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  1. TheSpaniard4436

    RARE Mid Mount PTO 66

    For sale a rare pto-66
  2. TheSpaniard4436

    Got a little problem here...K301

    Have you pulled off your oil ??? Because the loss of power could be from your govern not working. I had my governor fall apart which fell into the oil pan ending up breaking my dipper on the rod off, causing me to rebuild the motor.
  3. TheSpaniard4436

    1979 301AQS

    I have had that same problem so I decides to break down my motor and check everthing out and just rebuild it anyhow, since it hadn't been overhauled EVER. Well , found that the dipper from the rod broke off causeing oil not to get to the cylinder, looking into it more. i fouind two tiny rolled pins in the oil pan which is what caused the dipper to break. I was lucky i decided to tear it down because i had some cylinder scaring which i honed down and check my tolerance and they were still good. i ordered a rebuild kit and fixed the govener and all it good now.