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  1. bowtieguy

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    I fixed the big hole in the ole Kohler Series I......with a cheap Chinese 22 hp
  2. Hey member # 2....remember November 2006!  ......it has been a fun 12 years......says memberr # 7


  3. Hi there. Happy belated birthday! I heard you were the man I needed to talk to about a Kimball hauler. I'm needing the dimensions and maybe some details on the front clip. I'd be abliged for any info you could give me on it. Looking to fab the front end for my old Heald hauler.

  4. NOS...never been mounted...included: extension kit and mounting hardware for 520H w/swept front axle Can send pics if you are seriously interested....contact me first at 816-806-9774 Can deliver within 150 miles if you pay for fuel cost. Yes. blade is 48"
  5. bowtieguy

    PTO Saga.

    Hey buddy...call me if you need these parts (without egg shaped holes)...hehe
  6. Hey Prof...why didn't ya tell me you wanted a black hood?....check out my horse barn next time you head north again,,,,...might find a C-165,.......C-175......or C-225.....bring lots of green stuff!!!!....(yeah, got ya guessing about the C-225 huh?}
  7. bowtieguy

    Best Mouse nest in awhile....

    Park your horses on some carpet...saturate it around wheels with Comet....they don't like to get that stuff in their smeller.....has worked for me for almost 5 years.....and my red-neck mouse traps any "strays" if the Comet doesn't drive them away.
  8. bowtieguy

    Gear shift set screw

    Or go to McMaster-Carr and buy a box of 25.....I like the design better than the Toro product.
  9. bowtieguy

    May Have Found a 520-H

    Hummm..guess I better see if my 520H w/60"deck is still in the horse barn..I'm 4 hrs away from ya??
  10. What/???....another one...you might catch me yet...Happy Birthday, Bud.

    1. Buzz


      I'm a gaining on you.

  11. To Mike and Karl.....Congrats.....from member# 7....it has been a "great 10 year ride".....and I do remember ya before RS....!!!!
  12. bowtieguy

    Harbor Freight Question

    The C-175 w/ 22 hp HF engine will be at Dexters M & G next month.....come see it along with all of Larry and Judy's great Wheel Horse collection......(.I bought the engine when it was on sale for 549 bucks... NO on the coupons....)
  13. bowtieguy


    Maybe I ought to check my horse barn ....just west of Columbia, MO.....or put a lock on the door!...how do I report a theft?
  14. bowtieguy

    Another 520 in the herd

    Go to search and type in Baja Decal....you can read my 2014 post plus several others about the decal and the story behing it. Ness...I'll try to get you a copy...