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  1. With the price of tractor and loader being so high to start the rops probably didnt sell often, probably very few were ever shipped. After a lot of looking close as I came to a picture was a toro pdf of an attachment brochure. I was unable to find any manuals for literature is simply says to refer to the manufacturer so I assume you would have to try Kwik-way. http://www.toro.com/home/tractors/400xt/co_rp_attachments.pdf In 2001 there was a service bulletin for hubs on the 5xi. It says that with dual wheel usage there could be a slight movement of the hub and they should be replaced. Also the axle should be inspected for damage and replaced if needed. There is no mention of hardened axles I believe those had only been available for the classic tractors. The replacement hub kit was part number 104-5053. I dont see what change was made other than maybe 1 set screw was added or its location changed or some other improvement that doesn't show in the drawings. I use a set of steel ring adapters for dual tires and kind of like them. As kelly mentioned narrower tires are better for dual use and I would also run a lower a lower pressure in the outside duals. Other brands such as Steiner recommend this directly on the tractor. It should reduce stresses on the tractor.
  2. Duals had always been recommended with the loader but cant say Ive ever seen an xi tractor with ROPS. It could have been some custom fab work and installed by a dealer or two. Next time I get a chance have to look in the books and see if they show anything.
  3. Nick

    Old timey music

    You can find a lot of old timey music directly on the Smithsonian Folkways site and youtube pages. http://www.folkways.si.edu/ http://www.youtube.com/user/SmithsonianFolkways?feature=g-high-u For some documentaries on old timey music and Appalachian woodworkers among other things try this site. Brows around by subject and region there are some good ones in there. http://www.folkstreams.net/ Niel if you like old timey take a look at this banjo player documentary with some music and stories. Morgan Sexton: Bull Creek Banjo Player. http://www.folkstreams.net/pub/FilmPage.php?title=216
  4. Nick

    Loader for 520H

    Nothing new would be available that i know of and as said it wouldn't be cheap if their was one. The 520, especially a swept axle model, will handle a loader fine if used within reason. Counter weight is mandatory and duals can help keep things a little safer.
  5. http://youtu.be/Lcu7OCIqlqE
  6. Nick

    Is this a Wheel Horse zero turn?

    The 600 series were very good lawn mowers and very well built for their time. Again this was 1989 when they came out and there wasnt even much else in the market for homeowner zero turns.
  7. Nick

    Is this a Wheel Horse zero turn?

    If they weren't abused the 600 series held up well. One problem was that unlike todays Zs the 600 series did not kill the engine when the brake was left on so if the hydro controls were folded in and pushed wide open It could spit the gears out the bottom of the case. That could also happen if it was abused or used to pull something a Z wasnt built to pull. As Steve said the 42" rear and Side discharge decks were from the GTs. They did add a blade that was sharpened closer to the center on the Z mower, I dont know if it helped performance or not. The 38" deck was a nice high vac bagger deck that I personally chose over the larger 42" deck when i purchased a new 616 in 1990. My dealer didn't like to install the big 52" deck thinking it was a bit to much for the unit and would point people to the 700 series for larger yards. My own mower in 1990 or 91.
  8. I would think the deck would fit a 1972 Commando 800. Found a picture of my Commando 800
  9. Nick

    double drive horse - whose is it?

    Talked to him at the 2009 Portland In show but i never remember names.
  10. Nick

    Homemade Cultivator Plans Needed

    You can buy the agri-fab cultivator at Home depot or amazon for $149. http://www.homedepot.com/buy/outdoors-lawn-mowers-riding-mowers-riding-mowers-attachments/agri-fab-sleeve-hitch-row-crop-cultivator-178874.html Agri-fab manual PDF showing how they are put together. http://www.agri-fab.com/manuals_partslist/45-0264.pdf This is the Brinly Cultivator but not many pictures. http://www.brinly.com/gardening-equipment/cultivators/index.html
  11. Nick

    couple loader questions

    A lot of the weight from a fully loaded bucket will be transferred through the upright supports down to the front hitch or however you tie those supports into the tractor.
  12. You could add a 3rd valve at the loader valve to handle the 3pt lift cylinder and if you have a power beyond valve then your all set to add the backhoe at a later time also. I think it might have been mentioned but removing the factory pump could give you more space for an oil reservoir if needed. Plus selling the Wheel horse hydraulic pump could probably bring in a few dollars for the project. I have removed it but did have a 3 point on my ranger using the loaders pump and a 3 spool valve. Do wish the valve had a float for the 3pt for working with a blade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq_oUGMJ6CE
  13. Saw this at a pull years ago.
  14. Why would plugging household appliances into extension cords back feed the grid?
  15. Nick

    Your two cen. on a 523 dxi

    The 523 is a heck of a tractor and an expensive tractor also. I think the list price for tractor alone was near $10,000 and Im guessing the blower and deck could have added around another $3,000 to the price.