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  1. ipperwash

    50" WH Sickle Bar Mower

    Here is a pic of my two Sickle bars the 42 inc on my 855 and the 50 inc on my 1077.
  2. ipperwash

    Prayers for Brrly1

    Praying for a speedy full recovery for John.
  3. ipperwash

    2016 Calendar Picture submissions

    A Johny Cash WITH A 6 SPEED.
  4. ipperwash

    2016 Calendar Picture submissions

    A 855 with a 42" Sickle bar mower @ a 1077 with a 50" sickle bar mower
  5. ipperwash

    Squealing like a pig now.

    Have you checked the belt tension
  6. ipperwash

    Cleaning up after a polar vortex with the 1277

    ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> Pic of my 1277 it to had a noise in the motor so i put a 12 HP in it and a set of 26x12x12 tires on the back had to lift the seat pan up a couple on inches
  7. ipperwash

    Any scooter riders out there?

    Been rideing for over 55 years two in the garage now 68 B M W and a Ultra Classic
  8. ipperwash

    K181 flywheels

    Hi I did by taking the starter ring gear of the fly wheel came of with a couple of tapes with a hammer
  9. ipperwash

    walk behind bolens tractor

    Nice Bolens I picked up a Super Versa-Matic with the 7 H P Kohler reel mower sickle bar and cultivater try to up load a pic but it was to big
  10. ipperwash

    Walk Behind Attachments

    Yes i have a pic it will not up load it on here but it was to large give me your E Mail and i will send it to you Doug.
  11. ipperwash

    Walk Behind Attachments

    Hi I have what I think is a lawn roller for a walk behind hope some one on hear knows
  12. You will likely have to use your air cleaner of the 7 HP also
  13. ipperwash

    Clinton engine find at Oakley tractor show

    I have one of these Clinton Motors 700 A I start up once a month just listen to it run Let us in on the Doodlebug project ??