge, although I may have to re-manufacture the steering arm on the valve so it works with the drag-link connection on the Wheel Horse.(Ain't working on mechanical things the most fun you can have with your clothes on???) Then, I have to figure out the framing system to hold the pump securely to the front of the engine and run a belt off the front PTO to drive the pump, and also hold the steering column/valve set-up at the right angle while staying within the parameters of the steering tower/gauge/dash assembly. (Looks like I'd better get some more multi-use electrodes for the ol' Lincoln 225 welder, Huh???!!!)? javascript:emoticon('')