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  1. eddiebunyan


    Thanks Gary ,that's exactly what I needed!
  2. eddiebunyan

    Gas tank clean out

    While your at it ,throw some bb's or small steel balls in! That will loosen up the rust,and scale.
  3. eddiebunyan


    Neighbor bought a used 5Xi #73540 ser# 8900228.When I researched it with Toro it didn't specify a year???Does anyone have a tractor owners manual (or a copy) I could buy for this tractor? It certainly is unique compared to the other toros an wheel horses!
  4. Still have the grater blade??  ED


  5. eddiebunyan

    Don't think duct tape will fix this

    Put a tube in her!
  6. eddiebunyan

    Steering wheel removal

    Someone is advertising a steering removal tool that is just a 5?8" Start new topic fine thread bolt with two nuts welded on the end!Says removal tool but doesn't say how,or if you need more than the bolt and welded nuts????Have a friend who is trying to replace his dash but can't get steering wheel off! Tried in several "browse" categories that I put "steering wheel removal" in with no results!
  7. eddiebunyan

    106849 deck pulley

    ebinmaine,it would be a cast pulley with the 106849 in raised letters. Scott,I thought so also, but the guy brought it to me and it had the number on it? I suppose someone could have drilled it and cut a key way to fit a keyed spindle,but he said the other side was the same?Another guy I contacted on e-bay said he had a set (keyed) but sold them but still has a set of double d ones also? You would have thought "wheel horse" would have assigned a separate number for both??
  8. eddiebunyan

    106849 deck pulley

    Anyone have a used "keyed" cast pulley for a 1054 deck??
  9. eddiebunyan

    Pulley size

    Got a friend of mine with a 75 C-100 8spd.He wants to know if he puts a pulley that is half the diameter as the original,on the transaxle and a shorter belt,will it go twice as fast or at least faster??Anyone ever try that?
  10. eddiebunyan


    I saw it on marketplace.The guy had it in a wheel horse puller,so I'm sure he put it in.
  11. eddiebunyan


    Would the OHV .be considered a "K"?Talked to my local small engine dealer who's been in the buisness for 35 years and use to work for a dealer in the 70's that sold wheelhorse and Bolens. He said he's only seen one 18 and that was in a economy tractor.I asked the guy if he could get me the engine model number ,so we'll see.
  12. eddiebunyan


    Got a guy who insists he has a 18hp single cylinger "K" engine in a wheel horse??Never heard of one??
  13. eddiebunyan

    HELP!! Bronco 14 not starting and its snowing heavy!

    I had the same problem with my Bronco years ago.If I hadn't started it for a while(say a week or so) she would just crank and crank.I found that if I took the plug out,put some gas in the cylinder and reinstalled the plug it would fire and run then die! Put gas in the plug hole a second time and it would fire and run fine.Somehow my fuel pump was drainig back to the filter(had to be losing the vacume in the line somewhere) causing fuel starvation.If I started it often I had no problem,just long periods between stars.Always worked for me and most times only took filling spark plug hole once!Just relating my experiance.
  14. eddiebunyan


    From what I hear and read the D250's are rare, yet it seems a good amount of members own at least one! Is there a registry for them ?Is someone keeping track of how many are still around? Any numbers on how many were made?
  15. eddiebunyan

    Hard top cab

    Thanks, I'll give that a try first.