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  1. bmsgaffer

    520 rims

    What about just being a primer layer? Paint knowledge was improving, so maybe they saw the wheels as a spot that would need a bit of extra protection? Or it had something to do with their process that required a primer... Maybe?
  2. These photos, I believe, were hosted on RedSquare, I would guess that he deleted all of his history (you can delete your content in "My Attachments" but it looks like it would have to be done one by one?) Not sure, but very sad. If @nylyon does find them all from a previous site backup, it would be an amazing save, but probably would be hard to do.
  3. Side note: I am REALLY sad that he (the original builder) felt the need to destroy the whole history of this thread by removing all his pictures. It was truly an incredible build thread.
  4. I can almost guarantee the 'behind the back rumors' are not nearly as widespread or as loud as you might think. Anywho, who cares what those bozos think. I think that its good someone that cares about them got it and I hope you get to keep showing those creations to the world. The people that put that much labor into them SURELY do NOT want them to sit and go to waste or have people not enjoy them. That was the whole point of building them to begin with. And if you have the money to keep doing it, good on you!
  5. bmsgaffer

    new car(may i call this a truck?)

    I love my subaru... I drive so far to work I had to sell my truck. I sure do miss it, but a Subaru will likely be the only vehicle besides a truck that I will own!
  6. bmsgaffer

    Tires & Rims on a 312-8, Kenda Terra 502

    I mounted them on the wider wheel of the 522xi. They are awesome! Just go up and down the slopes unless you have plenty of weight. If you lighten up and spin on one wheel it will dig a hole pretty quick. I think you will technically have better traction if you find a wider wheel as they will stay pretty flat. If you look for rims from any XI seriels, 1991+ 520H, 1988+ 520HC, 418C, and a few other misfits it should be the wider 8.5" rims. However, other than fender clearance I cant see why it would not work.
  7. Honestly, I don't think your pricing was too far out of line for what you have. The trick is that it really requires finding the right buyer. That's still fairly expensive (worth it in my mind, but out of the league of many) and I think the real issue is the sheer size of the unit for storage. I think you will find the right buyer, but it will take time, which is hard. I am going to PM you with someone that you may want to contact that could be interested. I wish you the best of luck, that is one awesome beast!
  8. bmsgaffer

    Trading Card Banner

    @stevebo @nylyon Can this thread be split where Terry mis-posted? It ran wayyy off the rails...
  9. bmsgaffer

    My GT14

    Nice! That looks like it will move a ton of air. Better than the original!
  10. bmsgaffer

    My GT14

    I cant remember if I saw it earlier in the thread, did you put the plastic fan back on the eaton pulley? Without that belt driven fan I am not sure the Eaton would last very long, especially driving those huge tires! Did you swap out the gear-sets in the transmission for the larger tires or are you going for the higher top speed? Also something I cant remember if its in the thread or not. I would love to see this thing in person. Someday maybe I will make it up to the big show when the kids are a bit older.
  11. bmsgaffer

    My GT14

    I too have been considering putting a sensor to more accurately see the hydro temps, and while the XI technically has an oil temp gauge for the engine, its just "yellow-greeeeeeeeeen-yellow". I would really like some numbers to go with that. I am thinking about using electronic versions of these sensors (and other) and putting them all into a 'universal electronic gauge' so you can monitor them without adding a bunch of different gauges. Who knows, ive been talking about this for years though...
  12. bmsgaffer

    My GT14

    That thing is awesome! With all those hydraulics though on an Eaton, you may consider putting in a little thermostatic oil cooler and electric fan... I have a 522xi and the transaxle gets toasty hot with the power steering and the hydro rear end, and mine had a hard life running around a 60" deck for a guy who didnt care much. I think heat is the killer on these things.
  13. Cooling the oil will be your best bet. No electric fan will even come close to matching the airflow of your flywheel blower, and if you found one that could, your electrical system wouldn't support it. I would scour ebay for a remote oil filter kit or at least a screw on adapter for an oil cooler. Then you can put a smaller fan on the cooler much more effectively than trying to over-blow the flywheel fan. My ECH730 has the pressure lubed system with an oil cooler mounted on a hole in the shroud, so it uses the flywheel blower (LOTS of air) to force air through a small oil cooler. The oil doesn't hardly get hot on the hottest days of summer after an hour of cutting grass. It wont solve your problem of blowing exhaust valve seats if you leave a nest in there though... On another thought, the 200 series is vertical shaft, right? Forget the electric blower and just run a duct from the flywheel intake to a large vent (or maybe duct it to two smaller ones on each side to prevent rain related issues). Your best bet will be to allow the already powerful fan pull in fresh cool air, not the preheated air in the engine compartment.
  14. See pic below for belt guides (one above and left of pulley, one mounted below and right) made of thick wire. This was on a C-165 auto, but you will find similar things on others.
  15. @GT14 Will have to confirm this, but on most of my horses, the belt tension is actually driven by the spring-tensioner in the rear, so your engine placement just has to be reasonably close and allow the belt to fit within the guard. The hydro should be the most forgiving, the 8 speed you will just have to make sure belt placement is in a good spot so it is lifted off the engine pulley with the clutch pushed in, the belt guard should direct the belt properly, but if not you can build some "belt guide tabs" to get it right. You mentioned K301, what horse are you working on?